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  2. Blizzard + MSFT?? Who thought that was a good idea? For $69B US cash! This makes MSFT the 3rd biggest gaming company by revenue. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-19/microsoft-msft-activision-blizzard-atvi-deal-shows-big-tech-metaverse-push
  3. For Christmas Mom got me a copy of First Person Singular, so I'm over halfway through it. Pretty good. I can't say I like it more than After Dark or The Elephant Vanishes (both of the short story books are really frickin' good), but it's got me thinking about memory and stuff like that.
  4. IP Man, Equilibrium, Kung Fu Hustle, Kiss of the Dragon, Journey to the West, The Matrix (only the first one), Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior, Fist of Fury, The Grandmaster, Kill Bill, Enter the Dragon, Kung Fury (heh-heh ). IP Man and Ong-Bak are my favorites.
  5. Ready to go back to bed after sleeping a couple hours earlier (currently 4 am ) Probably won’t want to go out before noon anyway because it’d freaking cold outside
  6. The Belgariad. Might start the Witcher books over again.
  7. A few nights ago I dreamt that I was working maintenance in an underwater dome of some kind. Apparently it was part of a submerged city. Very dark and there was music in the distance.
  8. Attavk on Titan (final season pt 2) despite almost a year long hiatus, had no problem getting right back into the thick of things. The new OP & ED really do an excellent job of show the complexity of the situation Eren is in & the difficulty of the decisions he has to make. No clear idea of how it will end, but going into it full throttle. Demon Slayer (Entertainment District Arc) this arc has had a lot more humor than than the previous ones. But things have gotten really brutal the past couple episodes My Dress-up Darling they really upped the level of fanservice & ecchi in the 2nd ep I actually hope they dial it back a bit now that Gojo-kun is familiar with the inspiration for Marin’s cosplay & has all the necessary measurements (quite a thorough job ). As sexy as Marin can be, I actually prefer the more adorkable side the ED puts on display.
  9. Lately, black or with creamer. Often French press.
  10. More high winds tonight. Was thinking of going to bed early but with all the rattling, clanking, and thumping going on outside I decided to stay up. At least I don't have to get up early to go to work tomorrow.
  11. Just thought I'd canvas the field again. I've been looking to upgrade my Boox reader/note-taker for a while now but I've been holding out for a color display and there's some really nice looking ones out there these days. The display on the Boox Nova 3 looks perfect, but I want the bigger 10.3" display of my Note Pro. Almost there, but not quite.
  12. Last week
  13. I actually haven’t watched it yet either, though it’s still on my PTW list. @Kreideprinz comments & yours definitely make me want to check it out. Sorry to hear about your difficulties, hope things gave at least improved somewhat. And good to hear from you after awhile.
  14. Did you end up watching it? I started it a while back, but by the time the pandemic hit full force, having known where things were going, I got a little too depressed to finish it XD I want to go back, because honestly the episodes I saw were good. I went into the show thinking it was going to be a crappy cash grab, but it was actually well thought out and I wanted to finish it (just didn't have it in me at the time). Sorry for like...the stupidly delayed response. 2021 was a very...very bad year at our place (not getting into it, but lots of trips to the hospital, which was a place we wanted to avoid D:)
  15. Re-downloading Persona 5 after playing Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight.
  16. Don't really mind what other people do, as long as they're not hurting anyone. Never played/got into Hentai myself.
  17. Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea are two of my favs. I decided to do the weirdest thing ever and buy a Noodle Stopper of Akechi. Though I'm probably going to sit it on coffee instead. I'm tempted to use this one at work only.
  18. Personally feel like it's one of Watanabe's more underrated works but I could be 100% wrong on that. I saw it before joining any forums/sites and it's seldom ever discussed these days. Hope you end up enjoying it when you get around to it!
  19. I haven't watched samurai champloo yet, but I really want to get round to it at some point
  20. It's been a busy week, so I took yesterday evening off to watch the latest episode from AoT and re-watch Samurai Champloo. Currently on the fourth episode. Feels oddly dated now but I still love it.
  21. Forgot where the selfie thread was...so..here is a sneak peek at me.

    My face shouldnt be seen so..here you go.


    1. Kreideprinz



      My face shouldnt be seen so..here you go.

      Nonsense! No-face selfies are still really creative though. 👌xD 

      I ended up redacting my own in the Selfie thread. Not for the reason I listed in the Edit but I was new and didn't know if anyone I knew from Crunchyroll would be here. 

      Make absolute sure you want it posted. Otherwise, after a certain duration of time, only a Mod can remove it. 

  22. Ode to the technological mishaps that help us experience the height of raw emotions.
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    If you took Biology in High School, it's likely you will know these things. Or if you study Biology, you will also know these things. This test shouldn't be hard, but whatever score you get, is awesome! Don't forget to leave a rating on this Quiz!
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