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  1. Welcome @wolfzx !!! Glad to see you join and like the others have said, I'd really love to see some of your work Hope you find everything to your liking and get to know your way around. See you around!
  2. There's a huge difference between my favorite game and my current favorite but for now I'll just mention what I've been playing recently: CrossCode - An indie ARPG game that's on Steam. It's single player but the story is really well done for an early-access game and so far I've gotten 20+ hours out of it and I've loved every second. Also the art style is pixelated but the combat and interactions are very smooth and pleasing to the eye. It's a little pricey at $19.99 (I got it on sale) but you'll get well over a dollar an hour of entertainment and it's still got lots up updates and additions to the story coming in the future. I'd look it up a bit first but to anyone who is a fan of games like this will surely fall in love with it. One last thing to note is that I've been playing it with a PS4 controller so I don't really know how the game feels if you're planning on playing with keyboard and mouse (some parts may actually work better with a mouse). Thanks for reading my promotion of this game I've been playing :3
  3. Welcome to AF! Don't worry we have a wide range of ages here (some are 20+ years older than yourself) and everyone that I've met so far has been extremely nice and welcoming. There's a lot to check out so I'm sure you'll love it. See you around!
  4. I was not aware that there used to be Shop/Points/Badges before... awesome! 

    1. Wodahs


      to quote @Optic if you haven't seen it


      This was the old one. You could earn points for posting in the anime topics. ;)This time around will probably just stick to one global shop (For just Forum specific upgrades/tweaks/silly stuff). Having multiple shops by many members offering their own services was a bit too much I think.


    2. Optic


      Yeah, will make it more simple this time. Also need to design new anime badge characters and graphics. ;)

  5. Not sure if there is a suggestion thread so I guess my first question will be: Is there one? Now on to the main question: I like to put some effort into the "about me" section of my profile. Will there ever be a time when instead of defaulting to the "activity" tab going to my profile will by default show my "about me" tab? Just a suggestion that would be really neat as that is what profiles are all about right? Thanks!
  6. What is your age group? 17 What is your preferred genre of anime? I don't have a preferred taste, I simply enjoy the story. Male or female? Male Do you think anime is for kids? Like most others who replied to this thread, I believe that saying anime as a whole is for any specific group of people is incorrect. It spans a large variety of different genres and age groups and therefore can be classified as "for everyone".
    So I've been keeping up with Ito Junji: Collection weekly and so far it actually seems pretty promising. The first episode wasn't all that great in my opinion but after that it really started to pick up with some more entertaining and even some thrilling shorts. If you're not familiar with the series, Ito Junji: Collection "... is a horror anime anthology series adapted from the works of manga artist Junji Ito. Animated by Studio Deen, the anime adapts stories from several of Ito's collections." - Wikipedia I'm not familiar with the manga but from what I've heard it is exceptionally good (apparently some of the best horror manga stories there are). I've seen a lot of other reviews from people who had a negative impression from the first episode because they apparently expected something a bit "more scary". That being said, the more positive reviews are ones by people who have actually read the manga and claim that the first episode features a character and story that is one of Ito's more comedic works so I wouldn't get to hung up on it and just power on to the next few episodes to see if you like it or not (I felt negatively about it after the first episode as well, but began to get more entertained with the next few after it). To sum it up the art style is fitting for the horror theme, the stories are all unique and have interesting concepts (living puppets, never-ending dreams, people turning into slugs), the show does get better as you go on, but if you get queasy easily (have a weak stomach) or have trypophobia I wouldn't recommend watching it. That's all I have to say for now but the show has only aired 4/12 episodes at the time of writing this so I will probably come back and edit it once it has finished. 7/10 would be creeped out again - TyCoya's Noob Reviews
    Like @Baku mentioned, "The animation is undeniably fabulous, the characters are relatable, and the story itself is good." There is no denying that all of those points are correct (still my opinion but come on, it was a damn good show). The fights were amazing and intense because they actually had meaning behind them. You can really see the character's motivations behind each fight and how it affects the outcome. The characters are all relatable in the sense that they each possess a certain quality that really develops them as a whole by continuing to make itself known throughout the show (Midoriya starting as an underdog, his rival Bakugo's ego, Todoroki's struggle with his father). Lastly the story is very entertaining and told with an almost perfect pace including just the right amount of breaks in between all the drama/main conflict to keep you on edge. My Hero Academia Season 2 is an incredible journey that will provide great entertainment almost every step along the way. 10/10 would go PLUS ULTRA again - TyCoya's Noob Reviews
  7. TyCoya

    Mikasa Ackerman

    I've always been a huge fan of Mikasa! One of my favorite parts of AOT
  8. I've been meaning to watch this... has anyone else? Thoughts?
  9. I've been watching anime every once in a while for almost a year now. The first one I watched was Attack on Titan on Netfilx because my younger brother, who was 13 at the time, told me it was actually pretty good. After I finished AOT I loved it but didn't watch anything again until about a 1 & 1/2 years later when I randomly had the urge to watch Death Note. I literally watched all 37 episodes in less than 3 days and I kinda fell in love with anime after that. My total anime watched is 9.3 days worth with 22 shows completed though I still consider myself an "anime noob". While I have heard of a lot of titles and have been keeping up to date with what's new, I still feel really inexperienced. Well, I joined this club and there's that. Nice to meet you all.
  10. TyCoya

    Anime Fanservice

    Ok so, as someone who easily gets attached to cute female characters I will say that it sometimes adds to their "cuteness" and puts a smile on my face making me care more about them. That being said, if it is too blatantly obvious that the purpose of an entire episode was fanservice it can also become a bit annoying or cringey so I'm gonna settle on this: In my opinion fanservice can be used in a positive way if isn't going completely out of the way of the story or isn't awkwardly thrown in. Edit: It also really depends on the genre of the show. In some cases where the setting is really laid-back and the main focus at the time is friendship or something I can deal with it. It's most annoying when it is obviously out of place and feels more forced than it should.
  11. Can anybody start a club? Or is there a requirement that must be met first. Also the update sounds great and thank you @Optic for making sure the current clubs are cleaned out.
  12. TyCoya

    Hello AF

    I said MAL out of anger lol. I was mostly complaining about how Crunchyroll has no way of seeing any comments you've posted previously without actually digging through the video you posted it on itself. It also has no way of alerting you if someone replied to your comment which is outrageous in my opinion considering how long Crunchyroll has been a thing. I looked it up and these are just a few of the suggestions people have been making to improve their forums for years to no avail. I really like the simplicity and friendliness this forum presents itself with so I think I may stick around and see where it goes Edit: Another thing to mention is that this site feels so smooth and is really pleasant to the eye. I do the same thing where I either binge a lot of anime or play a lot of video games. I just recently finished Hunter x Hunter and Made in Abyss which I REALLY enjoyed. I'm working on a couple right now some of which are The Ancient Magus' Bride, Assassination Classroom, and Psycho-pass. I'm also currently trying to decide whether I should watch Haikyu! or not. In regard to video games I've been most recently playing this awesome ARPG on Steam called CrossCode. You should check it out if it's something you're into here
  13. I'm assuming it was for character development / getting you attached to them so their deaths would actually mean something.
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