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  1. Cold War? World War II my friend...and no. I don't think our world needs any more of that. Tom and Jerry references, yes. Barbarians...no.
  2. So... This is a thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCSwbVSQivc I de-linked this, simply because I know better. The thumbnail is very...well, it's controversial. So, two warnings to those that click: 1. USSR vs. Germany (and destroying Germany) in true Tom & Jerry Fashion, 2. LOUD NOISES.
  3. I love dialogues, so thanks for asking. I have never had issues with uploading photos on the mobile feature. I have heard of this issue, and if memory serves me correctly, that stemmed mostly from the device that the person was using. I've tested TapTalk on iOS and a few Android phones to include: Samsung's GS7, Moto's Droid 2, The GS10, and the Pixel 2 (what I use now). As for the other features, what I want to emphasize is that this is for the core forum features. Messaging, notifications, and forum posting. It's by no means intended to replace the core, only emulate it. As such, those are the only features available on it. Now, that being said - there's a good reason for that, and it's why such a mobile app will never be available to do everything a forum natively does: modifications are modular and dependent on the core's own coding structure. What TapTalk actually does is pull RSS data from the site and use it in a tangible format, while enabling the user to utilize the forum's own permissions to make posts and messages. That's easy, it's a POST/FORM cross exchange between the platforms, and the process is simple. Where things get crazy is when you start including modules that no all software has: blogs, download sections, video sections, galleries, games, etc. Case in point: The blog system on Invision here is not as in depth as the blog system in LiveJournal. Which is not as in depth as the WordPress system. XMB has no blogs. phpBB has a blog system but it's very limited. Then there's several blog systems that use ASP coding, and several others that don't cooperate with MySQL. As a result: this isn't added in. To do that, you'd have to build an AF app, and I will tell you right now, if you think the some $500 or so it cost to get the licensing for the software AF uses was a lot, to build the app that will integrate with the software AF uses will be adding at least one 0 onto that. Then you have to think about supporting that app for each update to the structure that AF takes, bugfixes issued by the mod developers, bugfixes and feature changes that IPS issues, and bugfixes and updates to the native software on the user's mobile device - thus, why most forums do not have a dedicated app for mobiles, they depend on third parties. (Off topic, but I would be interested to know about the user impact the addon modules have on the membership here. Weighing bloat against application.) As for your last concern; not particularly. When I was using the browser (which I hate mobile browsers) for my time on Klipsch and Emotiva, the only time I got pinged about Taptalk was a slide in banner that appeared once and was dismissed when I hit the "no thanks" or "x" button. It acts much in the same way as the cookie banners you see act. But it's not going to bully you into using it, nor is the plug for it invasive. It is very minimal. It also enables you to immediately link a site to your Taptalk account if you do click on it and have it installed if you opt to. I am not sure if the banner is on a toggle or not, might have to play with that, but IPS should allow you to sandbox the community in a password protected domain. I'd encourage it to be tested in a sandbox first.
  4. I'll get back to this when I get home, but 2 quick things: 1. IPS has no intention of creating a mobile platform nor app support. Ever. That is something that reaches back before my time with them. So trying to find native support is not going to lead anyone anywhere. 2. The app doesn't have to be installed before registration. I picked it up well after my registration on several other sites with no issues. Most bugs in the software come from the ProBoards side of things and not TapTalks native environment. There are other app options that would be less, how you've said "detremental", but only if you are willing to put money on the line. Okay, hopefully the forum will merge these posts, I'll better elaborate here. First, the TapTalk app, as mentioned does not have to be installed before joining the forum. TapTalk is a modular plugin that allows users to discover forums while integrating ones they're already apart of. Likewise, TapTalk does not override the functionality of using the forum on a mobile browser, rather it is an alternative to the browser that runs in a lighter capacity than the browser does without all of the glitches that mobile themes provide. As for registering with TapTalk (no one really calls it tapatalk lol), those have one-click registration functions like virtually every other software has these days: Google SSO, Facebook SSO, and (I think) Twitter SSO. There's also the option of not doing any of those and just making an account, either way. The app is absolutely not buggy. I have used this app across multiple websites for over three years. I have run into more Facebook errors than Taptalk errors in that same timeframe. The only glitch I have seen on it was located in it's "seeker" feature which enables discovery of new forums and groups. I don't use that anyway, and I know few people who do - so it's not so much of an issue. As for Invision's stance: they have and will continue to work on the preface that "mobile themes are good 'nuff." We actually had an entire developer crew that wanted to put together mobile functionality in version 3, but it was refused. Furthermore, when we offered to do so as a modular addon, the response we got was that it would "detract from IP.S's core mission and vanilla functionality." Short version is: If you're waiting for a mod to come out on Invision to support this, the sun is going to explode before that happens. Any software to expand upon the foundational structure of Invision's mobile application will be external and third party.
  5. I suddenly either feel like I just got off of Willie Nelson's tour bus, or just walked onto the set of the Itchy and Scratchy Show...not sure which...
  6. Woah there, buddy. That's the concoction for moon speaking. How many fingers am I holding up?
  7. A woman after my own heart to ask this very important question.
  8. I ban you because - well...an example needs to be made.
  9. One of the most convenient things that I wish was installed by default in IP.CORE is Taptalk. It makes things easier for those of us who are browsing on mobile periodically. During the week, I almost exclusively use my phone to access the forum. By Invision's very nature - it's not the friendliest in mobile mode, regardless of theme. (It's better than many, but it could be better.) That's why I want to suggest the implementation of Taptalk. https://tapatalk.com/download_IPBoard.php It is a very stable platform that integrates well with IPS. Likewise, if a user uses the Taptalk app on their mobile device, they can receive notifications from the forum a bit more seamlessly. Since the whole mode of communication is moving towards a mobile design, it would be beneficial to add this as an option.
  10. Damn son. Also, I need a saber. They are evading me something fierce. Also, @Musuko - how many Nobu's have you bonked?
  11. 4 day weekend. Impossible tasks at hand. Part one of an infinite saga of *SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAT!* complete...it sounds like...
  12. I got coined. Gonna really miss our CG.
  13. It didn't even break 70 today here. Which is very strange for this time of year. Anyway, tomorrow is supposed to be nice. In fact, it's supposed to be nice all week until just after quitting time Friday - then it's supposed to get borderline cold and rainy.
  14. Both of these things are more exciting and more fun than what it actually means... https://www.opm.gov/
  15. @Endynyp - Office of Personnel Management
  16. I mentioned it over here: I've used it anywhere I can - there's only one or two where it isn't in use, simply because it's taken. Interestingly enough, Facebook and Twitter are not one of those places.
  17. I honestly don't know which agency she works for, but the rumor is that she works for HR under OPM. Which is a red flag that's so red that if it were any more red all other definitions of red would be pink. lol
  18. One of these days I'll get around to actually watching the series again. It's just...been...problematic to find the time.
  19. What-I say-WHAT in tarnation?! 


  20. Ethics. Ethics. Ethics. You never want the pretty ones to work where you work. Lol

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