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  1. So back in October a tree fell on my old car, a 2007-vintage Prius hybrid, necessitating the purchase of a new car.  I liked the old one a lot, but I always wished it'd had the option of charging the battery to function more like an electric vehicle.  I'm not sold on EV's due to the so-called range anxiety, and EVs are still pretty expensive anyway, so I didn't want a full EV just yet.  (I'm not actually worried about the range so much as the recharging times.  I'm always thinking of those people on the east cost when hurricane Sandy hit and everyone was told to evacuate at least 500 miles inland to avoid flooding and high winds.  People with gas cars could manage it, but even the best EVs can only go a few hundred miles before needing several hours to fully recharge.  Doh!)

    So anyway my new car is a also a hybrid, but this one is pluggable, with an electric range range that is plenty to cover the commute before the gas engine kicks in and it starts behaving more like my old car.  If I plug it in overnight at least every other day I pretty much never need gas, and I've been pretty good about plugging it in.  I'm approaching the 1,000-mile mark on the odometer and just recently dropped below the halfway point on the tank of gas I got from the dealership when I bought the car.

    Yep.. driving daily since October and I haven't had to visit a gas station even once!  :D  



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