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    I greatly dislike the long periods between seasons. In the states when a show's season is done it takes about 3-5 months off between seasons, but with anime it can take close to a year for a new season to come out. There are times that the anime abruptly comes back and I have no idea what's happening since it's been off for so long.
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    Censorship: Just to make things more child friendly they are censoring animes like 7 deadly sins by making the blood white. I don't understand this, I mean even movies like avengers show blood and are still able to be child friendly so yh. Fan Service: There is soo much of it, they don't even try to make the fan service fit the story line they instead just shove it in your face.
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    Just want to introduce myself and say hello ^-^ I am new here. Hope to enjoy my stay!
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    This is pretty much my stance since there are a number of fanservice and ecchi humor series I found at least somewhat enjoyable, but not many recently. I’m in 100% agreement with Hisoka using Fire Force as an example of where it absolutely ruins a show. And the later in the series it goes, the more ridiculous the scenes. Last week’s took place in what’s supposed to be a fight with main baddies and was just Then there’s recent series like Kandegawa Jet Girls & Why the H are you here Teacher which are so graphic, they cover 3/4 of the screen with censor bars. I wondered what the point was but someone on another forum explained that the entire broadcast version simply serves as a commercial for when they put the uncensored blu ray version up for sale. No thank you. As ridiculous as some of the proportions are, I don’t find the volleyballs as off putting as the footballs. While any show with a character surrounded by multiple members of the opposite sex is probably a harem to some degree, most of the ones I enjoyed made it pretty clear from the outset who the real couple was (Ai Yori Aoshi for example). If course even where others may see multiple ships, I usually only consider one legit (sorry Yuki, but it will always be Kyo & Tohru IMO). As far as Tenchi is concerned, I always considered him too wishywashy to have any actual chemistry with any of the girls. As far as personal tastes, neither Ryoko or Ayeka ever appealed to me. But Kiyone As far as a more recent example, I actually thought the first season of Bokuben was nostalgic of the old goofy comedy harems and even kind of cute. Unfortunately season 2 upped the ecchiness and us kinda disappointing to me.
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    I mean I love fan service in moderation.. but sometimes it's so heavily laid on that its just cringy and kinda aggravating. For the most part, I have to agree with nearly everything that @Ohiotakumentioned.
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    Thank you so much looking forward to getting to know all of you
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    @Rini Akemi Welcome to Anime Forums!
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    I have no idea what is going on and I absolutely love it Thanks for making me laugh
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    If not all, then at least s good amount of them. You have to sdmit the friendliness of the girls to each other is unrealistic.
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    It’s being described as a side-story rather than an actual sequel and I believe is based on a mobile game, but Madoka, Homura & Kyubey all have roles to play so I’m definitely curious. The PV looks like it could be Yuru Camp but with star gazing instead of camping, so yeah I’ll be checking it out too. This one is getting into some deeper territory as the season draws to close and is becoming one of my favorites. IMO it’s doing right what If It’s for my Daughter ... did wrong. As far as some other cute girl series from this season, Average Abilities isekai & After School Dice Club are at least fairly enjoyable.
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    All harems should be trailer park dramas.
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    Ohio pretty much said most of it right here. Isekai is fun, but most of it now is starting to look like copycat stuff to me. Isekai's been around forever but not every anime needs to be one! In fact, I think that a resurgence of Space Opera is long overdue, if I do say so myself. No bias here at all. And the Over-Powered MCs....they're just boring. If they have no flaws, how can they develop at all? They're stagnant, dull characters. Really, the writers could do better. And the ridiculoudly long awkward titles like.... "The Main Character is Over Powered But Blah blah blah blah blah." This just screams laziness to me. If the author is too lazy to come up with a real title (like anything really is better than that!), then truth be told I'm going to be too lazy to bother watching it. That crap doesn't intrigue me. It just tells me that the author lacks creativity and therefore the plot will likely be intolerably boring. And...I've said it once, I've said it thousands of times... Too many harems! Too many teenagers! Love trianges aren't bad, and fondness from afar isn't a bad "harem" angle (as in a harem member acknowledges feelings for MC but does not act on them and does not force herself into the MC's life or inner circle and goes about her own business and life understanding while she has some feelings, they probably aren't going anywhere and aren't worth pursuing past the daydream stage), but the one guy surrounded at all times by a flock of girls all arguing and fighting over his attention and affections is boring, overplayed, and quite frankly, not realistic. Those girls should all be pulling on each other's hair, slapping one another, and screaming that he's going to be their baby daddy and essentially running off any competition that rears its head! (Yep, this is what happens when you have at least two girls fighting over a man.) And let's not forget the breasts. It's still a harem thing, but really, unless a woman is really drunk, showing off her breasts (or being fondled) is usually not something she wants to do (nor comparing sizes with other women). We really need more flat chested girls in anime, if only to average out the melons some. And ending an anime without actual closure. This one is really for all time, but especially annoying now, when many authors continue the story in mangas but not via anime (even though sales would have supported a second season). Or worse....the author gets sicks….or dies.... It seems a lot of the anime I enjoy of late are written by authors who are really sick >_>. And they don't continue writing when sick.... I understand of course....but it seems to happen a lot.
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    No idea yet. I'm usually at least a season behind, binge-watching the last season and whatever else takes my fancy. Right now I'm still waiting for Bookworm to finish so that's about where I am in the greater flow of anime. Of the ones you listed I kind of liked Yuru Camp so Heya will probably get a watch. I've also heard of one called Koisuru Shouwakusei coming up. Not sure when it is coming out but it is astronomy-themed and sounds vaguely like Sora no Manimani, which I kind of liked. I'll probably check that out. Other than that.. not a clue. Nothing's really grabbed my fancy in the last few seasons. SF seems to have taken a back seat to .. pretty much everything else really. Not that I'd mind another Mahoutsukai no Yome of course, but that's not happening either.
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    First thing that came to mind was Pokemon Fusion.
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    I don't understand what you mean by "non-anime". This looks like anime style to me. Netflix clearly got the rights to produce this adaptation from Toei, so no, it isn't a violation of intellectual property, either. A Netflix Original doesn't necessarily mean it was originally created by them- it means that Netflix produced the programme and owns the rights to stream it on their platform and nowhere else. You of course have all the power to stop using their service; that's your decision.
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    Thing of it is, it’s still a joint project with Toei Animation so at least part of your anger should be directed at them for “selling out”. Though it’s not like the first time this has ever happened and won’t be the last. I made it through maybe 10 minutes of the new series before deciding it’s not for me, but wasn’t really into the original either.
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    But seriously, as I'm sure we've freaked @Rini Akemi out enough with our banter - welcome aboard, and make yourself at home. We really are only about 2/3's as crazy as it looks on the surface.
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    Too many isekai titles: While there are a number that I enjoy, there are just too many and increasingly the way they try to differentiate themselves just feel like tacked on gimmicks. Even the ones that try to parody the genre feel generic sometimes. Too many OP MCs: Sorry, but when the MC can take out a major boss or an entire army without even trying, it gets old real fast. Rificulously long awkward sounding titles: not just talking about the english translation either. Increasingly some sort of abbreviation or nickname is almost a necessity. Movies replacing follow up seasons: this may not be a trend yet, but it feels like it could become one with examples like Demon Slayer, Made in Abyss, Konosuba and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. I’m not talking about stand alone stories like with older series, but where the main storyline is advanced. The shorter run time usually doesn’t allow for enough character and story development and side characters often get no attention at all. Movies allow for more impressive visuals, unfortunately it usually culminates in some CGI monstrosity for the final showdown (looking at you My Hero Academia & Konosuba). Welp, think I’ve vented enough of my curmudgeness.
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    But is that only for the dubbed versions or also the original Japanese? And don't even get me started on the fan service thing

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