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  1. I'm not as tech savvy as others on here, but I steal a lot of business from our G6 at work. As for programs, what kind of programs are you wondering about? Video editing...I have no idea. That's not my lane, unfortunately.
  2. Something like that. My personal net has been fine through all this. It's just that when you have over 12,000 connecting to VPN on the same domain - things get a little weird. No one is listening to guidance about the file systems either or web access. People don't seem to get that you don't need to be on VPN to access mail, just a few sites require it.
  3. Dunno about YouTube, but I'm having similar problems on my work VPN. I know my search has results, but they just aren't showing...
  4. So, I lied about not dying. We did have a casualty today, and I'm a bit heartbroken. I tossed my sweatshirt into the wash as soon as I got home. Shortly after I started moving the clothes to the dryer, I found my government travel card. That was odd - considering I never use that card. It shouldn't have been out of my wallet......... ...then I realized it. The leather wallet that I have had for 11 years met a terrible end, drowned in a vault of water and laundry detergent. New one is on it's way and should be here on the 28th.
  5. It's weird with how quiet things are, but I'm getting caught up on a lot of things in the meantime through all this. I did venture out to the grocery store today though...haven't died yet.
  6. I liked it, but I agree it didn't taste like an oreo. Tasted like someone took an ear of corn and tried to make it taste like some kind of cookie. Then again, I'm Iowan...we are 80% corn at birth.
  7. Just waiting till the stores run out of Mountain Dew and Doritos to see how filthy ya heathens can be...

    1. RuthisianCodex


      The true test of just what level of heck will break loose depends on the flavor of Mountain Dew & Doritos that are pillaged. For example, White Out Mountain Dew & Cool Ranch Doritos would be more 2nd or even possibly 3rd layer of heck, whereas Code Red Mountain Dew and Flamin' Hot Doritos would be more 7th layer of heck. 

    2. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      Your point is valid, and a consideration that I had not made.  I will need to revisit the drawing board to see what the best method of execution is to accelerate the pillaging. 

  8. I tried to play three demos...only got through one...and a half. The FF VII Remake looks...okay. It really just seems like a lot of monotonous button mashing - doesn't really flow like XV's battle system did, which I think was one of the things that had gotten right in that game. Probably won't be looking at a purchase there until it's down in price. I tried out Kill La Kill IF since I'd been told that I "gotta try it." Not only did I put the controller down after one fight, I also determined that it's not a series I'll be investing any time in either. Groan. Lastly I tried Trails of Cold Steel III. I liked it for the most part, but it's another one of those wouldn't pay full price for games. It all just means to me that my 2020 game wise will be defined by Tales of Arise and Genshin Impact and probably nothing else. Not sure how disappointing that is at this juncture.
  9. In a former life, I too was doing DJ sets for local clubs. That was another place and time (although, I have taken the job for an anime con or two - reluctantly - recently). The gigs just stopped being what they used to be, and the music became more and more bland..or something like that. Anyway...I do not imagine you will be the last to venture this way due to #quarantinelife. So welcome aboard, and all that stuff.
  10. Maybe she wants to make a lot of cottage cheese. That's about all that much milk could be good for. That being said, we may have to check ourselves a bit on the people buying larger quantities. There are also a lot of people right now running around buying things in quantity for other people, such as the elderly and at-risk. The chance is always there.
  11. The pucker factor is over 9,000!
  12. The emoji didn't load for me. My bad. As for travel restrictions, I dunno about the rest of the world but, the U.S. did do that.
  13. You should really read the article I posted a few posts up. People are just being silly about it. Yes, and virtually every pandemic that came before it. When you don't understand the threat (as is the case for most medical issues), it's hard to properly prepare for it and execute appropriately - I don't care what side of the political spectrum someone is on. There's another saying too: "you can put yourself in someone else's shoes, but that doesn't mean you have the same information." Agreed. The panic is more dangerous than the virus imo. Still waiting on public health officials to start raising the alarm bells on that bubonic plague issue in the homeless too.
  14. Stupid people are stupid people. There's plenty of people running around right now insisting it's still a hoax and demanding to breach quarantine because it's their right anyway. Sometimes the only cure for stupidity is a dirt nap - wish more people recognized that.
  15. So, am I the only one here that ate so much Oreo O cereal that they got sick on it and can't eat it anymore? Because I did.
  16. We're back to flooding here. I don't think it'll be nearly as bad as last year, which is good because I still need to get that whole situation report drawn up still. We did get a good 2" of rain though yesterday. It's been absolutely freezing here though today and will be tomorrow too...
  17. If it helps anyone else feel better, I can confirm this to be fact as ex-retail / supply management: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/18/supply-chain-experts-foods-that-could-be-less-available-in-pandemic.html
  18. The concept of mass transmission though isn't present in the Flakka drugs. Parasitic stuff isn't exactly known for it's widespread nature either, nor does it totally inhibit pain tolerance. If you remove both of those, the fact that such things would be fairly easy to contain. It's one of the reason zombie movies never really appealed to me. Animation of tissue requires A LOT. It requires so much energy and so much coordination that we have a hard enough time doing it with our own bodies as it is. Possible? Anything is. Likely? Ehhh...I'd say you have a better chance finding aliens on the moon.
  19. Ray Stevens has arrived to help you all feel better.
  20. Day 4 of...whatever this is.  I am beginning to suspect that this thing called "the yard" may need mowing.  Keeping sanitation in mind, a flamethrower seems most practical and prudent...

  21. So, here I sit - after what we've come to know was a near-miss today in my county with Death-Virus 2020. I've been reading a lot of posts and comments on social media the last few days, and just holding my head for most of them. A few voice actors I follow are in full-panic mode "I worry for the future", and "I don't know how long things will be this way, we've never dealt with anything like it before." STOP I'll be blunt, I quoted Christina Vee and Erika Harlacher for those - and not only are they not leveraged in any sense of reason, they're also not rooted in any sense of fact. But let me start someplace a little bit brighter for you all. Things to remember There is no reason to fear the future - any future. If you can figure out the present, you are capable of figuring out the future - regardless of how unforeseen it can be. Any bad situation can be turned into a good situation if you have the right mindset. Optimism is your friend. There are plenty of positives that are around you, much more than the negatives. Struggles make you a better person on multiple leaves. It may surprise you that there is a hint of fact in the adage "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." It is not forever. Nothing ever is, and there is no reason to believe this too will be forever. Already, we are beginning to hear about fluxes in released/recovered patients being released from hospitals in meaningful numbers in China. That's after they cracked down hard on quarantines and bit the bullet on health services. They are well on the way to recovery, and their numbers do indeed show that. That is to say, there is something on the other side of this virus - life returning to normal once again. That's not to say that things may not get worse for you, or for the rest of us before things finally improve. By no means should you believe this as a means that things "can only get better." But it is to say things can always get worse. That being said, it's up to you on how much you let that worse impact you and your life. As for the quotes... "I worry for the future." Why? Why would you worry for the future? Why worry any more now than you have been? If you don't concern yourself with the future, you aren't paying attention. Suddenly presuming the future is dark based upon a current blip of pressure is easy to do, but it's also self-destructing and rarely-if-ever rooted in truth. If I had a nickle every time I heard someone say "I worry about the future", I'd be rich right now, and almost never have those premonitions of the individual ever culminated in anything beyond a minor and momentary inconvenience. Please don't sensationalize yourself, your future, or the future of others simply because of your immediate sense of dread due to your own misunderstandings and misconceptions. "We've never seen anything like this before." Um. You haven't. None of us alive today have. But to say that this is unprecedented is absolutely false. It is true that on a global scale quite of the same caliber it has not happened, but the following things have happened before: Economic collapse on a global scale Worldwide pandemic of an unknown pathogen Worldwide pandemic of a rapidly transmitting pathogen Shutdown of Western European commerce and business due to a pathogen Shutdown of North American commerce and business due to a pathogen This is not to say that you should not take things seriously. You absolutely should. But to assume that you are living in the worst possible scenario out of a series of outcomes is incorrect. To assume this has never happened before which makes you inherently knowledgeable on the situation is also false. What's more, almost all of those struck once upon a time, during and just after a massive world war had drained and depleted natural resources, destroyed homes, villages, families, and left thousands upon thousands homeless, living in worse-than-third-world conditions, and worse. My point here, folks...is that these are interesting times. Take time to learn. Take time to enjoy life. Take time to slow down. Take time to disconnect. Take time. Just be. Learn how to be human again, because what I fear more than the virus, is that this whole thing has revealed that many humans have forgotten how to just be.
  22. The correct way to eat an oreo is to... Just buy the vanilla ones, because they're better anyway.
  23. We got served the biggest crackdown of restrictions I think that's been seen yet earlier today when they shut down all public spaces excluding outdoor recreation and sales vendors today. Then amidst all of this, there are numerous companies posting suspensions on payment programs, interest charges, etc. On top of that, it sounds like federal stipends are in the works too. There were a large number of closures issued on post today, but I don't imagine the restrictions on our day-to-day will get much beyond what we have currently. I look for them to put 75% of the workforce on remote-duty and the rest of us report on rotation. The U.S. has done this before - not in the memory of anyone who is alive today, but this has happened before - at a much more critical time, with much more restrictions, and a much deadlier pathogen (at the time, it was - not anymore). I think we should be optimistic that we aren't dealing with quite as many variables this time as the last time something like this happened. I've said this to a bunch of people - every situation can have a silver lining if you look for it. Every situation can have opportunity. Sometimes it's hard to see that, and other times it's not prudent to see them right away. I think a lot of people who haven't been faced with that situation or scenario before are about to learn how to do it. I've looked at it this way though: as long as the church bells ring, the radio stations are on, and people are outside enjoying life - then I can do the same in my own way - somehow.
  24. I swear, if this virus delays the reopening of the taco truck on post - HEADS. WILL. ROLL. 😡

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