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  1. This is the first Nightcore song that I remember listening to back in the day and imo it's still their best song.
  2. I got it now!! Thanks!
  3. Maybe I didn't explain it the right way. How do you post the actual Youtube video into a post? There's a thread in the anime section called "favorite anime openings" and all the posters there have posted their favorite openings via actual videos from YouTube. Like you can just click play and the video starts right away.
  4. Um... How do I insert YouTube videos into my posts? I can see the "insert other media" button on the bottom right corner and I've tried to copy n paste the URL in different ways, but for some reason it doesn't wanna work. If someone can help me out, I'd appreciate it.
  5. That's awesome news right there!! I just checked and it works for me as well! Thanks XII360 for looking into the issue and also thanks to Optic for fixing it. I appreciate it. Seshi Looks like it got fixed
  6. Last thing I ate was some Spaghetti. I'm currently drinking some water.
  7. Davis Got Fined One Time TDKBA
  8. Thanks for the suggestion Hopefully, that quiz error message can get fixed because I definitely want to try out some of those quizzes.
  9. Hey XII360 I think I might've just made a mistake regarding the whole donate points thing. I wanted to donate points to you for helping me out, but I didn't realize that by giving you all one hundred of my points that I would go back down to zero. LOL! I was thinking that my points would still be there and that it was just a limit to how many I could give out. Oops. Lol, I wish you could have said this before I donated all my points away. EDIT: Thanks for the merger, I didn't see brycec's edited post until now.

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