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  1. Finally learnt how to capture monsters in Monster Hunter: World on the XB
  2. FT 2018 - yes I know, burn me at the stake -, goblin slayer, yagate kimi ni naru (bloom in to you), Ulysses one. I enjoyed watching amanchu, too bad the second season wasn't up to par with the first.
  3. To this day, the most scariest horror game I've played is fatal frame II
  4. Even though I never finished tales of vesperia, I really enjoyed it. Estelle can be a hit and miss for me. Rita, Raven, cpt Kaorl and Yuri were the best cast there. So glad it's getting a DE edition this November, however a shame since it isn't bc on the XB. I really love berseria, Velvet, Eleanor, Magilou are just waifu materials. Eizan and Rokuro are just hilarious. I loved it when the girls thought Edna was a love child of Eizan and where speculating, whilst Rokuro to Laphicet was just "stay away from girls". Zesteria is a hard one. I don't mind Edna, Rose or Zavid. Mikleo is okay, Alisha is cute. Overall the game just didn't do it for me. I did play Graces F and really enjoyed it. Wasn't too much of a fan of Asbel though. I got the art book along with the game, that was a nice addition.
  5. I am not a fan of any FPS games esp CoD or BF. Having said that, there are the exceptions like bioshock 1 & 2 and the moba game paladins. Geebus, do I get frustrated with some of the players on that.
  6. Yup, looking forward to it. Raphael became an instant fav along with Seung Mina. I haven't played any of the newer AC games since ACIII.
  7. Welcome to AF, I'm pretty or fairly new myself. So looking forward to seeing you around here too XDD
  8. Ah okay. Yeah MMOs are a real time sink. The reason why I can play other games is because GW2 is more casual (it helps that it isn't a sub based game too) and I guess it's more to do with the reason that I'm guildless and friendless in GW2. Don't get me wrong I've been in several guilds and met quite a number of ppl. However, the ppl I've met they don't stick around and guilds after 4.5 yrs I found myself doing the same thing, being the one or contribute to guild/ guild chat, but not connecting with anyone. And if I did, then it's the former, met someone then see them leave. 5 years ago I said to myself I'll be guildless and friendless. 5 years later, I'm guildless and friendless xDD. Funny thing is, I do hold one guild close to me. I owe them for helping me overcome my shyness (at least most of it, still shy here and there) xDD.
  9. Having complete idiots that don't know how to play paladins. Gets me infuriated at times. Funny story, I had one guy playing Strix, going back and forth from left to right cover whilst sniping, treating it like CoD, yeah like CoD. He got one lucky kill on me, kept using the same tactics over and over again. On the first death by him, saw him, ran towards his location and burned his ass (I was playing as Fernando).
  10. Welcome, hope you enjoy living in Japan. Death note is a good gate way to watching anime, even though I'm not a fan of these, however I DO acknowledge them as decent gate ways to the world of anime: Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan
  11. Good review!!. I've heard much about BDO, but haven't played it. The character customisation is really good from what I've heard. I'm a guild wars 2 player, gear in gw2 isn't an issue, since gear grind is pretty much non-existent. It has a cap to it, the highest being ascended, there is legendary however that is ascended stats but with more flashier skins and changeable stats on the fly. But yeah so agree, to get ascended or even legendary (which is the biggest mat and time sink), farm for mats is or can be a chore.
  12. Yeah it is a great game :), I've only played P4 (which is still my fav). Oh, were you a long time player or played gw1?. If you did play gw2, but dropped it at some point early on. As a long time player, the game has changed a lot over the years.
  13. I'm pretty much a gamer, playing on the PS4, XBs and PC. For JRPGs the PS4 is my go too, currently I'm playing P5. On the Xbox monster hunter world, lost odyssey (360 back compat), dishonoured 2, blue dragon (back compat 360), panzer dragoon orta (original xbox) and others as well. For the PC guild wars 2.
  14. Bloop


    Hey up Wally, nice to meet you too.
  15. Mars of destruction....I jest, I jest 😂. For sports football (soccer) in particularly, a casual viewing be; Days, Area no Kishi.
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