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What Youtube-Channels do you watch

Illusion of Terra

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_crustbag_ - This guy is lovely, his videos are great if you're looking for something to cheer you up! Also in a band called "Industrial Forest" which can be found on Bandcamp, it's mostly Dark Ambient and Noise, super underrated! So please support him!

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On 2/8/2019 at 6:40 PM, Geano said:

I am obsessed with YouTube, and I watch to  many things to list them all. From my experience most anime review channels seem to update far less frequently then gaming ones. Though I watch plenty of both as well as a few technology ones. Here is just a few as an example.

Gaming: Spawn Wave DreamCastGuy RGT85 The Quuarting

Anime: Glass Reflection The Anime Man Mother's Basement


I watched anime guy don't like anymore.

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A short quick list

Owns a property management business usually just chill videos of him breaking and fixing machines and working on projects. 
Train hop and urban exploration usually set to some type of track.

Sports commentary and exploration of weird stuff that comes up sometimes in various sports. Like his analysis on some shorts clips on various baseball games.

A group of guys doing urban exploration around Ukraine. Changed locations for now due to the war.

Street artist that does murals.

Covers extreme weather usually tornadoes and lightning. Works occasionally with meteorologists and weather scientists on detailed weather studies. Videos are usually set to music of his own making with commentary over the video of what he is doing.

Been following this channel for awhile. They were primarily a sailing channel crossing oceans while blogging it. Recently now at home building their own custom boat.



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