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  1. Way too many to choose from... I'm going overboard and listing all my favorites. This is gonna take a while... Rurouni Kenshin- Freckles, 1/2 Fate/stay night- Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni, Brave Shine Air- Tori no Uta Azumanga Daioh- Soramimi Cake Monogatari- ambivalent world, dark cherry mystery, Platinum Disco Ghost Stories- Grow Up Berserk- Tell Me Why, Inferno Cardcaptor Sakura- Tobira wo Akete, Platinum Durarara!!- Complication Elfen Lied- Lilium Ergo Proxy- Kiri Nadia: Secret of Blue Water- Blue Water Gunslinger Girl- The Light Before We Land Inuyasha- I Am Kare Kano- Tenshi no Yubikiri Kimagure Orange Road- Orange Mystery Kyousougiga- Koko Magic Knight Rayearth- Yuzurenai Negai, Kirai ni Narenai, Hikari to Kage wo Dakishimeta mama Maison Ikkoku- Kanashimi yo Konnichiwa, Alone Again (Naturally), Suki sa, Hidamari To Love-ru- forever we can make it! Neon Genesis Evangelion- A Cruel Angel's Thesis Welcome to the N.H.K.- Puzzle Noragami- Goya wa Machiawase, Kyouran Hey Kids!! Spice and Wolf- Tabi no Tochuu Oreimo- irony Princess Tutu- Morning Grace Ranma 1/2- Omoide ga Ippai, Mou Nakanaide, Zettai! Part 2 Samurai Champloo- Battlecry Serial Experiments Lain- Duvet Revolutionary Girl Utena- Rinbu Revolution Slayers NEXT- Give a Reason Steins;Gate- Hacking to the Gate The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya- Super Driver Gurren Lagann- Sorairo Days Escaflowne- Yakusoku wa Iranai Diebuster- Groovin' Magic WataMote- Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- BLAZE xxxHolic- 19sai, Nobody Knows
  2. Anime Quiz

    I've slowly been putting one together on QuizUp if you want to try it . It's only got ~170 questions so far though, it's definitely a work in progress.
  3. Animated Profile Picture

    Just search for "gifs" of whatever you want your picture to be and you should be able to upload it as long as it's within the size limit.
  4. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    If only you could transfer a little of that to people who have no interest 1. I'm an impulse buyer. My weakest time is late at night when I'm browsing online for stuff I want. 2. I'm kind of pretentious. I want to read all the "classic" books, but I've got quite a few piling up now and I've partially read some of them more than once... 3. My dream job as a child was paleontology. 4. I've never been in a romantic relationship. 5. I try to have a devil-may-care attitude but I'm pretty sensitive, and it shows.
  5. Create an Anime character

    @Roxeg Did you happen to draw inspiration from Satoshi Tajiri? Here's my attempt: Karosophia is a descendant of a legendary martyr who sacrificed herself to save her children. Being the only one out of three siblings to survive, she has completely devoted herself to the religious order that took her in after her mother's death: The Hallowed Order of the Golden Dawn. She has few acquaintances because of her commitment to strengthening her bond with God. She has also memorized the scriptures which has led her to slack a bit as far as her assigned studies go, although she always aces her examinations. She follows a strict regimen of physical training and often goes out for several days at a time to fast in the wilderness (hence her neglected studies). She is working to become christened as an evangelist, although she has a deep-seated desire to confront her family's murderers. She also is struggling with her belief; although her nickname among her peers is "The Unshakable Faith", she does not feel the presence of God like she thought she had when she was younger. It seems to her that she inherited her beliefs from her mother rather than believing them out of conviction. Many of her peers have a grudge against her because of her tendency to report them for various misdemeanors, such as attempting to escape or breaking their religious vows. Recently a major problem for her has been the introduction of a new school of thought involving mysticism and alchemy to her peers by a supposed demon, and her curiosity towards such foreign concepts becomes an obstacle to her disciplinary duties. Her most common apparel is a Prussian blue monk's habit, and an elaborate scarlet mantle embroidered with the Rose Cross, as well as a heavy silver crown of thorns she has never been seen without. Karosophia is 19, her eyes are goldenrod and her hair Japanese carmine, she stands 6'4" tall and weighs about 200 lbs.
  6. Never heard this song before, and to be honest at first I thought it was from D.Gray-man It'd be cool if you did Lilium though, it sounds great on piano.
  7. What Manga are you reading?

    Marmalade Boy, because I saw the full set at Hammergirl. I have yet to walk out of that place without buying something.
  8. Explicit Anime

    The Devilman OVAs
  9. What Type Of Dere Are You?

    I knew it
  10. Recommend a good Otaku / geek Anime

    All I've got to recommend are WataMote, Welcome to the NHK, and Otaku no Video.
  11. Opinions on Clannad?

    I assume you're talking about After Story, which I haven't seen yet. Just based on the first season and not having played the VN I thought it was nice but not deserving of all the praise it gets.
  12. What is your least favourite anime?

    Then I've got to at least give it a shot right?
  13. What is your least favourite anime?

    No Game No Life. A friend recommended it to me saying it was one of their favorites, I've always thought the art style is amazing just from clips and screenshots I've seen, and I really never heard anything bad about it. The visuals were great; it didn't live up to any other of my hyped-up expectations.
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