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  1. What do you use for gaming/browsing stuff like that assuming you use a computer/laptop or any other device. If you use a computer what are the specs?
  2. I'm down to play with you!
  3. Gonna share my story tonight been working on it for a little while waiting for creative criticism!!

  4. Waiting for next Assassination job...

  5. Oh,guess I was thinking more extreme...
  6. How many you got so far?? How do you collect them do you screenshot then edit it to a png or?
  7. Okay.... WOA guys I want to ask and say a few things that kind of just was screaming at at me and is bugging me. First the artwork isn't as good as the season one it not umm... well do you know what I mean the colors in season one was like bright and dark anyway its colors isn't vary good compared to season one. Second this kind of looks like either a reincarnate or something else because if you look at both the girl that the trailer looks mainly on looks like Shiro (Flat chest Long hair No EXPRESSION) the boy that pops in around 50 sec in looks like Sora no tell me if you agree or not? Sorry I dont know how to make images smaller to show them side by side...
  8. I look behind me to take in the person who is tailing me and judge there skills and to see if they have anything on them. I Look back in front of me not being able to get a vary clear picture I try to out maneuver him with the obstacles in front of me. After failing I decide to turn a corner to try to wait until he catches up and I hide on top of some crates and wait for him to turn the corner. After a few moments he turns I attack him and knock him unconscious. I tie him up in the alleyway with some rope I found and wait for him to wake up. He slowly opens his eyes, to see me in front of him I question him to ask why he is following me. He doesn't talk after a few minutes of questioning so I continue this time more intensely. In the middle of my question he breaks free of the rope I tied him up with and escapes.... So how was that? I am bad without a theme so I went with realistic instead of magical and stuff like that.
  9. I use a cracked Samsung s4 active I accidentally dropped it and when I tried to ketch it, it landed in my hand as I was raising it so it flew out of my hand and landed like 10 feet from me and shattered but it still sort of works...
  10. I don't know any good Anime to recommend but tell me when it is and Im in!
  11. Hi Goddess Welcome to the forums! I have a question to how many anime have you watched? (You can be approximate)
  12. Assassination In Progress...

    1. Phazon


      godspeed! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

    2. Wodahs


      and yet again , I never saw it coming !

  13. ye

    1. Phazon



  14. I am new to animation but with what little I know is that I need a tablet to be able to do anything complex so since im really new to tablet stuff and animation I have been looking at a used Huion GT-220 v2 but that would be a vary top limit and if there are any goo ones under 100 i would love to know about those to.
  15. Starting out dubbed hm assassination classroom Fairy tail Aria world break ar some of my favorites.
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