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  1. Fab


    Been having Nasi Lemak for breakfast in the weekend lately. Basically, its this Malay dish where the rice is cooked with coconut milk and Pandan leaf. This gives it an aromatic smell and taste.
  2. Fab

    Favourite Beverages?

    I feel you on the soda case. I have never been able to finish the can size unless I can keep it refrigerated and go back to it. I never get how some of my friends can just gulp down the whole can in a minute why I have to just slowly sip mouthful by mouthful and burping almost everytime.
  3. Fab


    Started my new job, been about 3 weeks since, hence my inactivity here
  4. Fab


    ^ That's my favorite kind too. I'm always on the hunt for some nice scramble eggs.
  5. Fab

    Pokemon Series

    I've preordered ORAS. Seems like a good trip down memory lane, hopefully it can be better than Soul Silver/Heart Gold. Thats my favourite remake. I kinda lament the introduction of MEGAs though. Make things seem kinda over-powered. It feels like in future, it will be like diamond/pearl, where there wasn't much introduction of new pokemon, but new evolved form of old pokemon. Seems like people will also be crying out to see "XXX" pokemon have a Mega and so on.
  6. Fab


    Just a side note: I remembered when I visited Taiwan, the MCDs have this promotion after 10pm where its 1-for-1 for every large fries you ordered. For fries lovers.
  7. Side, and maybe in a fetal position. I have never slept face down before and never knew how
  8. Fab


    Sunny Side up Egg? Is that what you're referring to?
  9. By fail if you mean totally ruined, then normally I throw it away. Unless it's still edible, maybe just having one taste go way off, lets say for example too much spiciness. I would still try to eat it
  10. I've seen one in SG before, though it it was more of cartoons rather than anime. Too bad it was in an military camp so no photos allowed
  11. I saw some Mangas going for dirt cheap recently as well. But its due to that particular publisher closing down and every of their books going for maybe a dollar to maybe 5.
  12. How would you rate the Xbox One? I'm considering getting a PS4 currently, but would be good to hear some existing users reviews for the next gen consoles
  13. If you're talking bout 3DS games, its about S$40~s$70. But I think all games are going around at that range, including Playstation and so. Not too sure about PC though. Like I say, I'm not exactly a good citizen in this sense
  14. Fab


    Yup, It was a craze and it happened during my schooling years. Imagine the rush just to collect those stupid tabs. Stupid now that I think about it. I can't believe eating Mac everyday just for that
  15. Fab


    A little something I came across which might be of interest http://9gag.com/gag/a9MWp8D
  16. Fab


    As a Singaporean, I'm really glad to be one when it comes to breakfast. The variety of food I could choose from never gets old. From the common breakfast like cereals, toasts, sausages and eggs, to the more local flavors from the Malay, Indian and Chinese community. There are all types of breakfast we could get.
  17. Fab


    Just came back from a short getaway to Batam Island in Indonesia.
  18. Well, Beyblade is still in existence till recently especially about 2 years back. Since back then I still worked in Toys"R"Us and there was this craze with the new series of beyblade
  19. Congratz, I have a 10km run this coming Sunday and I highly doubt I can make it under an hour. Haven been conditioning myself for quite some time so most likely an hour and half?
  20. Fab


    That is darn cool. Haha, we do have couple seats as well, even in normal theaters, just that its normally placed right at the back. Some others allow for the arm rest to be pulled upright to become its own couple seat but thats alittle uncomfortable with the small gap inbetween. This is what the one I went to looks like: https://www.google.com/search?q=gold+class&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=Ldf6U7vfE8KjugSRw4KIBw&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ&biw=1280&bih=647#q=gold+class+golden+village&tbm=isch&imgdii=_
  21. I sleep on it. Normally I just bear with whatever it is, maybe take a "Panadol" and sleep it off. For fever wise, I normally force myself to sweat it out, normally sleeping, covering myself with a blanket and switching off all fans in the room and sweat it out. I never see a doctor, even when I burned a fever up to 40C once.
  22. Hey there, welcome to AN
  23. Fab


    Been to an much more high class cinema lately. Basically its the same cinema except they have different kind of theater. The one we previously discussed was the normal one where its for everyone. The one that I've been to however, is more like an exclusive version. Its only houses about 18-20 people per theater so you can imagine the size of one. They are are mostly 2 seats side by side with a certain space between each pair of seats. It also includes a mini table in-between the 2 seats. Seats are able to recline so you can be lying down to watch a movie with alot more leg space. Blankets are provided. You can even order main courses, hot beverages or snacks, of course at an extra cost. Tickets for this are also much more expensive than the normal one. Any of you have such stuff in your country as well?
  24. Fab


    Any fields? Office job mostly, that's the mundane life in singapore

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