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  1. Looks like Spitzer project has set the date to end operations.


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    2. Wedgy


      Omg yes I have seen those pictures but wasn't aware they came from the Spitzer. That is so cool!! Thanks Spitzer

      So when it retires will the James Web be doing about the same work, or does it have some extra shiny new tricks to show off? 

    3. efaardvark


      JW is the dancing bear of telescopes.  It is more ambitious, much bigger, and much, much more expensive.  So expensive that they had to make it an international project to bring in money to pay for it.  But with other users (and their money) came more requirements, a couple redesigns, and more delays, all of which made it even more expensive.  The people running the project originally said they could do the whole project, including life-of-mission operating expenses, for less than $1B (US) dollars.  Last I heard they've already spent $8B, and they haven't even launched yet!

      Anyway, assuming they do launch and it works as advertised it will be taking over duties of both Hubble and Spitzer, as well as an ESA telescope called Herschel.  (Again, they always throw around the "Hubble" name, but it will also see in infrared better than Spitzer, and both Hubble and Spitzer projects are being shut down in part to pay for JW.)  JW will have over 6x the collecting area (mirror size) and more than 15x the field of view of either Hubble or Spitzer so it should give us a lot of cool pictures.  There's a good comparison online here.  Of course, given the number of people who helped pay for it there will be a pretty long line of astronomers waiting to use it as well.  :D

    4. Wedgy


      Yeah no kidding, I bet the hype is on another level. I can't wait to see what it finds. 

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