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  1. A potato boy lol jk I gift you house-wow where did i get money
  2. This reminds me of yumeiro those battle to be the best in baking stuff
  3. Nova

    Heya !

    No ghostbuster im a delicate ghost potato
  4. Nova

    Heya !

    Nice people you say what about ghost potato lol welcome and thanks for being drag here by the ghostly potato of af Nova
  5. I read kitten as kitchen lol noble battle in the kitchen
  6. Can i have soda instead lil bro True on that
  7. Can we not talk about age i feel more older than any of you
  8. Ohh zombie, i the ghostly potato of af challenge you i mean welcome you to this siteand im the opposite of you i prefer to watch anime than to read manga
  9. Hikaru Shidou on her battle outfit is my cosplay dream of magic knight
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