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  1. Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan is the best xD

  2. SouthBall

    Rate the Anime Soundtrack Above You!

    Classic style I love it 8/10 Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka - Scarborough Fair
  3. SouthBall

    Which monster-based anime was your favorite?

    Monster Rancher, To any of you who don't know, THIS IS NOT A KNOCK OFF OF POKEMON or Digimon. In reality, the only similarity they all share is the "training monsters" aspect, if you have played the game you know it is nothing like Pokemon and especially not Digimon.
  4. SouthBall

    Favorite Nightcore Channel?

    My favorite channels: CUTLoveRx NightcoreReality Zero. Miz-Kun Cherry 葵 NightcoreSage ヅ
  5. SouthBall

    Favorite Nightcore Songs?

    For me one of the best kind of Nightcores
  6. SouthBall

    Welcome To Nightcore Nation!

    Hello Everyone! I am SouthBall, Nightcore Nation's owner. My story with Nightcore started 4 years ago I found a video on YouTube "Recommended" list because I was watching AMVs. And the title of the video was Nightcore - Angle With A Shotgun and after I watch it I searched for Nightcore songs like the past one. I found many many videos with awesome effects and anime wallpapers. I started learning how to make videos and songs in Nightcore version and I loved it.
  7. There are many reasons that may make you adore Nightcore, like: Good Wallpaper. Awesome Effects. Good Song. All of the above So what is your reason(s)?
  8. SouthBall

    Favorite Nightcore Songs?

    This is my favorite nightcore.
  9. I have just finished Nichijou, and I learned nothing at all xD 

  10. SouthBall

    The Power Of Aizen Sousuke

    Post your favorite bleach videos here. AMVs, quote videos or even your hand make. The Power Of Aizen Sousuke ᴴᴰ.mp4
  11. SouthBall

    Reccomend animes please :)

    You have watched a lot of animes, maybe you should watch this; This is my list of romantic animes: 1. Oregairu 2. Golden Time 3. Toradora 4. Nisekoi 5. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou 6. Haganai 7. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai 8. My Little Monster 9. One Week Friends 10. Lovely Complex
  12. SouthBall

    Favorite Anime couple

    My favorite is Chtholly Nota & Willem From Anime: Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? or WorldEnd Sukasuka
  13. SouthBall

    [Bleach] Club Rules [Vol 0.1]

    Well, before we start discussing anything about Bleach, there's some Rules and Guidelines that must be followed: No languages except English is allowed on this club. - You must speak English, it's the global language. - And to make anyone understand you easily, even if your English is very very bad. It doesn't matter. No flaming or insulting other members. - This includes discrimination of other members based on their religious or political beliefs as well as Discrimination of other members' sexual orientation or ethnic origin. - If you're found flaming or discriminating other members, you may be No adult content or any bad content. Do not encourage rulebreaking. Be Nice and respect all the members of the club. Always be kind and courteous. Give the respect you want to receive. Do not troll or derail threads. - Refrain from posting troll threads or post, and refrain from going off-topic. No links may contain advertisements of any kind, pornography, racism, or disturbing links. - Doing so will result in a kick out from the club. Kind Regards, SouthBall | Bleach Club Owner
  14. SouthBall


  15. So anime bleach has many characters good and evil, Shinigami, Espada, and Arrancar. Pick up your favorite character(s). For me, it's Aizen Sosuke.
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