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  1. Your "location" made me look behind me ( ゚д゚)

    1. Histoire


      Careful. Just because you can't see me, doesn't mean I'm not there. :smirk:


    2. Myouya


      (*_*) I'm dead 

  2. I wonder if there will ever be more admins other than our senpai~ @Optic, as far as I know, I haven't seen anyone else take a responsibility role around here.

    1. Optic


      Certainly am open to have staff again, for the right person + if they're keen + have time. ;)

    2. Myouya


      That's right. The thing is that that I know of not many users would be available for that right now. Not that there's much need of it recently since we're all kind of *asleep*, but for some particular situations it could be handy to have one side-admin just in case.

  3. It would appear I've gained a few stalkers recently… I've always wanted some since I was the one usually stalking (^~^)

  4. I've just sent an e-mail to all those who were interested in joining the RPG project, so please do make sure to check your inboxes (^▽^)

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    2. Myouya


      Sure can, you're very welcome.



      Awesome! Alright, well how do I send you my email? Do I just send it to you via PM?

    4. Myouya
  5. How can I love the Touhou soundtrack so much if I've only ever played one Touhou game and it was for 10 minutes? (ʘ‿ʘ)

  6. I just dreamed that the problem was solved, I've never regretted waking up more than today.

  7. There's this feeling haunting me lately, that I've done something wrong, but I don't know what it is… 

    I've barely had any sleep in a week.

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    2. Tefutakato


      Okay. I understand. 

    3. TyCoya


      Hope you figure everything out and feel better. Good luck :)

    4. Myouya
  8. Eventually all suffering is washed away.

    Seastorm gif.gif

  9. Time is passing so slowly lately…

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    2. Angle MoonShadow
    3. Myouya


      It's not only long to explain, ifs also pretty personal, so there's not any details coming in public.

    4. Angle MoonShadow
  10. These are just practice, I really like the first one. I didn't use the brush-pen so I can get used to giving shapes first.



  11. I just used a brush-pen to draw for the first time, my first result of a manga style head is… so-so?

    The problem is that there isn't a single straight line…


  12. Hello Optic, my measenger was disabled for some reason, what exactly happened? There's not even a mail icon showing on the top right corner next to notifications.

    1. Optic


      Now fixed - checked your account and it is now re-enabled, not sure why it was set to disabled. By any chance did you recently try any of the new single sign on options? Maybe a bug that needs looking at.

    2. Myouya


      I didn't, I didn't touch anything at all. Thank you very much though, I'm glad you made it return :).

  13. Next Anime I have in mind: Stein's Gate. I'm already eager to watch it!




    1. Optic


      One of my all time favourites which I binge watched after the first arc... hope you like it!

    2. Myouya


      @Optic I'll tell everyone about it if it's that good :) 

  14. Happy 2018 to everyone in the World, I wish a very good day to every living being.

  15. I'm so happy, one of my uncles has given me manga specialized brush-pens for drawing, I didn't expect it and I'm glad he knows I'm into drawing again. 


  16. I wonder if anyone reads my poems on the club. I guess not since there's only one other member and doesn't show any activity.

    At least what's important is to write it down to immortalize them.

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    2. SleepyLeoulf


      My poetry / prose on here wasn't so popular but I don't mind it I just posted it in case anyone wanted to see my work. I don't write all the time but it's more emotional poetry some based on myself then others I just make up. But don't worry people will notice more. Just sometimes people just read and not like or comment. I would join the group but not really into poetry too much no more. Maybe sometime if I get into it more I'll join and share mine on there. But all my poetry / prose are in the "creative section" on here in case you want to read my work. I'm not the best I admit but I just write how I feel. Practice makes perfect. Take care~ 

  17. In two days I'm finally going to Spain, I'm really excited to see my neighbours and friends, as well as my family. I hope everyone else will enjoy their holidays as well.

    Happy winter to everyone.

    1. Myouya


      Thank you very much.

  18. It's so strange, being almost a two year-old member of the forums yet only started being active a week ago... I guess it's better later than never.

    1. SleepyLeoulf


      Yeah, does sound strange a bit though sometimes people just don't get active to come on a forum or website till later. Due to being busy or other things. Glad to have you here though now. :hot:

    2. mechaBD


      It happens. With work I tend to be inactive for periods of time but I always come back. You are stuck with us now Rudilla. Stay active! (y)

    3. Myouya


      Aye I sure will

  19. I noticed something:

    Being angry means letting selfishness take control of you.

    Being satisfied of helping others means letting empathy take control of you.

    However, when you choose to commit something seen as something unethical, for the greater good, I call that an eclipse between the other two situations.

  20. First thing: Good day to all of you.

    Second thing: I want to communicate that I'm going to try to be active, not like when I joined, since I logged in barely once every month, I'd like to make more friends around and get more into anime with time. This includes joining clubs, participating in conversations obviously, and more activities I see here, by the way, where has the live chat gone? That's all I wanted to say, for now.

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    2. SleepyLeoulf


      Yeah sadly you don't really see much politeness or respect in the world now a days.. My opinion by the way.. I was raised to be and also just who I am as a person so that I'll never change.  And yeah school can be like that too. 

    3. Myouya


      I'm very glad to hear that :) 

    4. SleepyLeoulf
  21. Get some inner focus

  22. Enjoying my day so far!

  23. Happy birthday

    1. filip


      Thank you!

  24. From outer space... lol

    1. Evil Bunny of Doom

      Evil Bunny of Doom

      I come from a planet unknown to mankind :P

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