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  1. Generally, the type of anime that draw me in are the ones that deal with high concept. Otherwise I mostly like the slice of life type anime and the occasional quirky action/adventure. And okay...some hentai, though I am very selective.
  2. Bad music - almost a rarity in anime, can nearly be enough to break a good show. I thoroughly enjoyed the supernatural comedy anime, "Actually I Am", but I hated the soundtrack in it.
  3. Kōyamaki

    My Dream

    Another aspiring content creator! A mix of almost every genre that can be all things to all people though would be next to impossible to make without it alienating the target demographics in question. One also has to consider the pacing and the amount of character dialogue which helps to explain the plot. I think flashy visuals are great, but the story must have substance behind it. Story development is unfortunately one of the most frequently overlooked elements that goes into making shows.
  4. Welcome to the forum. So what do I think anime is missing? Aside from a handful of underused premises and themes, not really a whole lot. There are quite a number that I liked that I believe could have been written to be even better. There is certainly never a shortage of pretty girls, although I think it would be nice to see more tall women with ripped figures. With that being said, I do think that the trend toward fan service has come at the expense of the plot development of many anime - to the point where the cleavage being shown becomes more important than the story itself is; I think this is unfortunate.
  5. @[email protected] I never dreamt there would ever be a Beavis & Butthead edit of "Legend of Zelda." That was great.
  6. @efaardvark I always enjoy a good slice-of-life anime.
  7. "Chaos;Head" had some pretty raunchy scenes in it, although there was a lot more to the plot. I think everyone already knows about "Fairy Tail." The latter has become notorious for being one of the most ecchi non-Hentai anime. To be honest, I actually kinda liked Fairy Tail in spite of how silly some of its scenes were written. Yeah, her bosom got the most screen time of any single member of the female cast. No doubt about that. There were still quite a few scenes where Rimuru was hanging out with the Dwarves and hitting on those scantily clad Elf chicks. I think my biggest problem with the story is how they misused the big bad from seasons 2 & 3. I don't want to spoil it for anybody, so I will not comment further on that aspect. Although it looks to still be a work in progress, I might give my two cents about the Season 3 Conclusion of TTIGRAAS in the "How it Should Have Ended" thread. Urd, Hilde and Brandish ( together in a crossover ) would be quite the trio of fun. lol
  8. I don't really consider "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" to be true ecchi, though it did have its sexually suggestive moments; "How Not to Summon a Demon Lord" is definitely ecchi though ( with fantasy adventure on the side ). Can't really comment on the other two. Arguably, "Ah! My Goddess!" could be considered ecchi when you count the racy scenes featuring Urd on the screen.
  9. "MM!" is pretty ecchi...I think. A lot of people find Monica Rial's high toned voice to be grating on the nerves but, I personally found it to be kinda cute on the petite girls that she voiced; in this case Mio.
  10. Not sure what my favorite one is but, I always enjoyed playing "WWF Wrestling Challenge" when I was growing up. Haven't played it in decades. I love the roster too - it had Jake the Snake, Mr. Perfect, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, even Earthquake.
  11. I would describe myself as being more into Synthwave or Progressive Rock/Metal. Even now, I would say that I still have a soft spot in my heart for metal though. At one point, it was indeed my favorite music genre. Some old school metal from back in the day when Wrestling still had great gimmicks. Most people in my generation never knew that Barry Darsow was once known as Smash. Although still choreographed and scripted, sports entertainment used to have a certain style about it. Nowadays...bland.
  12. It's a beautiful world...but not for me.
  13. That poor fool...he should have been more specific with his choice of words. He wished for anything and he got anything.
  14. Yes folks, this is a beautiful world...if you're the friggin' Addams Family!
  15. I always preferred "Invisible Sun, Don't Stand So Close, Message in a Bottle, King of Pain, and Every Breath You Take."
  16. The Kiwis from Team End Game make history once more by being the first to win both a nut and a golden bolt.
  17. Not really a new video as such but, pretty cool. If I am ever over there, I'll definitely have to check this place out. The idea of Dromaeosaurid ( "Raptor" ) hotel clerks is just a streak of brilliance. That is just awesome.
  18. The added touch of Richard Page's vocals make this decidedly gritty song sound even more tough. So much for the apparently popular belief that the keyboard fell out of favor because it just didn't sound edgy or intense enough....yes, people have actually said that. More importantly, everything should simply come down to whether or not the said work is good. Sorry for getting on the soapbox for my favorite musical instrument here.
  19. I'm not familiar with that one; however, I think it would be more logical to have better backstory development in the anime than in the games. I suspect there is probably some hidden marketing ploy behind it to make everyone do the rounds within the different media of the franchise; of course, this sort of thing works on the really hardcore fans, just not the lazy people. Personally, I think this is a very bad strategy long term, and I believe that more should actually be invested in the anime. I mean, if they're just going to leave holes in the plot, then what was even the point of having an animated series in the first place? I would be okay if the games all had alternate flowcharts where the outcome is effected by the player's choices - it increases the replay value, but I think the canonically correct storyline should always be fleshed out in full in any anime series so that the main idea is not lost on the general audience. I guess a lot of the guys in suits don't care, but I do care about those details.
  20. Started on "Cue!" not too long ago. It always interests me to see dramas based around how the anime industry itself works. Like all fiction, I'm sure the details are embellished to make everything more exciting for the viewing audience.
  21. What would be more interesting to me is how Lalatina ( "Darkness" ) became such a weird masochist type.
  22. Any tree species that is strange or unusual can be discussed here. Exhibit A is yours truly... How do I look? ( trying to stay in character here ) My ancient ancestors first appeared in the fossil record some 220-230 million years ago. We are as old as the dinosaurs. Now restricted to the mountains of Southern Japan, my species ( Sciadopitys verticillata ) is all that remains today. My brethren can be grown outdoors in any cool, moist maritime climate which is similar to the British Isles or the Pacific Northwest of North America - and probably much of the coast of Northern Europe in Poland, Germany, France, and the Low Countries ( Netherlands and Belgium ). We would greatly appreciate some help in getting reestablished in the parts of the world where our kin have disappeared from. Trivia: amber from the Baltic has been attributed to Sciadopityaceae. USDA Zones 5-9: this rating mostly deals with the times of the year that frost is predominate in North America.
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