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    dxd, to love-ru. shakugan no shana
    but recently ive been just playing some games and reading visual novels more than watching anime to be honest,
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    kudryavka, Little busters. shes too cute, do no lewd <3, also misaki sawatari, also dont lewd <3, or do, they are in an eroge visual novel sooo...
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  1. image.thumb.png.d293b35d632390a5714e9e58027e41fb.pngso doing the "favorite operator" drawing thing that's somewhat famous in reddit /ark/ place

    saw it months ago, but didn't have time to do it, couse yknow...


    but with boards canceled, i now have time to draw my favorite operators xD

    was thinking of making a thread about this, but decided not to, couse i might be the only one who plays arknights, and its a draw-your-favorite-operator >.>...


    nonetheless, just wanted to say im doing this xD

    heres the template incase anyone wants to do it too

    i guess you could also change it to FGO-servants if you wanted too, like, favorite servant ?

    just a thought xD

    im doing favorite operators tho' ;o


    1. XII360


      OH !

      i almost forgot to mention, our current status in PH, atleast in my area status, 

      we are in a 1-month quarantine (due to there being 3 case's of NCoV-19), our area is now under lockdown (though, perfectly correct time is, quarantined for a month)

      everyone has hoarded alcohol, toilet papers, and is mostlikely panic-mode

      meanwhile im here, chill af >.>

      its not like stores will be shut down at the moment, so there's no real reason to panic, yet

      and as for alcohol stock, i could always go to the hospital i intern'ed and help a bit, and ask for some for house

      they are understaffed, though thanks to lockdown, im not sure if i can even reach there yet ? (its somewhat far)

      maybe army will listen if i say im a volunteer, maybe they wont, eitherway, there's no real reason to go outside yet

      especially for a hikikomori like me <_>

      just wanted to update you guys of my current status, aside from cancelation of boards

      ofcouse, im still studying, this morning i just answered 100+ questions on hematology, out of 300 questions (im stacking it all), i got 170/300, i say this is good, seeing as the questions was


      like it felt harder than board exam questions >.>... was able to translate hard questions too, so theres that

      some questions though, some were just wierd as hell

      asking about ""color plate" stuff.. >.>

      heres an example of what the questions was like ;o


      notice, question #193

      how do you answer that, like, what am i suppose to look at, what plate >.>

      there was like 20 questions of those, that i had to guess smh

      so yea, i take that score as a win, especially how hard this exam was

      im gonna study more tomorrow, gonna go ISBB next >:o

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