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  1. Welcome to The Tavern! This is the place where you can have casual convos with people, discussing any topic. (Yes this is a pic from Skyrim ) Enjoy yourself, and let's get a conversation started, shall we? So how are we feeling about today's society? I know, quite a deep conversation starter, but let's not get controversial either - this is all just casual talk. Today's society, to me, seems pretty chaotic right now, I've been dealing with a lot of religious hate, based on me being a Satanist, and it's quite infuriating! I like people with an open mind, and nowadays, I feel like some people have lost that trait, and it's quite evident how it makes others feel. Do you guys believe you're open-minded? I believe having an open mind, you can reflect more, and be logical in a street sense, understanding people, not just based on what their personality is, but as who they are as a whole. What do you guys think?
  2. 220 Something smells funny! Pee-Yuu!!
  3. Not my birthday just yet, but my bday is in 1 month and 3 weeks! Dec 9th! I'll be turning 18!!!
  4. Currently 3:05pm, and it's 42 degrees and very windy.
  5. 218 Something's very UNCLEAN!
  6. 216 Something everyone has seen...
  7. It's around 9:05 pm, and with autumn here, the temp has been around the low 40's and tonight it's 41 degrees...winter is coming...during school today it was sleeting, so, it's evident that the cold weather is going to worsen !
  8. It's quite a sad anime, but overall, still an anime I watch to wind down to... 3-Gatsu No Lion (March Comes in like a Lion)
  9. Love seeing different 7/11's from different cultures :blush:

  10. Am going to try duplicating THIS build right here (NOT MINE) Core Xbox < The Link to the build instructions This build is simple, yet interesting. I am good at building ground homes, mostly 8x8 (not too big ik) but I haven't played in a long time and need to get back in the groove of building.. So I'm going to take this awesome treehouse Inspo for a test ride in Creative and see how this goes... If you guys have any more good build inspo links to get me started, please share them and tag me!
  11. Hello everyone, NOT here to support ANY other websites or anything, JUST trying to get my music out there... I've been dabbling in music for over 2 years now, and wanted to get it out there... My bandlab is yvngdeath And I would really like if you listened and took some time to enjoy my songs! Perhaps they may not be of any of your taste...but just know the effort was put forth... I experiment with all genres of music, so if the genre sequence is a little off then please understand, I DO experiment! I get all my beats offline, and credit all the beatmakers using the 'Prod.' in my titles... So please, if you will, check out my work! I will include my soundcloud - sometime when I get the chance, but if you're curious on my soundcloud name, it is also YUNG DEATH... THANK YOU ALL!!
  12. https://www.bandlab.com/post/c2dfb2bc-554e-ed11-819a-000d3a3eefd0 Just released a new song! Shout out to my girlfriend for the intro!
  13. 214 Don't eat too many saltines! (doing that can cause you to nearly choke/or choke! IVE DONE IT, DONT DO IT!)
  14. Welcome to the chaos! I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy here... - Ribbit
  15. Love the water textures, the realism is divine! What's killing me is the grass texture -
  16. DancingBacons I love food, and this account is all about the food... SO wholesome too!!!
  17. I saw Hellsing, and let me say - surely cultured. Castlevania involves vampires, isn't TECHNICALLY a 'vampire' anime - it's more dark, medieval fantasy...but as I said, it does involve vampires! Blood-C this one is darker, but it does also involve vampires. Vampire in the Garden This one is newer, coming out this 2022, but a good one. Dance in the Vampire Bund This anime came out in 2010, so it's about 12yrs old...but it is watchable on Crunchyroll!
  18. Back again with some BL images! (After some time...huhuhu!) (Screencaps from the Anime: Banana Fish) These images are great for desktop/laptop wallpapers if you need them so please, enjoy! '0'!!!
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