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  1. Hello everyone! Just a quick update here. Our new Anime Page Curator @Musuko has been working tirelessly to get the anime database updated for you all. With the addition of AniDB we are able to add in anime a lot easier than before. Due to this, you should see current anime series being added all the time!

    I was very excited to see that some of my favorites from the previous season were added in, and I was able to update my Favorite character list on the Anime page of my profile! =3 

    Also, a big thank you to all of the anime reviewers! 

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  2. Thank you for all of the applicants that have applied to fill our positions, we have promoted members to Forum Moderator, and Database administrator, but still would like to see some interest in the Social Media department!

    Someone who takes pleasure in creating posts on Instagram or Twitter and knows how to use the tag system, would be a great addition to the team! Please submit your application if after reading the requirements you think you would be a good fit for the position.

    The same goes for Review moderators, we would love to have someone dedicated to moderating the reviews from our members. Please be sure to apply if this interests you.

    ~ Have a great day

  3. I would like for us to have a true "creativity" contest.

    For that, I must ask: What expression or words would you like to see drawn out?

    In a similar way to acting out expressions in charades, we will seek to take these expressions and give them life through a drawing.

    The challenge will be to take the most popular expression (after voting) and draw it.

    For example, the most popular expression voted turns out to be "I love you". You would then come up with a creative way to express those words in a drawing. With points going to the most creative. This is a creativity contest after all.. Not just an art contest.


    To get us started, I will ask that you please come up with 1 or 2 expressions that you would like to see drawn out. They can be completely ridiculous, it doesn't matter what. As long as its within our forum rules.

    After we get a few entries we will vote to see which one our contestants will be drawing for us.

    Think of this as a competitive version of the jackbox game scribblio (I know some of you here have played that) and If you have any questions feel free to ask here or in a pm.

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  4. On 5/5/2020 at 6:51 PM, Kity said:

    Only see 5 at the moment, wish users could submit their fav ones and have an admin/judges approve of the best ones to have on display to pick from. If I could participate I'd pick something classic.


    I love that idea! We will have to arrange an anime contest with the winning anime being chosen for a new theme img =3

    There are 20 different themes here currently to choose from. Are you sure you only see 5?

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  5. 7b43933580f8cc9997cd42c6834b7f.jpg.651254bacb8e18dd3f5240c113385671.jpg

    Ash is a genki boy, with an undiscovered aptitude for magic. He is known for his "good" healing nature.

    Although he has no parents, and lives on the streets he is very happy. Often an inspiration to many he meets simply by being around his pure heart.

    Ash can often be seen walking the streets near the Yangire pet shop.

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  6. The Anime Forums community is volunteer driven. Those volunteers have a passion for this community and a desire to see it thrive. As volunteers, we seek to moderate the forum, update its social media presence and ensure that good content is being presented for members at Anime Forums to enjoy over the course of time.

    To keep our volunteers in tip top shape, we are looking to expand our team by recruiting new moderators in a variety of roles.

    If you are interested in becoming part of the team please read through the requirements and consider applying for a position using the details given in the spoilers below.


    Forum moderators:

    Must be at least 18yo.

    Have good understanding of how to resolve conflict (or the will to learn, and take direction on member issues).

    Communicate in a constructive manner when preforming moderator duties.

    Have a good understanding of the English language.

    Must be able to withstand complaints and disputes without becoming flustered.

    Enjoy being a part of the AF community and actively engages within different forum sub sections.


    General Staff - Review Moderator

    Must be at least 18yo.

    Have a good understanding of the English language.

    Must be able to withstand complaints and disputes without becoming flustered.

    Have the desire to read anime reviews and work with the reviewer to ensure reviews comply with the rules for submission.


    General Staff - Social Media Moderator

    Must be at least 18yo.

    Have the desire to create posts for social media pages in a variety of genres that can appeal to different viewers.


    General Staff - Database Administrator (closed)

    Must be at least 18yo.

    Actively take requests from others in the submission of new anime into the database, while updating the forum thread on the topic of database requests.

    Be able to stay focused and finish tasks once begun.

    Update the anime database to ensure AF is meeting the needs of its community members.


    To apply, please send a PM to me including the following information:

    * denotes for Forum Moderator only applications.


    Subject: Application


    - What position you are applying for.

    - Timezone, and age.

    - *Time of day you can commit to moderating

    - *Which forums/subforums you are most active in.

    - *How much time you feel is appropriate to spend moderating per day/week.

    - In your own words, express why you believe you are qualified for the position, and why you are interested in the position.

    - Some of your strengths, and what you would like to bring to the team.

    - Any concerns you may have about meeting at least one year active in your chosen position.

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  7. Oki, well in the attempt to create time for a tie-breaker it seems that we will not be having one. xD

    Thank you all for your patience with me in closing this contest. I will announce now that the works you have chosen belong to: @Shejoestar and @Nyxnine. Your artwork will be featured in the artblock sidebar for the remainder of Spring =3

    A big thanks to everyone for participating. We could not have had such a beautiful turnout without you all. I hope you take these art badges, as a token of our appreciation. <3 As a participant you can now see them in your profiles, and in the postbit under your username in posts. 

    Until next time~ Seshi

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