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  1. Anime Opening Quiz

    7. I completely forgot the FMA and NGNL openings
  2. If You Hate Someone

    I just keep it to myself and attempt to treat them neutrally, without letting my bias show. As long as they aren't stressing me out to the point that I can't stop thinking about them I never have any problems; in the extremely rare cases they do I'll confront them verbally, and once it gets to that point I'm probably going to say some things I'll regret later.
  3. Neeeed new stuff desperately

    Running out of stuff to watch? Impossible... I'll take a shot in the dark and recommend these: [mal type=anime id=283] [mal type=anime id=145] [mal type=anime id=1293]
  4. Which Song Are You Listening To?

  5. I’m new, I want some anime friends

    Hey, welcome! Been watching anything good recently?
  6. What Anime Should I Watch?

    Which Berserk did you see? If it was 2016 then I recommend the 1997 adaptation.
  7. Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    @Beocat It definitely has a reserved spot on my shelf. As for Sailor Moon, it is a fun watch, but I certainly wasn't as invested in it as CCS.
  8. AF Theme

    Yeah, I really do prefer the Megami theme. Is there any particular reason for it being taken down?
  9. On days when I don't have anything going on, 6-8 episodes. On an average day two episodes, one while I eat breakfast and another at night before bed. Then there's days when I get hooked on a book or game and don't watch any for a week or more without realizing it.
  10. Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    The first one I watched, Cardcaptor Sakura, is my favorite. It was recommended in one of Glass Reflection's videos and since I like a lot of the stuff he does I figured I'd at least give it a shot, and went in expecting to hate it; at the time I wouldn't have wanted to be caught dead watching something that could be considered "girly". Then it ended up as one of my favorite shows, and afterward I decided to at least give every show I come across a chance before I judge it as something I wouldn't like.
  11. Which Song Are You Listening To?

  12. Post your Waifu :)

  13. Which Song Are You Listening To?

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