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  1. Dark Cat, Vampire Holmes, Skelter Heaven, Destruction of Mars, Ghost Stories, Pupa, and Super Child are a few. I will warn that some of them are on the more mature content side
  2. I usually read his collections because I don’t get scared easily at all, and more stories means more scare opportunities. I just wish there were more scary drawings like the ones in Yami no Koe; that would’ve been an automatic 9-10 stars for me. I still enjoyed it though, especially when he decided to use such an odd idea for a horror story. P.S. yes, I’m pretty sure it was Chapter 18. It’s called The Labyrinth.
  3. Only a few people in my immediate family like anime. For the others, I usually pick something they’d like if it were a random show or movie. So far, The Promised Neverland and Kids on the Slope were the best to watch. There’s also Naruto, A Silent Voice, and 1 star rated anime are always fun to make fun of with other people.
  4. Yuri on Ice, just because it was a huge push, especially for figure skaters that thought they were never going to be good enough. Of course, Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) Mirai Nikki. I know this is a little weird to put, but I was so mad whenever Yuki got picked on by little witch Yuno Gasai. Yuki didn’t deserve that tbh. Shikioriori and Miss Hokusai were really depressing for a ton of reasons, but the outcomes were mostly great.
  5. It’s usually either because of the anime, or because I liked the cover/description. I always read into descriptions or summaries before buying. I feel like a literary agent
  6. I’ve finished what’s out of I Hear the Sunspot, and I’m keeping up to date on what Fumiko posts of it. After I watched the live action movie, I read the manga and never regretted it for a second. Now it’s just depressing waiting for the next one to come out, but it could be worse. At least there’s no hiatus hahah. There’s also 監獄実験 (Kangoku Jikken, Prison Lab) that I’m still finishing up and plan on reading the rest if it stays as good.
  7. I generally don’t post about this kind of stuff because I don’t like negativity, but sometimes you just gotta. Death Note isn’t that great I don’t like most of Clannad’s art style Skelter Heaven isn’t the worst anime of all time, but it is in the top 5 The Corpse Party OVA really wasn’t that bad Toradora was boring Feels good to get that off my chest. Back into my cave I go.
  8. I agree with a lot of people here; sometimes boys are better written than girls, and by sometimes I mean over half the time. In my favorite anime, the best characters are boys, but there are still girls out there that have amazing personalities. I think anime just tends to prefer the psychotic or overly girly female characters, which is fine, but there should be diversity for both girls and boys.
  9. I’m on the fence because I really can go for either. As long as the dub is well done when it should be, I’m down for the dub.
  10. It all depends on what was destroyed and what can be saved. I haven’t heard much of anything due to my hectic schedule, but I’m more worried about the people than the work. Everything can be redone, but people can’t. That being said, if they do manage to bounce back from this like others have been saying they’re currently doing, it’s still going to hit differently. The shows and movies will come back, they just won’t be 100 percent the same. From my experience with Japan, they have extremely hardworking people there that will do anything to get the job done. I have faith in them, I just hope they’re taking proper care of themselves after this. Edit: I saw that apparently the server that stored most of their data survived, but there was still a ton of stuff that burned, probably anything drawn, or anything on the second floor in general.
  11. Honestly, I’d watch it. It could be the best thing to come out this year for all we know
  12. They aren’t for everyone, but Cowboy Bebop hits a broad range of things. You should definitely check it out
  13. I just started If it’s for my daughter, I’d even defeat the demon lord. Everything was all fine and dandy until the daughter-father shippers started tweeting their explicit fanart (no offense, but dang). I watched the first episode of Given when it aired. I’m currently reading the manga, and I’m loving it so hopefully the bad anime adaptation demons don’t show up. In short, good first episodes from both of them.
  14. I’ve been watching Detective Conan and Cowboy Bebop lately. Both really good classics.
  15. Akira is an assumption, but the characters are in a gang so they’re life took a wrong turn somewhere. Baki the Grappler, but not the newer one. That one was kinda bad. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary). He’s already bullied, and now he has to deal with Yuno Gasai. Shivers Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) because both main characters are an emotional disaster. Kids on the Slope isn’t that bad, but Kaoru’s family wasn’t that great, and some of the kids weren’t that friendly to him either, especially because he played piano. Miss Hokusai was sad because she was always overshadowed by her dad as an artist. Even though she was amazing, she was constantly put down for her art. Serial Experiments Lain. Lain’s friend dies, and she finds out life is a lie. Any more than that and it’s a spoiler. Shikioriori touches on three people that all have messy lives.
  16. I can’t remember my actual first manga; all I remember was that it came from this thing called a bookmobile that showed up at my primary school every so often, and everyone was picking up my manga off my desk and reading it backwards lol. It might’ve been Naruto, but I’m not sure. I bought Zero’s Familiar and Naruto after seeing them at Barnes and Noble, and that’s the first two I remember reading.
  17. I might be super off here, but is it Dark Cat? I just remember something about a window, cats, and demons.
  18. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/adlde&view=tile&status=7 Just made this not too long ago.
  19. Welcome to the site Sarah! Hope you have a great time here
  20. This is a well laid out character outline. The only criticism I have is you might want to tone down his age just a tad. For a man with immense agility he's quite old for his age. You might want to try at least early thirties or late twenties. Hope that helped. Good luck writing
  21. I watched diabolik lovers for fun and thought I might end up liking it. I actually hated it, and to me, it was a disappointment. Harassing the main character was kind of the breaking point for me. As for manga/manhwa (because I felt like putting it in here even though it just says anime), I got through the first season of killing stalking and had to quit. The overall abuse in anime/manga/manhwa usually makes me hate it. I'm okay with a lot of things, but I can't picture myself getting into an abuse anime or manga. It's just not my forte.
  22. I'm coming home from my sister's house soon. Her dog was having rough recovery from his leg surgery, but he's healing up well :) 

  23. Excuse my absence, as I've been in and out of the doctors lately

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  24. I did end up finding a name: BlueBuri. I like it because I got called blue at my last school (I have blue hair) and it had connotation to my life. I wanted to do something like MooSnuckel (moose knuckle), but in the end that didn't work out.
  25. So this might be kinda off topic, but I need second opinions. I'm making a gaming YouTube tomorrow and needed a name. I went to the depths of all of my past inside jokes and nicknames. I ended up thinking of the name Nunchuck1es which I already use for deviant art. My problem is: I tend to think that putting numbers in names is kind of "childish" but I want a name that no one has used yet. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Any thoughts? EDIT: I've found two versions that I like: NunnChuckles and NunChuckels, I just can't decide between them.
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