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  1. - Elder Scrolls Online - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - World of Warcraft - Guild Wars
  2. "Oh it's very easy to manipulate someone who has a weakness" - Arachne Gorgon (Soul Eater) "It's like this train. It can't run anywhere except where it's rails take it" - Cloud Strife (FF) "A sound soul dwells within a sound mind & sound body." - Maka Albarn (Soul Eater) "I have no value without [the Eva]. My life is worthless without it. Then, what am I? What am I?" - Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis)
  3. Having to get out of my room to go talk to people other than my girlfriend. Idk what it is, but I highly dislike NOT isolating. I spend most of my time sleeping, on my chromebook making music...in my room, the comfort of a bedroom is always the best.
  4. 237 This food smells like heaven!
  5. Welcome to the forums :) 

  6. Check out my recent drawing!!!

  7. you guys might find this gross but I LOVE dry meat, dry chicken, dry beef, dry pork that is the ONLY way i'll eat meat, unless it's a burger or whatever - I cannot eat moist meats, it's a texture thing, and a sensory thing - I personally cannot stomach chicken on the bone either. SO overall, If you give me a chicken breast, and it's dry, MORE HOT SAUCE PLS!!
  8. Yessir!!!! I really do agree, I personally don't have interest watching the news anymore, because of how infuriated people seem to get about politics, today's trends, and conflicts going on. Don't get me wrong - a war happening is VERY important, but, to me, the news also focuses on other things to just blabber, like for Ex. if Taylor Swift broke up with her 100th boyfriend, yknow? (Sorry to the Taylor fans, no hate!) Not only that, being around people and being VERY close to adulthood, I genuinely feel like I'm not ready to handle it! People make me stressed, and understanbly, the patience aspect is truly grueling.
  9. I do my best! ^^ Appreciate the feedback!!! >:)
  10. Thank you so much! >:D I love the appreciation!!!
  11. https://www.bandlab.com/post/3c862dee-ae50-ed11-819a-000d3a3eefd0 Just released a new song! >:) Go check it out!
  12. 3-Gatsu no Lion (March comes in like a Lion)
  13. This is Jason^^^^ Jason Thomson my new OC And this is his sister! Jenna Thomson! My newest OC!
  14. Taco Bell (thats a word, well, a fast food joint, but don't fight me on it-)
  15. Some new art to show you guys! Hope you guys enjoy! (Got some pose references from SammyFendi on insta)
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