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  1. (IK this is such an old topic but I still gotta say...:) I've been looking for quite some time to find a beginner project someone has made, I love seeing people progress over time and just playing through something they put their heart and soul into. I'm not sure where @katyC went, but I'll see if I can find amything after I play through this. (According to the review, it's not going to be superb, but it's still super heartwarming to me ^^)
  2. Well, I've always loved the colour of blue eyes so I would have to go with that... And I really didn't think about it until now but I really do like the colour of my hazel eyes, I think they fit me quite well
  3. I would talk to them and get to know them better, since they’ve responded twice in this thread right after me
  4. If @TheNekoGirl had a crush on me... I would have to say - “Sorry, but I barely know you. Maybe when I get to know you better.”
  5. If @ArchieKun (still) had a crush on me, this is what would happen: ”What??!!!! He avoided the Yandere?! How?!” Puzzled, I vent my anger through to the recievng end of the phone. ”Well... he— uhhh... neutralized her.” The man on the other end of the line knew that saying the wrong thing to me could get him fired. I was a few ranks higher than he was. ”He... He killed her?” ”Umm, no... He did the impossible. He brought her back from the edge.” ”Hold on. You’re saying she acts like a regular girl now?” ”Yup.” “HOW?!? That should be impossible! Yandere are mentally unstable!” ”I— I don’t know...” “We’ll find out!” I slam the phone down and all was quiet. My mission had just started and I had someone chasing me. And what’s crazier is he had done the impossible. Archie was not someone to be taken lightly. “Well, it seems he’s not gonna go without a fight.” I think to myself. “I’ll give him one if that’s what he wants! I’m going to have to play the Loli card...” I took the big “Yellow Pages” book from by bottom drawer and dropped it onto my desk. This time, I opened it up to a blue post-it note, and scanned the page, tracing my finger until I got the the number I wanted. Picking up my phone, dialed the number. “Hello, this is the Loli police, how may we help you?” said the man on the other end. Doing my best to imitate a Loli, I responded. “Help!!! Help!!! Someone’s after me!!” *The Loli police are an international police force that specifically go after people who are targeting Lolis. Many of these police are Loli lovers themselves, and just want to preserve the Loli in its natural state. | No hard feelings again Archie...
  6. In your opinion, which other AF users have amazing profile pictures? I love profile pics. I can’t explain why, I just do. Some of my favorites on here are: @I.Zara2006 @drill @AniMeFReaK @Ryuji
  7. The sport I do, eh? I do Cross Country and Track and Field. (If you don’t know what cross country is, it’s long distance track- usually 3 miles or a 5k). I’ve been doing it for a couple years and I love it. I also play music. It doesn’t sound like a sport, but it’s so taxing on the body. Whether it be guitar, drums, piano, trumpet, etc- it’s very technical and you must have good endurance.
  8. {My sparks, such a thread exists? What has this world come to...} If @ArchieKun had a crush on me, this is what would happen: *phone rings*. I pick it up, and a unknown man’s voice is heard on the other end. ”He’s after you... I’m sorry, I couldn’t protect you.” “It’s alright” I reply. “I signed up for this crap... I better start instigating Plan B.” “Are you serious?! You must be insane!” the mysterious voice proclaims. “I will NOT permit that. Compromising one of my—“ I slam the phone down, cutting him off. My order from the higher ups was clear- nothing will compromise this mission. I will do whatever it takes, even if I have to put my life on the line. I had prepared for a moment like this just in case it had ever come. And sadly, it had. I wished to not resort to such a thing, but in such dire circumstances, I had no choice. I took out the heavy yellow book from my bottom desk drawer. “The Yellow Pages”, were bolded on the front cover. Out of the side was a single orange sticky note, sticking out from inbetween the pages. I flipped open to it, and traced my finger down the page to the number I wanted. Picking up my phone, I dialed the number. And after 3 rings, someone picked up on the other line. “Hello!” said the reciever in an all-too fake cheery tone. “This is Rent-a-Yandere, sure to solve all your problems for life! How can we help you?” | No hard feelings Archie...
  9. It depends on how I felt about the show. I split this in to 3 categories of things I rewatch- 1. Shows I absolutely love. Oregairu, K-On! and Aria are all shows I could watch over and over and never get tired of them. 2. Tearjerkers. Clannad, Angel Beats!, Anohana and Toradora I’ve rewatched to some degree (some episodes I just skip cause I can’t stand em). The feeling of absolutely loving a character and then watching them fail or get degraded never gets old and (for some reason) I always want more. 3. Fun, background shows. Quick, fun shows you don’t necessarily need to focus on are always amazing to rewatch. Short shiws like One Room and Tsurezure Children are always fun to rewatch because they are just that short. Other shows I add into his category are Baka to Test and Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. Both are funny yet sweet and aren’t dark in any way.
  10. Do you play a musical instrument? If so, which one and for how long? Feel free to talk about your instrument(s) and why you love it if you wish.
  11. rd7


    I’m not necessarily a great writer by any means, but I do have creative streaks where I come up with a concept or a setting and write it down somewhere. Most of these are like one or two sentences long and aren’t very well developed, but maybe if I share one it might get put to better use than collecting pixel dust in my phone. - A fantasy world (with magic) where an H-bomb spawns from the sky and explodes on a city killing millions and leveling it. Nations start preparing for war with eachother and tensions risebut no one knows who to blame. Will war ensue, or will the worldwide conflict be settled peacefully? Hope this helps! (If anyone needs ideas for stories I have a plethora of them, just DM me and ask)
  12. This has been really high on my list for a while now, and I can’t wait to see it. It reminds me a little bit of Aria and New Game! from the desc. From what I’ve heard, it’s really amazing, but I’ve learned from experience to never completely trust a review, especially with SoL shows. The perspective of the viewer can completely change their experience watching the show, especially in SoL shows where the show is paced much slower. Anyone seen: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun ? - It’s a great show, hilarious and such a great rom-com. Unpredictable and very real - well developed characters make this show great. But by far the best episode was the OVA, if you ever get that far.
  13. rd7

    Do you have a "sad game"?

    Personally, I go to games with upgrades or levels: Games like Guitar Hero, Geometry Dash, and Ori and the Blind Forest are games I play to make it as hard for me as possible. When I finally pass a section/level, I get ultra euphoric, often to the point of where I can’t play the game after because it took so damn long or so many tries. By that point I usually don’t care what kind of a day I had and go back to being “normal” (not really, sucking all the adrenaline out of me makes me tired and woozy) Other games I play just mellow me out after having a rough day or when I’m not ultra sad are games that are easier - newer Mario games, Diablo 3, Reccetear (a really quirky but awesome item shop game), Sonic, etc - generally things with shorter, less skill-based levels and things to upgrade. [I do have one exception to this category though - the original LEGO Star Wars 2. I love the game except for one part- the stupid multiplier extras. I want to complete it to 100% so bad but the amount of time I’d have to spend collecting studs is insane. That would probably be my go to for escaping reality itself which is Minecraft. Also super relaxing for me - IF I don’t have to worry about dying. (I swear creative mode saved that game for I love Stardew, but after a while it got repetitious for me. It reminds me of the hundreds of hours I put into Animal Crossing...
  14. Mine would be - [If I needed to survive:] 1. A tablet full of books, videos, and music on it (thank you NGNL) 2. A solar-powered portable charger and cable for my tablet (also thank you NGNL) 3. A sharp machete (cuts through anything) [If I could survive without things I bring:] 1. A large supply of spices and sauces (so I could flavornup my food on the island) 2. A massive music collection and some way to play it repeatedly (I’d also say a good pair of hwafphones, but that’d be asking for too much) 3. A large warm blanket (to curl up in when I get cold or tired) And for entertainment purposes; my original 3 responses from my question back from when I was in elementary school were: 1. Chocolate 2. A basketball 3. Friends (I don’t know if I filled it out right after I transferred or not.If it was, the list feels so depressing because I didn’t have any )
  15. Anything and everything . Our trip is completely packed with travel and fun things to do- aside from Machu Picchu I believe we’re spending a good deal of time in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, and Lima. From what I’ve heard I might have to bring a baby Alpaca back home - they’re super fluffy and cute (and I love fluffy and cute ). And I also can’t wait to dive into the culture and history of Peru, there’s so much to learn! (Yes, I am a museum lover) This cracked me up and made my day
  16. I ran across this question while looking through one of my old notebooks: “If you were stuck on an island and you had 3 things with you, what would they be?“ I’m guessing this is just an old activity one of my elementary school teachers made us do to take up time, but it kind of intruiged me. It’s an in-context way to think about what things you truly love the most. After thinking about it for a while, I made some guidelines to truly emphasize the meaning of the question - A) You have a stable supply of food and water, and other basic essentials (Shelter, fire, etc.) B) You are going to be stuck on this island until you die. Means of escape or communication are futile. C) You are alone on this island. What would you bring?
  17. Well, I love traveling. I’m spending a week in Peru this upcoming summer and am really looking forward to it (Machu Picchu, here I come!)! Aside from Mexico and some cities in the US I haven’t really travelled much. Though hands down the most beautiful place ever is Yosemite Valley -you come back out of the valley and wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t smell so good or look so beautiful. I’ve considered living in Merced (a nearby city to Yosemite) but living in CA is sooo sparking expensive so I can’t . [Pictures don’t even do it justice tbh] And to anyone wanting to take a trip to Mexico, I must warn you - stay out of Mexico City. Even just staying at a hotel feels unsafe, much less wandering around the city. 5 days was more than enough time for me (but the food I ate was so good lmao).
  18. I’ve heard of it once or twice, but never really stuck with me. Just from the description, this sounds like an anime adaptation of any action movie ever made, and the story totally reminded me of Fallout 4 (They killed my wife and took my son - I must get revenge!). But I’ve also learned not to judge an anime by its description, so this might be really good. Not quite intruiging enough to be high up on my list, but I’ll put it on there nonetheless. Alright mine: Sola (disclaimer - this anime has by far the weirdest and most surprising ending of any I’ve ever seen. Or maybe I was just that tired watching it. Probably a mix of both.)
  19. Alright, so my desktop background is legit a screenshot of one of my favorite scenes from Baka to Test to Shokanjuu; I love the watercolor art style they use. I don’t think I’ll ever change it tbh: My phone wallpaper used to be be an amazing FLCL picture (I don’t know if it was a poster or what, but it sure looks like one), but recently I got tired of it (though I still love it). I used an awesome fan art of Mio from K-On holding her bass guitar, but it wasn’t high quality (for me lol) and I had to change it to what is now my current wallpaper: Yui and Yukinon from Oregairu. Unfortunately it makes it hard to read what time it is, so I’m probably gonna end up changing it soon enough. And I have to add that finding a good wallpaper is so sparking hard! I usually spend a good hour or more trying to find one that’ll fit me (but that’s probably just because I’m ultra picky ).
  20. I’ve kinda always loved Beta (Nymph) from Sora no Otoshimono. Even though she’s super cynical and sadistic and totally has a Tsundere Type B vibe, she’s also got this amazing cute side with a sweet tooth and and is incredibly loyal. (and the twintails are super KAWAII)

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