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  1. My New Music

  2. My New Music

    these are cool i love it
  3. Heyyy...New here :) :)

    Hi there
  4. Insta!

    I'll be your friend I love making friends as well
  5. My first AMV Videos

    Great job and welcome
  6. Hello!

    Hey there and welcome
  7. Why School Days Why

    I dont know
  8. Should I watch One Piece?

    Of course
  9. Teen Titans Reaction

    Wait you guys like teen titans
  10. Where are you from?

    Puerto Rico
  11. Hey there, I'm the new guy.

    Hi there how are you
  12. Tokyo Ghoul:re - Episode Discussion

    I love Tokyo Ghoul so much i still can not get enough of it
  13. What was the last thing you bought?

    A anime figure😁😂
  14. Love is the one thing that brings us together and to never let go of each other.
  15. love will follow you around and it will show you the person that you are in love with. so cute and romantic
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