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  1. Anime would be censored or distorted in some way. Just look at Marvel comics.
  2. I have a bad habit of watching bad anime as a challenge. Blood-C. Ninja Scroll: The Series. Highschool of the Dead. Joker Game. Afro Samurai. MM!
  3. I stood up and cheered when Sai put Sakura in her place. [Naruto Shippuden] Sai: "I don't know what you told Naruto. But it's no different than what was done to me. It's like a curse mark."
  4. Thought it was fine, even with the overblown complaints about being faithful to the anime in terms of race. However, I think casting all Japanese actors would've made more sense. Certainly, makes more sense than the casting for the FMA film. Though it makes me laugh when the same people who complain about being faithful to the original material are cheering the casting of Valkyrie, Domino, Johnny Storm, Heimdall and Jimmy Olsen.
  5. Finally A Real Estate Agent. But after a Hurricane......

  6. #NiceBoat I knew it would be bad from the start, but I watched it to challenge myself. Normally, I only do that with movies. However, it was interesting to see how the females in the show were just insane as the main character. That was a bit of a shock. Still, it isn't worth your time to watch it if you're looking for something that's actually good.
  7. I might actually go to subs only after the latest Funimation fiasco. Lines about patriarchy, slut shaming, and cultural appropriation don't belong in anime.
  8. I grew up on DBZ and skipped Dragonball GT. I tried getting into Dragonball Super, but I just can't. Super Saiyan God is just a color change that looks like it came from Tumblr. Zamasu was disappointing and breaking the movies into episodes felt really lazy. When Future Trunks is able to just move on from the conclusion of his arc I couldn't believe it. I realize Dragonball can be slow, but the buildup to the tournament seemed ridiculous. Not a fan of Zeno either as he seems rather childish and overpowered for his position.
  9. I really hate Funimation sometimes. https://creators.co/@floridafool/4320478

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    2. Florida Fool

      Florida Fool

      Yeah, that's definitely part of the plan. I just don't know where I should put my articles. Blogger is really outdated at this point and Google can delete my stuff at any time. Weebly and Wix are more website focused instead of being a place for blogs. Vid.me might be worth trying eventually, but right now it doesn't have much of a user base. Might give WordPress a second chance.

    3. brycec


      One platform I really liked was Habari. You would need to go paid for hosting and a domain to use it (do not use free ddns services), but that is much better than going to Blogger or Wordpress.com. Developers were nice, as they made a plugin that allow you to use things normally used in creating themes (helps when migrating between addresses or even structures) when I asked about.

    4. Florida Fool

      Florida Fool

      Yeah, that makes sense. I might try to write a lot of articles so I have plenty to post once I decide where I'm going to end up.

  10. I mix it up with subbed and dubbed. The dubbed version of Golden Boy is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. On the other hand, the dub of Love Hina was awful. Even still, I would've dropped Beck if the original sub was the only version available. Nothing worse than Engrish. Sometimes it comes down to the voice actor. Goku's Japanese voice is the weirdest crap I've ever heard and some of the original voices for Naruto sound a lot older than they should be. Sasuke sounds like he's in his 40s when he's actually a teenager.
  11. Great show with some of the best music I've ever heard of in an anime. The story was pretty good as well and when people died it actually mattered. I loved this show even more after watching that Blood-C nonsense.
  12. That's a tough call for me. I was fine with Pain until he was able to basically undo all the deaths. Sign of things to come I guess. Though the worst for me was Obito. Some villains are just evil, but doing all that over a girl? Weak.
  13. I prefer the original Naruto series over Shippuden by a mile. My biggest gripe with the second series was the lack of character growth when it came to team 7. Naruto was still a goof when he needed to be serious. Sakura still had her thing for Sasuke for some reason. Speaking of old emo pants, he didn't develop much either. At times it looked like they'd get past their immature ways. Then they would regress to their immature selves. Though I guess Sakura got the worst of it.
  14. Every villain is forgiven even if they've killed a lot of people. Ladies don't mind it if their husband is a little stabby. Stalking someone for years actually works. Sacrifices can be easily forgotten. #Hinata
  15. For me, it's all about timing. If I need to study for something then I wait until after midnight. Midnight to 5 AM is prime study time for me. I'd like to use the library, but people use it as a day care center here. If it's cool enough (rare) I can usually find a parking lot with an abandoned strip mall that's quieter than my local library. Finding a good place to study can be really hard sometimes.

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