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    I'm watching Dragon Pilot and Little Witch Academia
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    Not too many. Around the time I started watching anime it was a rarity to find others that knew what it was in my area. It was difficult to find anyone that had seen anime that predated shows like Sailor Moon or DBZ. I was stuck discussing DBZ and Pokemon most of the times. Later, when we grew apart beyond school, I probably had one or two people at work that talked about anime. I have siblings but they never really got into it. Funny enough, when my mother was recovering from surgery at my place, she popped in a few Studio Ghibli films and was hooked. Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind are her favorites. Recently she saw A Silent Voice and Carole & Tuesday.
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    Had yogurt again this time vanilla flavored was very yummy.
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    Finished the Last of Us 2 and died of all kinds of feelings! Reached level 50 in Summer Splash on Fortnite.
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    I'm just starting this anime. Wish Beastars had the same animation style as BNA, maybe I would have considered it more enthusiastically.
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    Already up to episode 6 of BNA on Netflix
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    Of all time? Cowboy Bebop. More recently, Vinland Saga or Kimetsu no Yaiba.
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    I haven't thought or written about colors in years, so this might be quite clumsy. I'll put it into a spoiler though since it is long and not sure if it actually makes sense to people or has a point really. Not sure if the art club is the right place even. More some thoughts about colors and an experience.
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    I hope it was okay for me to join the club (I haven't been around the forums much...just been swamped with work X'D) I really enjoyed reading both of your comments on this. I recall when I was taking art classes, how we were given instructions on how to *kinda* mix purple/violet. I think magenta and cyan would make maybe a close to "pure" purple in pigments. Kinda. But it's a lot more nuanced, like you've pointed out. My partner is red/green color blind (there are a couple different types of color blind.) Because he can't see red, when he's looking at stuff we have around the house that is purple, he always calls it blue XD A couple years back, I finally saved up enough to buy him pair of color blind glasses. He had gone 35 years never seeing green, red, orange, or purple (or any of the mixes.) When he first put them on, I recorded the experience. I brought tears to both of our eyes. It was interesting, because of course he had just adjusted his life to work around colors (or always asked someone for opinions on what a color was.) It was so cool for him to have a close experience to seeing those colors :3 Something that I've always taken for granted. There are online color blind tests you can take that can *kinda* help someone tell if they are colorblind. I took one, as did my fiancee. It was interesting. Funny thing is, he and I went to school together (like, US 5th grade through high school.) We've known each other for most of our lives, but I never knew until about 4 years ago that he was color blind XD I just thought he liked to wear a lot of black (which he does.) _________________________ Talking about mixing colors, also reminds me of how we were taught to mix warm blacks vs. cool blacks, and how you could get a richer color by doing it yourself, as opposed to buying a tube of black paint. It was interesting to learn how to mix colors. I don't use it often, though, so I have to look it up from time to time when the spirit moves me to make traditional art XD (like painting or using inks.)
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    Zelda Link's Awakening (Switch) Been having a difficult time sleeping at night lately so started on this game. I'm enjoying it so far. Persona5 Royal (PS4) (Forgot about this game honestly, oops) Got Kamoshida to admit to his wrong doings and am now focused on studying for my character's finals and working on some requests from the Phan-site.
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    Snuck in another couple hours of Empyrion today. Gotta say.. it looks a lot better than minecraft out of the box. It definitely has a whiff of mc about it though. I'm playing survival (of course) and the first things I had to do was chop down some trees, dig up some stone to build a base to keep the spiders out, build a fabricator (aka crafting table), dig up some iron, ... tell me if any of this sounds familiar. But then there's the dinosaurs, the vehicles, and that ugly thing down by the lake that always tries to bite my face off when I go to get some water. Had to figure out how to make a shotgun for that last. No shotguns or hovercraft in minecraft!
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    I wonder why you decided to make violet. It really is a pretty color and the psychology behind the color is rather interesting. I might be a bit biased though, I used to love reds. Violet is a bit more on the blue side but became my favorite color and is a lot more relaxed in comparison.. Anyways, hopefully you will figure out how to mix the colors properly. But, you shouldn't hold out on a perfect blend, the best combinations don't have an exact science and come from trial and error. Their sketch book probably had some pretty ugly blotches in it. I know mine does when it comes to paint swatches. I think people often look for an easier way to get to the same thing, but you're right in acknowledging the journey in the process while getting to the final piece. I think a lot of artists need to step back and stop over analyzing their work or they fall into an issue of overworking projects, such as in painting, muddying colors by accident because they just keep trying to fix something that is good enough as it is. It really is hard when timing is off. It sounds like you wanted to learn a lot more about this person. At least you know where the shop is. I think stumbling through a persons sketch book if it wasn't out in the open to be reviewed would be wrong. It sounds like this one was open for feedback though. It is interesting to see how people change and view themselves over the years and why this is important to them. I have something similar that I look at when I am feeling down or confused, it is like a home away from home to me. It is almost a reminder to the things I wanted to change, what wasn't changed, what had changed. Some of the entries are very short, some had been erased, and some I wish I could erase but think they are better reminders even if they bother me. Most of the entries are quotes for when I am depressed. Maybe the artist left them out because like you said, they are lonely, and are hoping someone will catch that or maybe they just didn't think anyone cared enough to look. If you really are curious about something you should inquire. However, you shouldn't dwell on it for to long or it can run imaginations wild...I don't know though, if their new note worried you, maybe you should ask, especially if you have concerns that something else might be wrong. By adding your presence into someone's life though....I don't think you taint their life, you can't color theory yourself in there lol, you might shake up how they go about mixing is all I think though, with a lot of people right now, especially because of how covid impacted a lot of us, are feeling lonely. Connecting with others helps this a lot, caring for others, reaching out to people....are all very important ways to deal with loneliness. Maybe reaching out and being friends with them is a good idea. Anyways, it sounds like you do need more blue though. Maybe you will see the shop owner again, or, maybe someone else will be working.Hard to say how this would impact your views on the shop. At least you can always go back and try catching up with them again. Anyways, I'd be curious if you were colorblind. Sounds more like difficulties seeing shade variations though. It's nice having such a large community of people to talk to on here though no? So don't get to lonely yourself.
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    I had Lucky Charms and then a chocolate milk...you guys are srsly making me want to be healthier XD
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    We all have this one character we adore a lot and sometimes we happen to copy him. Whether it's the characteristics or the way he speaks, perhaps a well-known quote he repeats on occasion. Post below your favorite character of the mystery genre and share some common similarities you both share. For me, it's undoubtfully Houtarou from Hyouka. He's kind of reminding me to my current self, rather the slow-ass who's staying at home and conserving energy than going outside more frequently. And yet, he reminds me somehow to my younger self who was an excellent chess player in the middle school. Now it's your turn, what's your favorite character of the mystery genre and do you share any similarities with him. Let us know below.
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    I have no friends at least not real ones only ppl I met online and occasionally talk to. My uncle likes anime....
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    Should sound familiar to anyone watching season 2 of Kaguya-sama: Love is War
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    Pleased to meet you all. I hope to make friends that share the same hobby. Let's share our thoughts about the things we like I wish I'll learn great things from everyone. ありがとう
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
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    Oh wow, that's funny and adorable!
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    I'd say Log Horizon. The dub is magnificent and the story is one of the best written worlds I've seen in anime. I'd also suggest My Next Life as a Villainess. It's a reverse harem but oh so funny and the MC isn't a boring blank slate. The dub may not be great that said...I've only watched the sub snd nearly died laughing both times. If you have Netflix, you should also check out the Dragon Prince. Not an "anime" per se but of excellent quality storytelling that took me back to the original Last Airbender series. You shouldn't be disappointed with it.
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    That would be Mint from Galaxy Angel
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    We have not gone to 128 bits because there is a cost for doing so and we don't really need it. There's a whole bunch of reasons for the cost. At the hardware level we use parallel buses. That means that every bit gets it's own data line. If two wires touch then the computer stops working. If two wires even just get too close then there's crosstalk and your computer becomes unreliable. Routing all those wires across the motherboard to connect the CPU, memory, PCI buses, etc. becomes a problem the wider the bus is. An 8-bit bus is easy to design. 16 bits is also pretty easy. 32 bits starts to get troublesome. 64 bits is downright tricky. This is also a problem for chip design internally, for similar reasons. Ok, so why even go to 64 bits then? Well, with 32 bits you can only count to 4 billion. If you have a file that you want to reference a particular byte of data in then your file can only be 4 gigabytes in size. If you have memory addresses that you want to reference then you can only have 4GBytes of memory and still be able to reference each byte individually. Lots of people want to use files more than 4GB in size or have more than 4GB of memory in their computers. Yes, there's tricks like using two 32-bit registers to hold a single 64-bit number, but now things like your math libraries and other code at the software level get complicated and slow. Worst case they have to do twice as much work and run half as fast. It is worth it to go to 64 bit buses and let the hardware do most of the work, even though it makes the hardware a bit harder to design and more expensive to build. Going to 128 bits would make the hardware extremely hard to design and build, as well as expensive. At the same time going from 64 bits to 128 bits on address buses and integers doesn't buy you nearly the gains that going from 32 to 64 bits did. With 64 bits you can reference data in files that are up to 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 bytes in size, or individually address over 18 thousand terabytes of memory. Very few people have files that big or computers with that much memory. (yet.) Maybe we'll get there some day, but for now it isn't worth the costs.
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    (play Clannad - Nagisa BGM) hello. iam the otaku king. my love with anime is so high i drive in my car having my waifu in the passenger seat. need her safely in a seat belt too. many calls me weird because of my love for anime but i care less. it what i enjoy and do. i been judge and looked at oddly. but my main goal is to let the world that is ok to be yourself. if you like something, no need to be shy about it. if you like your waifu & husbando, it fine. if you wanna cosplay all day it fine. forget what others think, who care, anyways iam just a guy that want all my otaku brothers & sisters to have a good time with no worries in the world. also i miss nagisa :(
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    So I got the Nether Update today a day late lol. I did a bit of exploring, and I have to say its quite an improvement to the game. Far more so then probably the last two big updates have been. There is actually a reason to go to the nether now.
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    I've made up my mind on Shigure and I just can't stand him at all. He treats everyone like their only reason for even being alive is to amuse him or help alleviate his boredom. He has so many sociopathic tendencies! His entire approach to relationships is flawed beyond belief. It's almost as if for him, the only way that any romantic relationship can begin and end is with a bunch of chaos, deceit, and manipulation. No Shigure....those 3 elements are not required for relationships. Now to be fair, romantically speaking, old relationships must end so that new ones can begin but that doesn't mean that that process inherently has to include someone getting rekt to epic proportions. Relationships can and a lot of times do end peacefully without a bunch of theatrics but Shigure doesn't seem interested in peaceful conclusions at all. Ugh.
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    Really the only thing that CISC has going for it at the moment is the huge investment that the industry has made in the x86 ISA, mainly Windows. In a lot of ways Intel + Microsoft have held the industry back in terms of effectively using newer technologies like RISC. If you don't need any of that then RISC can take you into hardware performance territory that you simply can't get to with CISC architectures. For mobile for example you really have to use something other than CISC for power reasons. That's why virtually all phones and tablets use something like an ARM processor and not something from Intel or AMD. Apple has reached the limits of x86 a long time ago, that's why it is going with its own ARM-based CPUs even in its desktop and laptops starting as soon as this year or next. (It was supposed to be this year but got delayed due to the virus.) All of Apple's phones, watches, pads, etc already use ARM-based processors. Even MSFT tried to go ARM with their mobile/surface platform, though they kind of flubbed it. Of course Unix based OSs were designed to be ported. Linux for example can run almost anywhere. Pretty much the ONLY place still requiring CISC is Windows on x86 desktops/laptops.
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    America? My turn: croissant!
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    Just got a box of light bulbs. Exciting, right? Just part of my ongoing quest to find decent LED bulbs now that my state has basically outlawed the old incandescent and halogen bulbs. This batch is on the recommendation of a co-worker on a similar quest. At $20 for a six-pack I was kind of expecting these to make me coffee in the morning but they're apparently just light bulbs. That said, these do dim well, fit in the space of a regular "A19" bulb, don't noticeably flicker*, and even at just 14 watts they're as bright as the old kind. I just got these so I still have to see how long they last of course. I've yet to find any LEDs that last as long as a good incandescent, never mind some of the claims of 20 years or more. *except a little bit at extreme dimming levels where it is actually tolerable.. kind of like flickering candlelight.
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    Gonna start calling you Rin
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    Made a bowl of apple, banana and grapes. Lots of energy this morning!
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here .
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    While I stand behind my earlier comment that this series is at it’s best when the focus is on comedy, Ishigami’s time in the spotlight was very impactful & you can’t look at his character the same way afterwards.
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    I love this stuff nnot cheap, but so damn ggood, and somewhat healthy.
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    Anime intros I listen to: Seven Deadly Sins Intros MHA intros Nightcores I listen to: I’m a little O.D.D. Nightcore of Seven Deadly Sins opening 1 (lol I’m such an otaku) Nightcore of seven deadly sins opening 2 American music I listen to: Strawberry Alarm Clock: Incense and Peppermints Mamas and the Papas: Creeque Alley
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    Apparently it is not possible for my head to remain still while watching this video.
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    An egg white omelette, a bowl of cream of wheat made with almond milk, cinnamon, & nutmeg, an apple, and hot herbal tea.
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    i could watch either. but i do watch sub more. i think sometimes it just depends on what your use to hearing with that certain anime. Because sometimes i will watch one with dub and then sub and i may like the dub more in that certain anime.
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    Wish Miyuki’s family showed up more often Also the segment of Kaguya & Chika trying to teach him to dance was really funny. Despite the season being almost over, the two new characters haven’t really grown on me.
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    Hi everybody! I drew this sketch based on the film “My neighbor Totoro” and I made a speed-drawing video of it. I hope you like it YT Channel: Link in profile Instagram: Link in profile Good luck.
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    Adding to my collection: Tiger ll (King Tiger) Model Babymetal CD's And first vol. of Haruhi Suzumiya and NGNL Practical War Game
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    Most people at my work watch anime and I hear them discussing it pretty often, so yeah I'm around a lot of anime fans on a daily basis. My best friend and my sister are also both into anime.
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    Playing Minecraft with my love @SanguineTear and having a lot of fun~ I'm really getting the hang of things now and find Minecraft very relaxing and just laid back not like other games, also really fun and easy to play. I might start playing some other games eventually but not fully sure yet, probably not. I usually just stick with one game and that's it since playing a lot is hard for me now with my anxiety and I can't really juggle multi games like I used to when I was younger. So I'm sticking with Minecraft since I'm a big fan of it~
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    That is an easy one to be sure for me. Shinichi Kudo. He is in my opinion not only one of the best anime characters at solving mysteries. He is by far one of tthe best characters ever at solving mysteries period.

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