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Summer AMV Wars


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Guess whose back... back again.. 

Not Shady, but Seshi! 

I wanted to open up an AMV contest here! Objective is to select the best summer AMV you can find on the webs. Theme of summer in the video or music.

Whoever picks the best AMV will get the most support and become the winner of the contest.

🥇1,000 Points

🥈500 Points

Lets do today through Saturday. Please only vote once. Votes will be taken by using the “agree” ✅ and likes as well as other reactions will not count towards winning the contest.

~Share those tunes!

Seshi out~

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Updating rules
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Hey everyone, lovely to see your votes and submissions here! I’d like to leave the voting open for the rest of the night, then give out some prizes tomorrow. 

If anyone else has a submission please share! It doesn’t have to be your own work, just any summer themed AMV

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@Muco great job finding that little gem 👍 and @Kinbaryu 😲 I can’t believe you made that video! As you can see, the members have cast their votes.

It is time for me to give out the prizes! 🎉

🥇Kinbaryu is the recipient of 1,000 Points for first place

🥈Muco 500 for second place

Thank you again for your submissions! I will go hand out those prizes now 🎊

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