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  1. Kenji Miyazawa - Once and Forever Came across an old bare-bones html website a while ago on this interesting poet. Out of curiosity, I picked up a translated collection of his stories. The tales so far have been simplistic and folksy, but incredibly comfy reads. Miyazawa's stories have been adapted into children's anime, so I might go poking around for those after I finish the book.
  2. Yo, happy new years? I feel like these past weeks have been difficult for everyone. Here's to hoping the rest of 2021 goes by better.


    Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season

  3. kamomesan

    Hi no Tori: Dougo Onsen Hen

    Adorable little mini-series made to promote conservation efforts at Dо̄go onsen. Hi no Tori characters, redrawn in a modern style, felt at home wiith the mythic history of the hotsprings. Stories went by incredibly quickly, so it felt like a lot of information was glossed over.
  4. kamomesan

    Hi no Tori

    IN BRIEF: Hi no Tori, or in English, Phoenix is an adaptation of famed mangaka Osamu Tezuka's unfinished work. The series is a collection of 5 short story arcs who are united by brief appearances by the titular Phoenix, and a focus on humanity's progress through difficult transitions. Each arc is 1 - 4 episodes in length, and it is better to watch and absorb a single arc at a time than binge the entire series. The art style and narrative elements can feel a bit dated to the contemporary anime fan, but its one I recommend if you can look past those things. IN DEPTH: The series d
  5. Hey, welcome to the forums! Things are a bit slow here, but hopefully you'll find what you're looking for. Nice! That's sort of my area of interest as well. Any series in particular? Akira and early Ghibli are some of my personal art style favorites
  6. Same here. I had this happen to me the last two years I've been in NorCal, and I was hoping it wouldn't be as bad down in SoCal as well. Guess this is going to be something us California people are going to have to keep dealing with moving forward
  7. When I first began watching anime, I had a rather limited access to streaming services and fan communities. That meant I watched DBZ, Code Geass, FMAB and Gurren Lagann long after my friends had finished them and moved onto greener pastures. But what I liked most was that when I watched these, their fanbases had already passed their golden ages of fan content: The best fan theories/art/posthumous dissections stood out as ones that was worth paying attention to, even long after the popularity of the series had declined. As an example, I still return to Digi's K-On: a Loving Thesis whenever I
  8. Howdy fellow newcomer! If we're going by genre, I usually end up watching slice-of-life and dramas. Love series that are off the beaten path or have fallen out of public awareness
  9. Maybe its not a big part of the show but I liked the inclusion of Peni Parker in Into the Spider-Verse. Her exaggerated visual and character tropes were perfect for what the movie was going for. I'm sure there were more subtle nods to anime in Spiderverse, given how influential Japanese animation has been on the world in general, but I need to re-watch it.
  10. I remember I really liked it back when I was an edgy teenager lol. Since it was (and still is) pretty well liked in mainstream anime circles, it was a pretty good choice for someone who was just getting into the scene, like myself. Its one of the staple shows of the late 2000's, so even if the genre's not your cup of tea, I'd still recommend it as a part of "the culture". I agree with Ohayotaku here. When I re-watched it recently, the characters felt a little flat to me. But if you're in it for the psychological chess-mind games, it certainly provides that. Kinda in line with Co
  11. Thanks for the welcome and good luck on your boards, X! It'd be dope to hear about your game sometime. I've been thinking about coding my own, and it'd be nice to get some insight on other people's personal projects.
  12. I've gotten tired of the looming presence of other social media websites and came here in search of a smaller and more easy-going community. Usually I turn to older manga and anime to de-stress from college life. Really appreciate the mastery and elegance that you find in hand drawn/animated works. But I enjoy collecting new lore and theories from fan sites and wikis, so I do sometimes keep up with new series anyway. I have a rather chaotic assortment of hobbies, but some relevant ones are: learning to read Japanese, drawing and writing. I'm looking forward to having fun with y'all!
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