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    If you want more inspo, check out the "DemonWars Saga" by RA Salvatore! The world building for this fantasy series is so immersive. By far the most creative I've read so far for this genre. Also, as a child I remember my brother going on and on about the "Redwall" novel series, and his imagination for writing grew leaps and bounds. This is a childrens fantasy series by Brian Jacques, but Im sure he has more grown up series as well, so maybe you've heard of him. @The History Kid have you read "The Other America"? Its a good history of the industrial revolution, although I don't believe in the authors socialist views of economy I still enjoyed the read.
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    What are you currently reading, have read recently, or are planning to read? Right now I'm rereading the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. I just finished The Golden Compass (the first book) and am waiting for the ebook rental from the library for The Subtle Knife. I used to enjoy these books in my pre-teen/early teen years, and it's fun having something light to read for a change The most recent set of books I've finished is the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. I was introduced to the first book thanks to an online book club I was briefly running, I enjoyed it enough to continue reading the rest! I'd like to get back into the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons though. I finished the first two books, Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion. Now I just need to get my hands on Endymion as well as The Rise of Endymion. Sadly though, the local library doesn't have them available, so I'll need to wait until I can purchase them. And one of these days, I'll finish rereading the Dune series by Frank Herbert. Again though, the local library is missing physical copies, aside from the first book, Dune itself. Which means I'll need to purchase copies of Dune Messiah and all the rest as well. A book I've read recently that I strongly don't recommend though? Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons. I read the whole thing, amazingly, but it made me extremely uncomfortable for the majority of it. I have a word to describe it, but it's a very inappropriate word for a family friendly forum.
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    @RZ. The audiobooks are what I have for Demonwars and they are very well done.
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    I'm not a social or economic historian, so I wouldn't have read it, no. A cursory examination of the author points out major issues in his writing. A bias is fine, but he exhibits elements of topic luring. I'm not a proponent of that stuff, simply because the reader should be allowed to come to their own conclusions based on presented information. That being said, a Professor of English and the chair of the DSA isn't exactly someone who I'd care to get lectured to about "poverty" and advancement of technology.
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    I've just started reading Brandon Sanderson's 'Mistborn: The Final Empire' as well. I hope to read Shad Brook's 'Shadows of the Conquerer' as well, as I'm a big fan of his YouTube channel (Shadiversity is it's name. If you like medieval stuff, especially swords, he's your man. He's also into his fantasy and is a confirmed weeb). Shameless plug - I'm actually trying to read more fantasy books with heavy worldbuilding so I can improve my own writing for a science/space fantasy series I'm working on. Ah yes, I've also read about 100 different books and journal articles for my MA research project, but I won't list them as I'm frankly sick of the sight of them lol.
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    Thank you to all participants! I hope you are all having a wonderful new year thus far. I have to close this event now to make way for our Valentines Day event. Please check it out and do continue to enjoy yourselves here at A~F The winner of the New year event is @whatthehaek for a beautiful profile as well as a cleverly made "about me". Keep a look put for your profile to be featured as our member of the month and I will be in touch with you about your prizes.
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    sorry i didnt take this pic - my friend did plus she filtered it
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    I renewed my audible membership and have been audiobooking like crazy the last few months! I just finished The Turn by Kim Harrison, a prequel to the Hollows series which I'm a longtime fan of. I'm looking forward to American Demon later this year. I've also read a number of other titles including Girl, Stop Apologising (Rachel Hollis), Becoming (Michelle Obama), Born A Crime (Trevor Noah), Precious Little Sleep (Alexis Dubief), and Unfollow (Megan Phelps-Roper). But my absolute favourite book I've read in the last six months: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (Lori Gottlieb). I can't recommend this book enough! Certainly a book I'll remember. I hear it's been picked up by NBC for a television adaptation. I wish they would do that with the Hollows, lol.
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    My Brothers new puppy
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    Updated shot from last week. A very tired selfie...
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    Been here for however long and still have yet to actually show a picture of myself Well, don't know how the oll thingymabobber spoiler tab works, so this is potato me at 16! Haven't really changed much at all since, as I've only gotten an inch taller and gained some less rounded features (so less of a potato, but still a spud in some form or another) Still, hate my nose always been off to the side, but what can you do, eyy? ^^
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