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  1. I'll never be your donut - Akiha Yoshiiis
  2. Agreed not much longer now though.
  3. mixture of both depends how well done the sub is
  4. Argas


    To be fair I don't use data or apps much and I got it on the cheap under $100. If I used more apps or something maybe but why spend money just to have a "new" toy if you don't need it.
  5. Indeed a banger plus I learned to count. 10/10 Here's one I always go back to The World God Only Knows - God only knows (Full Version) but if you can't survive 8 minutes I'll spare you with the TV Short Version
  6. Argas


    old faithful samsung s4. If it isn't broke don't fix it.
  7. Only thing I drive right now is myself crazy. ....ok bad joke please don't hurt me lol
  8. Welcome back hope you enjoy your stay! Hopefully its as good as you remember if not better!
  9. The 1st season was actually my intro to anime along with DNAngel back when free on demand anime on cable was a big. I go back to those 2 now and then. 2nd season Negima yeah.... I keep stalling on 2nd half for some reason. XD To be honest I know one of them was meant to be more like the manga I think the latter but if so makes me wonder wth is in that manga? lol Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions I've watched season 1 I rather enjoyed it
  10. bummer was bound to happen. Honestly expected it sooner. good to know
  11. Changed pace still on Nisekoi but might add back on Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions or Negima got the boxes staring me in the face. Birthday sales on your birthday is hard on ones budget. lol
  12. Quite alright many are like that, myself included. Hope you can get along with everyone. I can't speak for Tanya but the Spice and Wolf anime is a great show. You'll most likely enjoy it.
  13. I'm currently recovering from surgery so can't play my usual library. I'm stuck with mobile games atm. Any jrpg fans around? I'm wondering what I should be looking at once I can get back to normal. Been a few months.
  14. But why aren't you surprised then?
  15. sounds similar to the cons I go to. Usually there's a theme and the goers end up doing the random things like the hugs and playing Marco Polo. My highlight is meeting the voice actors though.
  16. Really? You mind sharing what you guys did for your club? I'm curious how it compares to how my school handled it. I was allowed in the room but not in the club go figure. I feel you on the cons too this year was meant to be my 15th in a row but the shutdowns started the week of the event.
  17. I had a choice between a burger or pizza. Went with the burger because I knew I'd crave pizza soon anyway. Then again who doesn't? lol
  18. I am pretty much with Ohiotaku on this one. I've had it for most my life the origin being surgery. Seeing an ENT is a good idea. Not to say it means you have something serious but it helps to ease your mind. With everything going on right now if you have a hard time getting to a specialist there are some tips to help. A lot of times there's triggers that make it worse and its different for everyone. try to pay attention to whats going on at the times it seems to be worse. It may take a while I think I got it narrowed down for mine is too much stress and sweets. The biggest offender though baring a medical issue is lack of sleep. Its hit or miss but to help sleep have some background noise that doesn't wake you up going. Can be a fan/AC, TV, or a "white noise" hope that helps!
  19. I'm at a loss where to start here any suggestions are welcome.

    1. OtakuKid


      I don’t know. Go into “General”, just look at anything that seems cool! Following people is great because then you can see all their status updates. Basically, just browse forums. If you make interesting responses, you could start a conversation and who knows, maybe someone will click on your profile to see what you’re all about!

    2. Argas


      Thanks you could probably guess I'm not good at starting things but I'm going to certainly try.

  20. kids tv huh I wish that was what people though it was I usually have to explain how not all anime is hentai I wish i was joking
  21. from what I've seen its a matter of where you live and type of people living there. Where I am currently its treated as odd unless you in teens.
  22. Same hope you find what you're looking for dig the avatar by the way
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