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  1. Got my xbox back today - and did an update on it. Tuesday i'll renew my Xbox Gold subscription, for now, i'll stick to watching YouTube while I wait to get my subscription renewed. Most of my games require the subscription, and those games are...the ones I play the most.
  2. These are definitely some good benefits ^ Some benefits I gained from watching anime are quite common in most otaku's/weebs You can visit new worlds - enhanced imagination Definitely enhanced emotions, depending on what you watch If you're an Artist, anime is great for creativity It's awesome for building communities - such as Anime Cons - Amino - Social Media - Friendships Nostalgia - if you're an 'oldtimer' such as our lovely fellows @Ohayotaku@Otaking66lives@efaardvark@Wodahs, watching older animes can bring you a euphoric-like nostalgia, and even youngins can feel this as well - I can certainly say that older animes make me feel nostalgic! I would say the big thing is connecting with others...anime was something that wasn't super big awhile back - but now it has brought communities together and built new ones! So I would say that is the biggest thing, is finding a new family within anime!
  3. Finally hit the last rank! 
    Kinda shocking 😅

  4. _crustbag_ - This guy is lovely, his videos are great if you're looking for something to cheer you up! Also in a band called "Industrial Forest" which can be found on Bandcamp, it's mostly Dark Ambient and Noise, super underrated! So please support him!
  5. Some Amazon Basic Premium Coloured Pencils! + A Face Reveal (FINALLY!) From an Artist POV, they work alright, I did some swatches, and blending, they can use some work. But for some amazon coloured pencils, they work quite alright! But if you're looking for superb blending, and amazing pigment - I would go for Prismacolor!
  6. Glad to see another Danganronpa lover ;), great anime and game series...
  7. Welcome, @KaiyaSaysHaiya I'm 17, I hope that's not too old to be a friend...welcome to the chaos !
  8. I have an obsession with death. Everything death. I got the username from my own mental health, as I feel like and believe I am a walking dead person, a corpse perhaps, and I feel out of my body, and out of this world. Edgy, Dark, I know - but that's something of a person I am, and it's just become me. So people called me "D" online, because of my handle "Death" which my obsession with death was expressed a lot online, hence the nickname "D". I also get the nickname "D" because of my name "Dimitrios" which means "Earthly being" in greek I believe.
  9. Welcome, friend - Enjoy the chaos...
  10. _Boisvert - My new favourite YT channel.... if you enjoy cryptid, eerie, unsettling, and...unknown things, this is your channel. This channel has little known about it, as it's mostly unsettling/chilling - nearly cryptid animations. I would say if you get scared easily...I wouldn't recommend this channel. It's not your typical smooth animations, it's crunchy, weird animations that make you feel like you weren't supposed to watch it, supposedly found it on a hidden part of the internet...but you didn't, it's directly on YT. Gearisko - Another YT channel did a small dive into the channel "_Boisvert" and goes a bit more into it, explaining it more...yet is still unsure what the meaning of the channel is. Please support both channels, and take a deeper look into _Boisvert ...As it is a splendid YT channel, and deserves more attention.
  11. Ohio is currently at its summer stage. So the weather is rainy, humid, and hot. The hottest days reach about 96 degrees, but it's only June, so i'm preparing for surprise heatwaves... It does get cool though, today it was about 69 (nice) degrees, which was nice. Still pool weather, so swimming was fun, although it was slightly chilly getting out of the pool. When it hits night time, the lowest is...a nice relaxing feel, of around the 50's mark. So a nice summer fire in the fire pit is a nice way to end the night. Also...it's currently tornado season - uh oh...
  12. This is a good thread, I would say the "Home Alone" series... Not the remakes, no - Home Alone 1-2 with Macaulay Culkin, THOSE are the ones that make me feel a good feeling. Mostly when Christmas rolls around, it's really nice to watch those two movies.
  13. Re-watching Naruto ! I don't have much access to anime streaming services at the moment, because I don't make enough money to pay for streaming services...so I decided to re-watch one of my favourite anime Consider me a loser, but yes, Netflix is the only streaming service I have at the moment, which my family pays for...so I only have Netflix anime to work with. T-T
  14. BorisT. - Black Metal YouTuber - Makes reaction videos, reacting to music, cringy tik toks, and has vlogs where he roams around norway. He also has a solo-man croatian black metal band called Tryglav Please support his YouTube and Music!
  15. Ive been drawing since I was 8 - im 17 now. I've been drawing for 9 years, almost a decade!
  16. Cute anime girl doodle I did! Decided to post it here for fun...hope ya'll like it!😁 Small  TW for it!


  17. @OhayotakuYou really set the bar here, great to see a thread for this! I have a...let's say hyperfixation on anime moms or milfs in general, soooo this will do nicely for me! Mitsuki Bakugou - MHA - Ugh...gorgeous woman, sounds weird, but i'd take a slap from her anyday! Lucoa - Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - I know what you're all looking at...what colour is her hair??? DON'T RUN AWAY, ANSWER ME! Her voice can put anyone in a trance...and so can her...smile. Nanako Hasegawa - SK8 - The TOP TIER Milf, honestly, she speaks for herself... <33 Angelina Dalles (Madam Red) - Black Butler - Was one of my first waifus, and is one of my everlasting ones as well...she's also a milf...10/10, perfection!
  18. Welcome my friend! Glad to see another Overlord fan, as the anime is doing quite well! Enjoy your stay here, enjoy the chaos!!
  19. Welcome to the forums @Sunshine!!!
    I see you like Sailor Moon...great stuff! Glad to have you here 😄!!

  20. Thank god I have my masks with me!
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