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    Hello everyone. Rean Schwarzer here, huge fan of trails series for what concerns jrpgs. On the other hand my favourite anime series are mostly between psychological, mistery, philosophical and action! Well uh i mean, i do like harem stuff too, and why not, some fanservice never hurts. I am totally new here, actually, this is my first time on an anime forum. I decided to join mainly cause i could not find much people to talk about anime plots, waifus and whatnot. I am 21 y.o from USA, currently a student. My hobbies rotate between sports and programming (especially stuff that is centered about database management and web developing). Currently working on making an A.I based on gatebox project that is, ofc, an anime girl. Well, either way, nice to meet ya all! Hope i can enjoy my time with ya!
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    Don't get me started on the news media, not just specifically in this case but in general. It might be because they lost a lot of business in the last decades, but it seems to me that even long standing quality news outlets, in English or some other languages, are starting to become more click-bait enthusiasts. I find this negligent at best when it comes to things like pandemics, and the current one is no exception. Anyway, one thing that I personally enjoy seeing (but others might disagree) is that many people are having virtual conferences where they are interrupted by their kids or pets I think many might recall that one interview some years ago where the toddlers stormed into the room of, I think, a political analyst I saw something similar today with people here who work in the same field the reason I enjoy this is because it adds the person to the profession (not in every case of course). Now, I am quite lackluster when it comes to 'professionalism' in general, but even disregarding that I generally do not treat people as a working unit who has to do their job. It doesn't matter if it is someone at the DMV or a salesperson, I always try to see the workers as people with complex life backgrounds. Adding things like pets just makes this more obvious and hilarious I think
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    You have to learn how to market your degrees. That's not just history or art history - it's every degree. Liberal arts in general does a poor job preparing a student for a perspective employer. Art History teaches you plenty about the craft and history, but usually does a piss-poor job of teaching you about the job field. The main reason I didn't have issues is because we had an over-active and heavily involved director that demanded all students take internships prior to graduation. It was actually a requirement. That helped immensely. My internship was with Installation Management Command (IMCOM), and then I got picked up as an actual employee by another command.
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    Thought I’d make a catch-all topic where members can comment on the new season’s shows until it becomes clearer which ones spark enough interest to have their own topics. I’ll post some of my first impressions later today.
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    I'm pretty passionate about art and games. Also upcoming anime(s) (Duh) But if it's about something more specific then I'd say Astronomy and Archeological stuffs. There's just always something very soothing and interesting about them. Like how big is this universe and how you don't have the knowledge of it. And curiosity will just get you hyped up. Not only that It's also very beautiful. It's something you can't find anywhere else unless you look up. As for Archeology, The secrets of this earth yet to be unsolved, Doesn't it make everything super interesting? (At least it does for me) Like how many tribes were there, What kind of Culture they had, What belief they took themselves into, What magical things that they witnessed, What sort of World was it back then. I think if there's some other thing I'm passionate about then it's Art. I like drawing. That's just pretty much it. I find it relaxing enough to put me out of stress. Even though sometimes it can be source of stress when you hit artblock. (Sorry I guess I'm a little too talktive because of the quarantine)
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    Life has a funny way of catching up to you. The same people who are going to these Corona parties and on spring break trips are the same ones getting infected from the virus and these clout chasers as well are really just making themselves look like total idiots for their really beyond reckless and selfish decisions. Can't say that i feel sympathy at all towards idiots who are trying to make everyone elses lives even more miserable then it already should be.
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    See , i drew something , but it looks horrible but since i used my time , imma enter it
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    This VR experience of The Starry Night takes my breath away. You can use your mouse on PC to look around the scene but I prefer using a cell.
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    Everyone wants to be a journalist these days. Or be listened to as an expert - when really they're experts in the spread of misinformation (whether purposefully or not). Still...I hadn't considered that - it is amusing to see. Guarantee you that was all Decision 2016 stuff. That's all I'll say, so as to not go political. I would argue that as well, considering that the Crusades persecuted a number of individuals that would have been identified as Protestant Christians. But, that's another thing. The point here is that, yes, you are right - there is a history of this kind of thing. What makes it worse now though, I think, is that people have more widespread access to those incorrect statements and inherently will take that information and run with it. There's so much bad information running around on COVID-19 I'm honestly flabbergasted. I haven't seen this much fop-ah since Hurricane Katrina - maybe even 9/11. We're really only hurting ourselves here at this point. @cowboy - I'm sorry to hear how things have been for you. I read your blog post as well. I might be in touch with you about a few things down the road.
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here My love of anime started back in the late 70s early 80s, though I just got into streaming about 3 years ago. I’ve seen a lot of series over the decades, but there are still “classics” I haven’t, but will offer what knowledge I do have.
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    well, we currently have no income because of employers laying people off and/or giving people unpaid leave, theres only like two grocery stores to choose from here and they're all always out of stock because people are hoarding, and our local fire department has to distribute food because people are starving. stuff like this only goes to show how selfish people really are during disaster. i consider ourselves lucky because we know how to take care of ourselves and create our own food during times like this, with sourdough starters and the garden and all. the bank has a hold on mortgages atm so we arent at risk of losing our home right now either. ive heard that a lot of people are dealing with abuse or mental problems because of isolation, but our biggest problem right now is food.
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    I've got quite a few passions but my main ones at the moment are community involvement i.e. advocacy for issues like homelessness, human trafficking, child abuse, mental health awareness, etc., improving my health & getting in better shape, learning different languages, music, scary pc games, cooking, and anime.
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    It’s not all that unusual for a series to have an OVA/Special episode that’s much sillier and/or ecchier than usual. The first example that came to my mind is Higurashi (When They Cry). The series itself is psychological/horror based. But there’s an OVA episode where the male lead is wearing a cursed speedo & the whole episode is about the girls trying to pull them off.
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    So I've been reading berserk manga, and one that most shocking is- its world becomes fantasy settings from a realistic medieval. Magics, dragons, goblins, fairies, scary creatures, sea monsters, undead, etc will appear worldwide! If this happens our world will look like final fantasy XV or shadow hearts where a real life modern settings has fantasy creatures and magics. Personally I don't believe in fantasy settings but I'm still a Fan, and I still have a feeling this could happen. Do you think this could happen? Maybe the Vatican church is hiding some shit seal that could change the world into fantasy that is guarded to prevent it? Do you think it's possible that our world will turn into fantasy world? It's kinda interesting question.
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    Weird AND obscure? Pretty sure that honor(?) would go to Papuwa. Strikes me as a parody of Dragonball (before Z) with wardrobe inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
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    Recoveries are harder to keep track of in the same way unreported cases are. A large majority of cases are sent home to recover, hospitals are saving their beds for only the most serious and high risk cases. If a patient recovers at home, those numbers often go unreported as it would be up to the patient to follow-up, and simply put many don't unless they actually perish. Cases which close in hospitals are recorded no matter the outcome- so baring in mind what I said earlier, this naturally all adds up to having more new deaths to report on. We can safely assume therefore that the trend of recoveries is a greater number than new deaths using statistics, however unreported. I hope that brings some comfort.
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    (i hope this thread never dies because i love going through here and listening to the music people post)
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    My brain says no. My heart says YES YES YES. My brain reminds my heart that in such a world I would probably die an agonizing death in the first 10 seconds, so it's a nope from me lol.
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    only way to find out is to raid Area 51 and see what the Aliens know
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    Hello there and welcome to AF hope you have a great time here with us. Hope to see you around.
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    How could I forget one of the best songs I've ever heard from episode 2 of Paranoia Agent? The 1st time I heard a snippet of this in the show, I literally stopped & looked up the full song & then proceeded to dance all over my living room!
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    Can Endeavor make a contribution to society by just beating up bad guys? Sure. What I’m calling him out on is his desire be a role model & a source of inspiration. As well as his claims to be a changed man going forward. Symbolically laying all your past sins on a monster and then beating the hell out of it doesn’t cut it. If he’s serious about it, he needs to take ownership of his past which isn’t that easy to erase. How can he make society feel safe when his own family largely views him with fear & resentnent? As to how do we know he viewed Todoroki as a tool for his own ends, the fact that he had no interest in being a parent to the children who did not inherit his quirk seems pretty damning. He had his wife commited to protect Todoroki? Seems kinda hypocritical considering his “training methods”. The scars they left may not be physically noticeable, but seem just as long lasting considering that Todoroki forgave his mother long ago, but still resented Endeavor. Why she married him in the first place & still hopes he will change? I admit to having no idea. I guess the root of it all for me is “Is physical strength for it’s own sake something to aspire to?” I realize it’s just my own opinion (can’t really offer anyone else’s), but strength can make someone a hero or a bully. Pretty clear which I consider Endeavor to be. I believe Endeavor CAN change, but I’m unconvinced he’s willing to make the sacrifices to do so. Why does it need to be public? Because his recent actions show that he craves the respect & admiration of society. That means being honest about who he was as well as his aspirations. No matter how hard he tries to cover it up, it will inevitably come to light sooner or later. And if he’s been dishonest about it, it will just make his fall from grace that much harder.
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    Just one more observation on Endeavor. It seems like he didn’t abuse Todoroki’s siblings but pretty much ignored them since they did not inherit his quirk. His brother commented on how he was practically a stranger to him.
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    Well said, @Ohiotaku! There is this underlying 'snake-iness' about him that I just can't overlook. Do I believe that there is a part of him that honestly wants to change? Yeah, I do. But I just can't convince myself that all of his reasons for wanting that change are coming from a pure place. All the examples you outlined are why I feel like his path to redemption needs to be as difficult as possible & that he needs to do a lot more before he can atone for all the terrible things he's done.
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    This will put a smile on your face:
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    World Without Logos is grimey, fits Hellsing well. It reminds me of the alternative intro to Speed Grapher which they used for the American DVD releases when they couldn't get the rights to Girls on Film by Duran Duran. That's a nice little piece. I've not even heard of Ookami Kakushi so I'll have to add that one to my list
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    you know, there is one anime that has stuck with me for a long time due to the soundtrack. the anime itself wasn't what made it memorable to me, it was the music. it was ookami kakushi. whole soundtrack was beautiful heres a playlist for the OST
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    @RuthisianCodex wow, a lot of these are good basic gardening tricks, like propagating succulents, saving seeds, propagating from cuttings, and splicing! but while i was watching, i noticed they did the old viable seed in water test where only the seeds at the bottom are good, and that's like, kind of only half true. what i usually do with saved seeds is just throw them all in a bucket and transfer any that sprout, the best way to see if seeds will germinate is to well, germinate them. while good seeds are more likely to sink, there are tons that would also float to the top and you'd discard them, wasting a lot of seeds. so kind of yes, sinking=viable, but floating =/= not viable either. especially with a lot of different types of seeds, where the seeds tend to be lighter. from what ive watched so far the rest of these are legit, though, if not a little unnecessary hahaha. i thought that the picture frame with the chicken wire grid in it was a really cool way of setting up succulents on a side note, they've started trying to use donated blood from people who have already recovered from COVID-19 because their antibodies are already accustomed to fighting the virus, and it could really help people who are struggling through it. so for anyone who's officially been tested and tested positive, maybe look locally if theres a donation program near you. i don't know if anyone here has, because the tests are still pretty restricted at least where i'm at, but i know people personally on other sites who've been tested, either because they had a severe case and had to go to the hospital, or are immunocompromised. so maybe as a reminder to look into that in case anyone else here ends up sick
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    'You are me from the past or from another future. Burn up...and be put to rest.' Endeavor, My Hero Academia
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    Hello everyone hope everyone has been safe and keeping yourself active just stopped by to let you know I'm still alive
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    i dont really like traveling, like, i do go camping in the woods a lot, if that counts. but ive been to mammoth cave, ive been to nashville for a concert with my old band and to sightsee, and i guess its just not for me. its too jarring and stressful, and it costs way too much money. but, there are some things about it that are fun. i just think, theres plenty of pretty sights at home anyway, and i can learn more about culture online by talking to people who live there. so i don't think its something thats really a necessary thing to do in your lifetime these days to feel fulfilled, you know? but for people who it doesn't stress out that much, i bet its really fun.
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    That is an Iowan's heaven, and we live there. That's why we always laugh when we hear of people getting "lost" in the corn mazes. You should always emerge with a bunch of bruises too from getting smacked with ears and husks.
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    hello~ I'm Ren just low key person who love anime and game
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    You would use MERS or SARS as the analog for it pathologically. Contextually and socially you would use The Spanish Flu (or MERS if in the Middle East, SARS in Asia). A single analog rarely works for all the circumstances. In a chronological sense, COVID-19 fits with the "centurial" outbreaks.
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    just to add something closely related. concerning the biological side of the virus, a former coworker, who is currently working in a lab specializing in creating tests and is now working on detection tests for SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes covid19), said that many approaches use data from MERS-CoV (virus that caused mers) or SARS-CoV-1 (virus that caused sars), depending on what exactly is investigated. concerning the disease and spread, the spanish flu/1918 flu pandemic seems to be something taken as a comparison, especially concerning how and when governments responded. just an fyi, from what I've read Trump's grandfather died of the spanish flu. However this is nothing I have researched in detail, so don't quote me on it but I might look into it in more depth when I find the time
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    Welcome in! Hope you enjoy your time here!
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    Very nice to meet you, Ren. Hope you enjoy your time here!
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    Hello ren , welcome to af hope you like it here
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    Hello there and welcome to AF hope you enjoy your time here. If you ever want to chat feel free to message.
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    hi there! gonna keep this message low key
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    Welcome to the forum! Ask away. From what I've seen, there are a lot of individuals here that have an interest in classic anime.
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    Here's your weekly update on anime trends. Courtesy of @Nova
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    @RuthisianCodex I agree with a lot of what you wrote. There have been a lot of organizations releasing ads for those who are dealing with domestic violence here. As well as concerns that it may increase as people are social distancing or on quarantine together. Heck, there are even memes now making fun of people who are getting sick of each other (I saw a meme with two dogs growling at each other with a caption "couples during covid") On a happy-ish side note, my mom made a joke about how she expects an increase in birth rates in the future from people being cooped up and bored I've noticed a lot of people on social media doing many socials games with each other on instagram - bingo puzzles and things, a lot of group chats which too have games you can play while video chatting. One of my friends posted about being globally social, because we are seeking communication in other ways to bridge that gap. I was part of a group that would get together every Tuesday night to draw at a pub....drink n draw. Anyways, they have a discord room which we get together to draw now. It's awesome to see people coming together to get that interaction. I have also seen an increase in donations of products. One company I know of is currently making face shields and donating medical supplies that they use (gloves, masks....) to both hospitals and homeless shelters (aviation company). I have also seen an increase of people writing things like "if you need food, please don't be embarrassed...message me and I will help you". I think recognizing there are ways to help without putting ourselves in danger are out there. Although, I will say....seeing people who may not be able to access mental health medications and such yes that would be highly concerning, as are missing appointments on lack of ability to commute or fear of sickness. I do know some offices are offering online or phone sessions at least for the time being, and I do know some pharmacies here are offering delivery assistance. This however, is from my perspective here. We haven't reached a chaotic mode just yet. The worst I see at this point is the strain on health care. We had a lot of changes coming up into policies specifically in the health care sector (gov. trying to save money) and now there is a strong plea to not go ahead with these changes at this time. As for small businesses, Canada is trying to assist by giving grants. A lot of banks are differing payments....the worst they have noticed is renters are not giving a break at all on tenants. A lot of places have had to close strictly on the fact that they can not pay rent while being closed. There have also been a lot of social media shaming to small businesses that remain open but are being strict on hygiene/regulations set out because of covid (like take and go places). It's definitely interesting too see people coming together, but its also interesting to see those who are not and who are bickering over choices. As always, stay safe
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    I saw this online and wanted to share. It's so pretty!! It was under a search for Amabie...although it is missing a lot of human parts, I felt like it was a nice concept to run off of.
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    stardew Valley (Switch) Turns out I didn't say no to Sebastian about having a baby. I was freaking out there for a second. It ended up being a boy and I had no idea what to name him so whatever popped into my head first was what his name would be it; his name is Ben. Two Point Hospital (Switch) Never heard of this game before until recently (even though apparently it's been out for awhile on other consoles, lol). I watched a couple gameplays of it and figured I'd give it a shot myself. Turns out I'm addicted. I absolutely love some of the quirks in the game and it's not impossible to finish the challenges and move onto other hospitals.
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    I happen to be quite a huge fan and advocate for homemade bread. It is delicious and waaaay cheaper than store bought. Plus, it's a lot of fun. I'm also quite passionate about giraffes, with an ever growing collection of various giraffe related items.
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    I'm of the school of thought that suggest claiming expertise can lead to the stalling of knowledge. Thus, I claim expertise in nothing. I have knowledge in many things, but I would never claim to know everything about something - the implication of being an expert. I have many passions, not sure I could narrow them all down to just one key thing, though.

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