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    but recently ive been just playing some games and reading visual novels more than watching anime to be honest,
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    kudryavka, Little busters. shes too cute, do no lewd <3, also misaki sawatari, also dont lewd <3, or do, they are in an eroge visual novel sooo...
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  1. felt slight cold, thus i must recover and regenerate myself


    so much sh*t happend today though, and so much dizzying, but one thing i know is, i probably wont be helping anyone in my group, aside from my partners, and some individual


    i mean, i just tried to help that person, and give her idea's on where to extract blood, but it seems, as usual, i was misunderstood >.>


    and then i got sent a PM from her about not to do such things, in a very rood way, which pretty much means, i should respect her wish, and just not babysit her at all


    she'll be fine, experience breeds best results, afterall, the skill i got from extracting patients, was all due to the self-experience i got from my senior's brutality, she probably needs to experience it too


    but i may, babysit and guide, help, and etc my partners more often, than random collegues ^_^


    give take, one of my collegues is daijoubu af, one is same as me, maybe better, and one is imouto-type that i wanna protecc

    maybe its couse she's the shy-type?, idk, kinda cute if you ask me


    but nonethless, its time to neppu, OYASUMI's ! 

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