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  1. Hiya, We all start somewhere and I know that life-stuff can get in the way of bingeing 100 episodes of nim a week. Please don't feel bad that you've not watched everything on MAL! Welcome to Anime Forums!
  2. Lovely to meet you too, thank you for the welcome! It sounds like you're already a pro at it!
  3. Ahah, sadly my chair is just a dining room table chair stolen (saving up for a gaming chair, R.I.P bank account) so a little less dangerous!
  4. I put milk and two sugars in all my teas as I drink black tea. Dunkable biscuits are always a plus, but so is chocolate (dip it into your tea sometime, it tastes good)
  5. My dream dream cosplay is Maka Albarn from Soul Eater with the scythe (image below is not me) Out of the options you give, the first. I'm a sucker for characters who do Japanese martial arts (former Kendo student)
  6. Hiya! Welcome to Anime Forum. I've only just joined myself but you're in the right place, everyone here is so friendly, there's so many forum topics and you can even join cluba! There's a whole forum for Cosplay & Conventions which I'll be dipping my toes in soon so hopefully I'll see you there!
  7. Heya Thank you for the welcome! That's very kind of you
  8. Power Rangers Japanese sword arts or kung fu fighting?
  9. Find associations. I had a tutor who would tell us things like "ku looks like Pacman, and he makes a kukukuku sound". You could probably look online if you struggle with that for any of them, or I have an amazing book which does it for each and every hiragana and katakana called "Japanese HIRAGANA & KATAKAN for Beginners" by Timothy G. Stout
  10. Thank you for the welcome, I'm already enjoying myself a lot
  11. Nap well! *Leaves milk and cookies for when they wake up* Then I definately for sure do like you
  12. *Gives you a pillow and a blanket* It's always nap time! Yes that's me. Hiya, thank you for the welcome!
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