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  1. If anyone ever dare feel sad, just beware - the launcher that Seshi now owns is the finest in the land, crafted by skilled bakers from ancient times passed. It is a legendary launcher that is capable of launching a cake over 250,000 nuknuk's, and still allow the cake to retain its full shape up until the point of impact.
  2. The most recent preorder I had was for both box sets for Tales of Zestiria X. Prior to that, I think my last preorder was back in 2003-04 with the .hack//SIGN series. I don't know enough about the stuff getting released these days to feel comfortable in pre-ordering. That may change I slowly work my way back into the swing of things. It is kind of nice to pre-order off amazon and then one day "surprise, you got a thing!"
  3. Guess what I got you for your !Not-Birthday?
  4. Does the AF Chain Gang have to cut a fool?
  5. You pretty much have summed up why I hate the video game industry these days. I'm glad someone else sees the folly in games like KH too. Square's business practice is one that infuriates me, frankly. Not because it's a typical business plan, but because they've bamboozled their fanbase so much that the fans just eat it up and drool over everything they put out there. I'd be fired - a lot - out of a cannon into the river - for shipping something at 30% complete like so many of these companies do. It astounds me.
  6. Good, blonde. I was concerned you were going to forget you're a potato.
  7. I will appoint you as my archangel.
  8. Still working on the playlist. Some progress tonight. Seems we have an entire friggin TaySwift album to add. lol
  9. If you're going to resurrect me, at least have the courtesy of giving me supernatural powers. Being a mortal is trash.
  10. The difference is that TVs by nature do support full HD. It's part of how HDMI ports work. But I digress, just a shot in the dark.
  11. People miss the fact that "full HD" has two requirements: HD video and HD audio. 720 is considered HD by resolution standards, but Matrixed audio has never been considered as such. Again, I'm not really complaining so much as just trying to see if it's out there. I'm just puzzled by the results.
  12. I sent VRV an email. They seem to be the most promising. Worst case scenario I'll just have to keep my money and stick to Netflix and Hulu, since they actually have Full-HD formats.
  13. And that's cool and all, but I'm still trying to see if there's any out there that actually provide a full HD stream. Thus why I asked the question.
  14. I don't have a problem with that either. But anymore, a lot of studios are slowly moving to streaming as the priority. I don't care about subs. I just want a 5.1 format - that essentially every streaming niche EXCEPT the anime one provides.
  15. I contemplated a lot as to whether or not I'd jump in on this. Finding ONE picture is hard. I opted to go with one that hasn't gotten published - mainly because it's from an EXTREMELY restricted area on post - looking away. It's the rooftop of Quarters One looking towards Bettendorf. Incidentally, my family built pretty much all of the homes on the west (closest to the viewer) side of the town in the early 1920s. There's a story behind this picture, but it's a bit longer than I think is necessary for this thread. I will say though, that at the time that I took this picture, I had only worked for the Army for 10 days - it was a beautiful day, and the view was just breathtaking. DES would have killed us. lol
  16. Master's aren't THAT big. We aren't talking about DTS or MQA. Most of the 5.1 audio formats have compressed formats that are easily transmittable over even low bandwidth tiers. That's why Dolby TrueHD became the industry standard - because it reduced the bandwidth use that the original Dolby formats used, and retained most information that the master audio formats used. Again, if Netflix, Amazon, and all these other services (many are much more niche than even Crunchyroll, etc) can support a 5.1 bitstream audio format - there's really no excuse.
  17. I'm looking at VRV too, but they don't comment on what type of audio they support. I'm planning on prodding at them to see what's up. What baffles me is that bandwidth has become so cheap that somehow these services don't offer the media in the original master format. If Netflix can do it for $15 a month...I'm pretty sure these other groups *should* be able to do it too.
  18. Unpopular opinion: Sword Art Online is a terrible anime, with bad storytelling, obnoxious characters - and really just a ripoff/wannabe .hack. You can't change my mind.
  19. I need to be taught in the dark arts of discord, I have no idea what I'm doing here. lol
  20. I toyed with putting this in the Anime forum, but it seemed a bit too broad for that. I am in the market to add a third streaming service to my ensemble. Ideally, I was looking at adding some kind of premium anime streaming service like Crunchyroll. However, it is apparently too much to ask for both HD Video and HD Audio. Crunchyroll and most other services I found stop short at just providing HD Video. Does anyone know of any other premium (and I might add, LEGAL) streaming services that provide full HD anime? Dubbed preferred.

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