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  1. Who wants to continue conducting research on high-altitude, high-velocity gun-launched missile systems for me? Anyone? No?...Okay...
  2. No harm, no foul, @Illusion of Terra - We are somewhat off topic now (but not, since this is becoming a growing pet peeve as a "fellow" at a university) - schools are not effectively communicating the key principles and environment of the majors they provide. They often tout the grand success stories, but they don't talk about the most common outcomes, or the worst potential outcome. Advisors don't even discuss this half the time. Seems to me that such an oversight would be worth at least an asterisk. I got lucky enough to be taught skill marketing in school. I was prepared to twist the verbiage of any job in my favor as a history major because we didn't just study history, we studied the skills of a historian. Lo and behold, I wound up with that "exception" job. Still, I was taught there was a ladder, and you can do everything right and end up only making it to the middle of that ladder. All students need to be given that same courtesy. It sounds cold (as cold as behind honest with a kid telling them that some aren't gonna make it), but at the age of 18 or up, prepare the person for reality, rather than continuously lying or misleading them.
  3. Sorry @brycec, the randomizer says that you have to die by my hand...
  4. I have video footage of what I would do...observe...
  5. Acquire said footage from him for use as blackmail later. Provide monetary benefits for each instance of blackmail.
  6. I think I'll be commenting in another direction from what Terra just said. This seems to be a growing problem for students in academic settings: Lack of usable degrees. Stigma in the community saying you HAVE to go to college/university. Not knowing how to apply skills that are learned in any academic setting. Selecting an uninteresting degree/unwanted degree. Attending a university without having a clear sense of direction with your degree path. I'm going to be "that guy" here - if you are in a degree path for something you have no interest in, you may as well not be there. You are wasting your money, and only adding to your already copious amounts of student debt. If you can't find something in any program that interests you, your best option is to bail before you make your debt situation worse. There are far too many "unmotivated" degree holders out there. The market saturation for any given field isn't going to be your friend on the other side of graduation. What degree program are you in? What is it you have a desire to do? - If you don't mind my asking. If you don't have an answer for that second question, that should be a requirement before setting foot on a university campus with the intention of supplying that institution monetary exchange.
  7. Forgive him, because I'd have to have no soul to be mad after Chick-fil-A.
  8. I'm conflicted... I'll concede to a bro-hug.
  9. Ask them numerous times if they're actually supposed to be named after a Pokémon, even though its totally spelled differently...
  10. This seems like it'd be of some interest to some of you...
  11. Egads! Kaga has a new avatar! How is the computer world today @ArchieKun?
  12. Yup, the butler guy. He did not have an anime incarnation, but made for an interesting story in the manga.
  13. Love this album... Would anyone be interested in me creating an AnimeForums Spotify playlist? I can probably find most of what we have on here.
  14. Reboot or remake? If we're talking reboot, I'd like to see the Mezzo series (particularly DSA) get rebooted. I just don't think the series got enough love, and I always thought it was a great show. Elfen Lied also had a lot of potential to go on. Really how the series ended, it is perfectly reasonable to see a follow-up season/series. Remade/remastered, I think DNAngel is worthy. It was a beautiful production when it came out, I think it would do well in a remaster. Tales of Eternia needs a remaster by UFOTable badly. That series aged so badly, it completely makes the story unfollowable anymore. lol
  15. That was me with Chrono Crusade. I also had something totally stuck in my eye at the end. I was never prepared for that series to have a "last episode" even though it was only 26 episodes long.
  16. S-suuuuure….we're your friends. Come get some chicken...and assimilate enjoy...
  17. Guys! Guys! Guys!.... What if we BOUGHT our own Chick Fil A? We could use it as a front......
  18. Get the Ffffffrench toast in the car then...!
  19. Bruh...lets go to Chick Fil A. Right now.
  20. Yeah, but what a way to go...right? The only thing better would be KFC gravy, I think....

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