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  1. I try to keep away from youtube. I haven't used my account for about 7 years!!! Wow!! I decided to log on again since I have so much time now since this quarantine situation.... and the first thing that popped up were the popular stuff, which I then scrolled down to my recommended videos, and I saw a music video that hit me so hard because of this isolation I am facing. In the video, they went to an empty mall - and just seeing that made me cry because that's how malls look like now... malls were my favorite places to go... but the video left me with a good feeling at the end. The song's not about being quarantined because it was made like 4 or 5 years ago. Shortly afterwards, I subbed and I have just been watching their music videos, and binge watching all of their vids. sooo the youtube channel I am watching is: phoenixsplashtv Ghost of a Midnight Driver - The music video that made me cry!!
  2. YES!!!! I love them!!! I never heard of them!!!!!!!!! YES!! This was an awesome adventure. I've been listening to a lot of Foreground Eclipse since you've sent this. Thanks a bunch!! Ya. I heard of all of them. I love L'arc en ciel. Back in 2006 I couldn't stop listening to them. Ken was my favorite member!! Yes! I've heard of all of those bands! I actually saw Offspring in concert a few times. My favorite song by them is the meaning of life! I love the Gazette Hyena, Reila, and filth in the beauty are amazing. I was sooooo close to seeing them in concert, but I could't miss work. However, I got to see direngrey that next year!!! direngrey and gazette are competing for the spot of my favorite band!! I love band maid! They're pretty good!! I've been listening to them a lot. I am still getting around to last alliance. I have heard them briefly while working out, but I love what I am hearing so far. Thank you!!
  3. I am thinking of buying one, but I am going to wait for all of the glitches and whatnot to fix. The switch had a lot of manufacturing defects when it came out.
  4. It's almost summer!! AND I get into a punk rock phase during this time. I have heard a lot of punk rock, but I want more. I just want to know if you guys/girls know any good punk rock music. It doesn't necessarily have to be Japanese punk, but it has to be fast and awesome!! So if you all know of any - please gimme more punk rock!!
  5. I have studied to this song and hundreds more, but this song is amazing!!! I love it!! I am so ready for the summer!!
  6. When I am with my friends, I am loud and annoying. So I am definitely Misa from Deathnote. Lol
  7. I've had this song on my mind lately, but can't find the original MV. This song brings back good memories!!! AND hopefully I'll create new memories with this new live version. LOL I am soooo cheesy.
  8. Yes!! Fire Emblem Awakening is great on the 3ds! I like it a little better than Echoes because the story in Awakening blew me away. I have had my Switch for about a year now. It is an awesome machine!! At first I just bought it for the fact that it came with 2 controllers so I could play games with my friends without buying another one like I would with a ps4 or xbox. Also, it is portable, so you could play high quality games on the go. There are tons of fun multi-player games, and single player games on it... especially now with smash bros. on there. When I first got it, I bought a few indie games, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I wasn't a huge Zelda fan, but lots of people were telling me to buy that game. It is probably the greatest game I have ever played. And you have lots of other games coming out like a new Fire Emblem, and a bunch of Final Fantasy games. I'd recommend getting one!
  9. I guess I am generally an upbeat kind of person. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but because of my positive attitude - lots of people want to be around me. This can be a good thing, but also a bad thing because I end up disappointing the ones I can't see. But recently, I haven't let anybody down. I try not to be negative, and am always trying to find the light in things. The things I do to make myself happy is drawing in my sketchbook at Star Bucks. Or if I can't go to StarBucks, then I make myself a coffee.
  10. I've been feeling good, but tired. I am just studying for my entrance exams. I love life! I just get a little lonely sometimes.

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