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  1. *boop* just checking to see how is everyone since i'm super duper ultra busy ;-;

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    2. Teru


      I don't know you yet, I'll be waiting for when you're free. Don't need to rush, I'll be here.

    3. Viper


      Nice to see you back

    4. Wodahs


      not the same place with out you here

  2. Me: I have to save money for the convention in april. Also me: orders new pokemon plushie #nosalvation

  3. kinda same but I dropped it after 3 episodes so I don't really wanna judge sth I haven't seen Owari no Seraph was pretty bad imo as well... the second season was thankfully not as idiotic as the first one but I still have a bad opinion about the anime Okami shoujo to kuro ouji was another terribly cringey anime that I regret watching, the characters were just so freaking stupid and it makes me feel bad that the author considered such a low-key abusive relationship to be worthy of making a story about Also, Mirai Nikki is another one of those I dislike... it has many fans, I know, but seriously, for the most part it was just stupid children and even stupider adults doing sh*t that lead to nothing and the whole plot would have no freakin point otherwise, so the author threw in a joke of a ''god'' to make things work.... wtf
  4. others: say they don't like socialzing but they go out once and then they suddenly become party animals (true story) me: will forever be an awkward nerdling that rarely goes out
  5. i've only used a shotgun (not pleasant) so i'll go with that xP if u were a bird what kind would u be?
  6. going back home tomorrow... can't wait to see my love again ^^

    1. zoop


      Been on a trip or away for school or such?

    2. Evil Bunny of Doom

      Evil Bunny of Doom

      eh no, i'm not a school kid anymore >.> i've moved to a different city

    3. zoop


      Well, I was thinking university or such. :D And that makes sense.

  7. amazon ofc... I do not enjoy crappy junk food thank you very much =_= zoop or pooz?
  8. I ran into a rather popular greek actor the other day in the subway... He's short irl XP I didn't talk to him or anything (he's not my friend, duh) but I kept my eye on him until he got off, it was kinda fun
  9. smash, I may be a sinner but I never really liked the mario games ;-; sorry this or that?
  10. Others: Hey this band sounds really cool, I'll download a few songs Me (at least once every couple of months): omg this band sounds so awesome, lemme get all their songs, follow every member on social media, save pics, worship them, cry because I cant go to their concerts, basically let them consume my life... *and when that fateful day comes when my fave member decides to leave the band*.... WHY? WHY HAVE YOU BETRAYED ME IN SUCH A WAY? KILL ME NOW FOR I HAVE NO REASON TO CONTINUE LIVING!!! (*glares at crown the empire*) and that is until I worship someone new XP
  11. not really into them... the only one i'd watch ever since i was a little kid was figure skating XP (u can be sure i enjoyed yoi a lot) what sound does your heart make when it's breaking? (mine sounds like one of those fart prank thingis that u put on ur friend's chair)
  12. that's more like my kind of question xP tbh i have many bands that have consumed my soul and i love all their songs but if i had to pick one it would be.... hmmm.... i think a skylit drive gets this one because i can't even think of a sinlge lyric i don't like XP dunno their music and the feel of the songs is just sooo awesome as a kid, were you the type to clean your room yourself or did your parents made you do it?
  13. my dog my phone my fave plushie my sketchbook i can survive without everything else XP if you had to kill the person u love most how would u do it?
  14. draw nap eat draw nap eat draw nap eat do u smell bad? XP
  15. oh yeah I meant to ask something... something i remembered two minutes ago but now i forgot eww i don't like pools... they stink and the water is not salty and there is no sand or pebbles... I've never swum in a lake or river tho... sounds like fun XP main courses (tho i have no idea what that means so i'll just say some foods) - egg noodles with sweet chili sause - pastitsio - spaghetti with tomato sause - pizza - ok now i dunno how this one is called but it's boiled rice with cashews and pears or something it's quite nice XP side: - mushrooms - won ton (hope i spelled these right) - spring rolls - meatballs beverages: - water - wine - tea deserts: - apple pie - chocolate cake guest: @Davis soooo... have you ever been bullied in school?
  16. So, in case you haven't noticed, I post a lot of those status(es? dunno the plural it's latin ) because I think they're fun and the exaggerated comparisons are something I've always enjoyed. Well, here, I'm giving you the chance to submit your own 'others vs me'. In case you're confused I'll give you an example of something I posted today on my facebook Other girls: Run into a pole because they're looking at a hot passerby (male or female whatev u like) Me: Runs into a pole because I was looking at a cute dog (this has actually hapened to me... more than once... but you can always exaggerate a bit to make it more fun)
  17. i've never tried sky diving (tho i'd like to) so i'll have to go with swiming.. i luv it anyway fun fact: having grown up with weirdo parents on whom i could never rely on is one of the reasons i have such a close relationship with nature since it made me feel safe... when i was younger i decided the sea is my mother and the sky is my father so anything that involves those two elements (like sky diving or scuba diving or dunno) is something i would try if i was given the chance (i'm not scared of heights or deep water or stuff liek dat xP)
  18. People: omg valentine's day is coming, cant wait to spend it with my bf/gf Me: food

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    2. Belgrade_assassin


      Food's good too! :D I've wanted to eat some grill with onions and smell without a care in a world!

    3. Kohloo


      me: it's just a corporate cash grab :/

    4. Belgrade_assassin


      ^ Well it is but you can make it whatever you'd like it to be so no worries there. :D

  19. To be honest, I've never given it much thought... I suppose I like both equally. It all depends on what mood I am in I guess...
  20. that's easy panic at the disco do you prefer swrds etc or modern weapons?
  21. yeh, when i was much younger but i caught a very small baby fish and i felt bad for it ;-; i've been scared ever since... i dislike killing animals anyway so i don't think i'll try it ever again what color do you wear more often?
  22. 6,5/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYKUeZQbMF0
  23. 7.5/10 it was relly nice... if only i could understand russian ;-; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miomuSGoPzI
  24. as much as i love tattoos i don't think i'd get an anime related one cause tastes change and i might not like it in the future XP plus i'm really indesicive so it's not a good idea for me to do so... (if i ever get one it'll probably be a custom design or sth)
  25. 7/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALj5MKjy2BU
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