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  1. Nier Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition (Nintendo Switch): I finished 2B's route (Route A) and started the route of 9S (Route B). I've unlocked every minor alternate ending that was available to unlock for 2B and I think I've unlocked the only minor alternate endings there are for 9S, so the save file I'm using has most of the letters of the alphabet to show that. I like to keep a Mackarel in my inventory though in case I want to see that alternate ending again because I've triggered it twice in a row when I was going through Route A and that was one I got from fishing, so I unlocked it a little early. I'm curious to see if it works in the other Routes though, as well as the one that's unlocked by self-destructing in the Bunker. I've collected all of the weapons that 2B could obtain in Route A.In Route B as 9S I've hacked a handful of the locked chests so far and gotten the Type-40 Fists combat bracers, Phoenix Sword large sword, annnnnd... I'm probably forgetting one... but I might not be... it's hard to say with how many weapons I've managed to amass so far. ^^; I'm only in Chapter 2 which is when 9S and 2B first go to the Resistance Camp in Route B and complete the quests from there, but I haven't talked to Anemone again just yet. I was surprised when I saw the plug-in chips that enemies drop are different when playing as 9S in Route B as opposed to the enemy plug-in chips that drop for 2B in Route A, but I don't really know why it was so surprising because it makes sense. It's pretty fun hacking enemies with 9S though, that's for sure. lol The mini-games are interesting, and it feels pretty good to know that there's still things in this game left to discover. ^^
  2. I didn't know the powder drinks were around for so long. I can't remember when I first tried them, but I do remember I can't get enough of them. ^^ Very convenient way to make a tasty drink with them and only water. - I last drank a bottle of water.
  3. I gift you a Deadpool Funko Pop
  4. A half-empty bag of chocolate dipped strawberry Hershey's Kisses.
  5. Lemonade powder drink mixed into a bottle of water. Really, really cold water. I had to drink it slowly for a change. XD
  6. I think everyone assumes there's something wrong with them to some degree, but I also think it's just how different people are and not necessarily that something is wrong with them. Everyone's just different in their own ways. At least that's my take on it. ^^
  7. Nier Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition (Nintendo Switch): After progressing to the point in the story with the 3rd fight with Adam in the Copied City, I realized that the Golden Machines in the City Ruins that I hadn't fought, let alone destroyed yet, suddenly vanished after that 3rd Adam fight in the Copied City. After doing some homework about the Golden Machine encounters in Nier Automata, I've found out that if the player doesn't destroy them before the Resupply mission from Anemone before even encountering the hulking behemoth of a machine that comes up out of the ocean, they just disappear for good. Since destroying them is needed to get 100% Unit Data I loaded to the save right before the mission that Anemone gives, and I've managed to destroy all of the Golden Machines in the City Ruins, Desert Housing Complex, and Flooded City. So, now I can go ahead and progress to the 3rd Adam fight in the Copied City after having some fun all over again destroying the monstrosity of a machine that shows up soon in the game. ^^ I may have lost my progress I made in the save file where the Golden Machines vanished by loading from an older save file to make sure I got their Unit Data, but I'm glad I can aim for 100% Unit Data now without any regrets so far. I love saving multiple files for different points in the game, just for situations like these. ^^
  8. Align Kimono Guard Dragon Behemoth TTEHM
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