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    Can you ever give up social media ??( that means never use social media ever again and you won't regret it ) If you don't know , try not using social media for 2 weeks and if you use social media , you lose , then if you can do it , you win
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    Hey there! I am a new member here, just looking for some friends! Anime and video games are my thing. Feel free to message me for friendship
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    I went to the Library and then took a little detour to the lake of ducks, goose and big metallic whale. (It's a place quite important to me as I usually come here to calm down from the everyday stress and take a breather and have great childhood memories with friends of here)
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    Metal Gear Solid V, I just bought it. It's like the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure of video games, I am literally in love right now! Just wish the others were on PS4 outside of PS-Now.
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
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    See , all my friends use to use social media all the time , and when they are talking about something thats very popular on social media , i always have no idea what they're talking about , since i don't use it , and i pretend i do
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    I guess you should start with genres that other You Tubers tend to overlook. But has enough appeal. Because if you pick a popular (but crowded) genre, you would be competing with already established channels. So try a niche genre.
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    Ive done it. Been doing it since 2014. Aaaay

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