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  1. 15 days of a surprisingly wonderful mood I've been in. Had one small hiccup going on right now which was bound to happen at some point since no one is perfect. I will not let it get to me thus same as my dreams and just move on and smile since I know if I can make my mood last 15 days long I can get passed this and keep going strong. Hope everyone is doing well and having a nice month to the new year so far~ 

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    2. Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon

      Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon

      No, I do not have that.

    3. SleepyLeoulf


      @Rudilla Thank you will do my best.

    4. brycec


      @Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon I see. check the main page of the community for the status update box, and if there is not a box there, your settings might be messed up and you'll need to check with Optic, since he is the only staff member right now.

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