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  1. Me and the GF matchin' the Slam Dunk ! 
    2yrs strong, and many more years to come!! :crazy:

    Screenshot 2022-11-02 3.52.24 PM.jpg

  2. Thank you I appreciate the positive words x
  3. Very slumped... -*- ready to go to bed.. Sadly not feeling too well mentally either, because, I failed a class last quarter, and had all D's and 1 F. It's depressing. Not only that, my parents are really on me about studying and keeping up with the studying...my mental health is so bad, and I struggle to find the motivation to keep up with things. So I am slumped, stressed, depressed, and ready to...to put it simply and bluntly, not exist.
  4. Cowboy Bebop Outlaw Star Soul Eater Hajime no Ippo Kuroko's Basketball Slam Dunk Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
  5. Slam Dunk SK8 The Infinity Kuroko's Basketball Free! Megalo Box Hajime no Ippo
  6. A poem I wrote for an assignment in English lll. (The prompt of the Assignment was to take words and adjectives from Edgar Allan Poe's writing 'Cast of Amontillado' and only use the words you chose from that short story and turn it into a poem...here is what I made, short, yet touching.) I, Guilt He, with a weak point I, differ upon you My dear, guilt Wore you with madness Whenever I could I succumbed with you A wrong, overtakes you He, fails himself. Once again, short - but It's harder than you think to take words from a passage and ONLY USE THOSE WORDS And no other words. You cannot use any other words other than the ones you choose from the passage. So, it was quite a challenge, but I was told by my teacher, I did very well. Hope you like it...
  7. Welcome to the chaos... Enjoy your time here - I see you like Cowboy Bebop! Here are some anime I recommend Space Dandy Outlaw Star Trigun Samurai Champloo (Not a Space Opera, but was Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe - who was the director of Cowboy Bebop) A small list, but it's something to get you started! Hope you enjoy roaming around, and enjoy the chaos... - ribbit.
  8. Yes, but every time I sleep - I just keep waking up, and I never get enough sleep...its exhausting. Thanks, appreciate it
  9. Feeling very very VERY tired, exhausted. I'm yawning so much, my eyes are starting to burn. And my body is becoming so relaxed i'm struggling to function... Nonetheless, I'm trying to exist, but, Idk, i'm not here, i'm on a different astral plane right now...
  10. Starting to get cold again, and very cloudy. My kind of weather... It is currently 9:30pm and it is 45 degrees.
  11. 259 You lookin' mighty fine!
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