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  1. Good day to everyone, in this entry I'll be focusing on the behaviour of characters in anime, and how I portrait them, then ask the following question, would people in the real world, having their own lives at risk, do the same? Without further ado, here's the text: A popular anime character behaviour is what I call the 'hyperactive lad/lass', and you know what kind of character I'm talking about, this one is always either playing dirty jokes on his/her fellows (with no bad intentions, just for the fun) or always yelling out loud to express any feeling, and that's very common, however I'm not sure if this gets so deep inside a viewer's mind that they reflect this behaviour, have you ever seen someone act like this constantly in real life? I personally haven't, but that's just probably because you know... I prefer to be alone at school and don't pay too much attention to the jerks I see. Another popular type of anime character is the jerk (which coincidentaly I just named before), this is the character who's always trying to be the coolest, and superior to the rest, sometimes even the protagonist is a jerk, and though it's hard to admit, it makes the evolution of the character's personality more interesting. So in the end I like how a mean protagonist gets new points of view from its adventures and starts seeing the world in new ways, making them more likely to change for better. *However*! I have never seen this in real life, not in my lifespan so far at least, from my experience, a buttface (because the only insult I use, I'm not used to swear) will remain behaving like the buttface they are for a pretty extended period of time, more than I'd like to admit. This shows that people in real life are mostly just careless about getting into interesting life-trips and trying to empathize with others, why would they after all? All they care for is themself and staying 'trendy and cool' like I said on my entry nº2. In the end, I wish more people were like this for real, and actually evolved mentally into someone respectable. I have noticed that in many animes, there's always that *one* character who shows common sense, leadership, generosity and bravery, and in some stories, this is a character who decides to sacrifice themself in order for others (the protagonist in particular) to continue their quest, giving their life in a memorable moment which usually marks an important place in the timeline. This type of character is my favourite, a benevolent in its pure form who would risk anything in order to repel a calamity, or sometimes even to prevent the death of a loved one, but I wonder however, do many people in real life act like this, even if this type of behaviour is supposed to encourage viewers to do follow their steps? Sure, many would say "Yeah of course, I'd do anything for my friends." But that's just talking, the important part of it is actually doing it when the situation arrives, would a friend get in the way of a bullet shot from a gunner in order to absorb the bullet, preventing it to get to the friend behind? If I had to answer this last question myself, I wouldn't be sure about it, it would obviously depend on who's the victim, how close I really am to him/her, and if I really deserve to take my own life instead of theirs. I will answer yes however, if the person in question is either X (not giving the real name, but it's someone I consider worthy of living and a very good friend) I would, I'd be willing to give my life, or at least be badly hurt in the place of X. This of course is the case supposing that X did not change into someone I would dislike, in that case of course I wouldn't. Since I feel like this is incomplete, I might extend into a second part, but if the readers are satisfied with this, I'll just focus on something else.
  2. I would consider it pretty funny, and I'm not sure how to answer.
  3. First Boyfriends and Realizations

    Honestly, when I started reading I already expected something bad happening, but not *this* bad… It's a really good tale and you're right to look at it now and take the good part of it, looking at the bright side. Every experience after all, will either 'break' you, or make you endure more next time, and I think you managed to realize the second choice was the best. On my side, on the only relationship I've ever been in (2.5 years ago) I was cheated on by my girlfriend, we were having a distance relationship, and I learned from common friends that she was flirting with other guys from the same net, *but*, I think that just like you, I'm glad to have been victim of that, when I think about it, I wouldn't have become who I am today if that hadn't happened to me at all. [edit after realization]: Clearly you've been through much more than I have, to my eyes you've been treated in ways no one deserves, and I also agree with the kissing part, in the fact that might be disturbing to feel that, I haven't kissed any girl in my life, so so far I'm a bit blank about that kind of sensations. Great writing skills, by the way.
  4. It's so strange, being almost a two year-old member of the forums yet only started being active a week ago... I guess it's better later than never.

    1. SleepyLeoulf


      Yeah, does sound strange a bit though sometimes people just don't get active to come on a forum or website till later. Due to being busy or other things. Glad to have you here though now. :hot:

    2. mechaBD


      It happens. With work I tend to be inactive for periods of time but I always come back. You are stuck with us now Rudilla. Stay active! (y)

    3. Rudilla


      Aye I sure will

  5. Akihiko Kayaba a bad guy?

    Personally, in my opinion I firmly think he's the antagonist of the first season (haven't watched the rest yet), and I'm sure that no one with good intentions would do what he did, though, if he trapped only malevolent people, then he'd have a point, but trapping every single player... doesn't sound really generous or benevolent to me.
  6. Thoughts - Who I am Today #1

    That last quote is magnificent.
  7. Thoughts - Who I am Today #1

    I absolutely agree with you, anyone who cares about something enough to try to change, will eventually make it through, on the other side, and unfortunate in most cases, people give up and decide to be selfish, choosing the easy path which disturbs others.
  8. Entry nº3 - Always on the move

    Thank you for sharing your comment on this subject. Also, your blog isn't necessarily worse or better, it's just a different style in my opinion.
  9. Entry nº3 - Always on the move

    Warning: this is a bit long, so make sure you have time before starting to read this, thank you and enjoy the reading. Good day dear readers, I thought it would be a good time to talk about my first experience of moving away from the country I lived in, here's a long story made short: The year 2004, during the summer (I was 4 years old at that moment) I had been told by my parents that we were going to go to another country (we were going to Sénégal in Africa), and of course I was really confused, I had no notion of what a country was ( I used to think Madrid was something on its own rather than being capital of Spain, lol), and even if I knew I would see black people for the first time, I even asked my mother if I would need to paint my skin black to fit with them, so I was really curious about what was going to happen next. When I arrived to Dakar, the capital of Sénégal, I was immediately stunned by the difference in the clothing people wore in the streets, the local language made no sense to me and I was trying to find anything in common with what I was used to in Spain, but nothing was similar enough for me to be comfortable at first. When I started going to school, I thought I'd be speaking Spanish as I always had, but I saw myself in a French kindergarten where I didn't understand either French, the local language (Wolof) and the English lessons, however I proved to be really interested in making friends and I easily learned French after a couple of months and I wasn't bad at English either. My experience there however wasn't very pretty, if you broke the rules to even the slightest you would be punished by a very strange way by the teachers, obviously something I had never seen before. The teacher's punishment consisted in ringing everyone to the courtyard, then after the other es made a circle around the punished, the teacher would start removing their clothes under their shirt, both for boys and girls. Indeed this made countless children cry, and I was scared that's it would happen to me, however I was surprised that when it was my turn to be punished like that (most probably for doing something stupid) it turned out really difficult to not cry, but I managed to. As the kids who I thought were my friends laughed at me I closed my eyes and waited for time to pass, and so I 'passed' the punishment without really learning any lesson. Another way they would punish if you hit someone it's to force you to stand still and let the person you hit hit you back, so of course this happened to me too (because when I was a kid I couldn't really control that) and so I find myself in front of the poor kid I had hit really hard (irony, i barely touched him) and then the teacher yelling at him to strike me harder, and harder, and she saw I wouldn't complain, I would not let her please herself with my suffering, and so she gave up. I went to that school for two years, and for the following three years that I would yet spend in Dakar I was brought to an American school, it's called International School of Dakar and sometimes I visit its website to see how it has changed since I left. An American school means learning more English and less French, and after the first year I was already trilingual at the age of 7, which can be considered like the trait of someone really lucky. I remember I had few friends at first, a girl and a Senegalese boy, and the next year I was really lucky and came upon a couple of Spanish kids who were also going to that school, and since I was older than them and spoke English better than them I always defended them when someone bullied them, and I dare say I'm proud of doing that. The American school was also a great experience and I have tens of good memories I still remember, and it's something not many children experience in their lives so I consider myself really lucky to have had the chance to live in a different context than the world others are used to. After five long but happy years, I returned to Spain and what follows is a story for another day.
  10. I noticed something:

    Being angry means letting selfishness take control of you.

    Being satisfied of helping others means letting empathy take control of you.

    However, when you choose to commit something seen as something unethical, for the greater good, I call that an eclipse between the other two situations.

  11. Howdy to whoever reads my profile, I'll be writing another entry on my blog tomorrow afternoon, just so you know.

    Have a good rest of the day.

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      Be looking forward to it. 

  12. Entry nº2 -My chaotic class

    That's great to hear.
  13. Hi moderate weeb here

    It's on your account settings, on the bottom part of the several choices you have: Overview- Email Adress- Password- Recently used devices- Signature- <--- it's over here
  14. Entry nº2 -My chaotic class

    Anytime, gambatte!
  15. What is your favorite anime?

    I haven't even finished watching it, but Black Bullet is quite entertaining.