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  1. Today I have been watching a longplay of the original Diddy Kong Racing for N64. Was, and still is one of my favorite games on the N64.
  2. I'm feeling good today just built a new office chair with my partner so feeling accomplished on that but otherwise just regular ol day.
  3. Now that would be one dope castle forsurre. Ya I am looking quite forward to playing with the new blocks as well. I love building castles in Minecraft I have done several sadly the largest is long sense deleted. Though I am sure I'll build more. I too love exploring in games Minecraft in particular is fun though before long you've seen nearly everything, and read about the rest with most past updates. Though with this one may keep us entertained for a good while.
  4. Welcome to AF Kyng thats col that you make anime content. Its a bit hard to find good anime related YouTube content what with how YouTube ccan be with it. Hope you have a great time here, and if you ever wanna talk anime, or just chat feel free to message me anytime. See you around.
  5. Boy been a bit since I posted here. So who is excited for the new nether update.
  6. Geano


    I see very said, and rather convincing/ The whole open source vs closed source can be argument can be made for some things though I giess for tthe most part Windows has never bothered me. I have a strong Windows admin background on both their desktop as well as server OSs. I do thik tthe open source solutions for certain apps are a clear choice for sure thorough it just depends on what you really want to do. Its a bit of a trade off closed source only eyes on the code are who Microsoft permits for the deepest things though in the good spurt of their customers especially their business customers I'd think they are pretty secure with their product, and nothing is 100% secure no matter what it is. Trade off with open souse is your counting on the fact that theirs enough eyes with good faith on the code to prevent a huge risk of security. Though the thing with ciding is you don't often need to be an expert, or software engineer to spot an opportunity, and with open source its their in the open for everyone to study. Though I ggiess the otter side if that coin is it gets fast development even if it is sunsetted at some point there may still be small time modifications depending on the licences of course.
  7. Far as materials go I highly suggest lightest possible if its your first time. Go for comfort over aesthetics also since if at a con/event you'll be in it for a while. For example for most female school girl anime uniforms cosplays a nice cotton will do fine for the skirt, and shirt. The only thing with that is you'll probably be modifying cloths more then sewing from ground up especially with cotton. Really my best advice for choosing/making an outfit is to watch it on YouTube as then you can follow along as well as she how it is being in in somewhat real time. When it comes to your wig just look for it on eBay if you want a pre-made character one. Most folks there have been doing that fpr a long time so you can be pretty confident it'll turn out nice. Only real important thing to remember here is go with a seller who will do a made to order job for you not something that is being resold. This is becise it will often be of much higher quality, and comfortable as its more or less tailored for you. Other then that the only other thing that is a tough call is shoes, and accessories. Shoes can be custom made just like wigs though shoes even plain old shoes tend to cost a lot, and anything custom will ring up a nice bill. Though again you'll be in it for hours so comfortably is important. You cam also often do whole made to order cosplays as well, and if you buy a ffew of them tthey are often done by highly practiced people in the art form so you can just see what they use, and slowly learn yourself to improve on making your own. Thats my best advice I hope this helps, and good luck.
  8. Quite witty I can respect that, and very good drawing by the way.
  9. Geano


    Yah I think in the case for Brave its more that fact they tote themselves as the so called privacy premier solution compared to their compaction like chrome, or edge. Yah I hear you there I am a fan of the old way Ubuntu worked as even in Ubuntu I mostly just relay on the command line for most things. I would also agree that Arch is definitely not for everyone. Though it is fun to play with, and learn about.
  10. Geano


    Right I would not dressage after all gotta keep the funding for these open source projects free, and powerful. So I'd I am wondering about something. When did you switch to Linux, and what keeps you using it besides the fact it is open source?
  11. Feeling pretty good pretty much used to the new world order all must endure.
  12. Welcome to AF quote a bubbly personality thats cool. Hope you enjoy your time here with us on the forums hope to see you around.
  13. Played some Minecraft Dungeons got some more levels today. Also checked out the PS5 news.
  14. Hello there welcome to AF. Hope you enjoy your time here with us. I'm always up for new friends as well so feel free to message me anytime. See you around.
  15. Geano


    Wow that sucks though I guess I am not surprised that Ubuntu would do this. Over the years they seem to have gotten more, and more influenced by this sort of thing. I presume you're fering to the Windows phone home feature they use in every version except Enterprise, and Edu. You can run a few exes to remove it in other versions though its super techy and not something average users would even think about. Its sad, but then Windows dose allow you to modify a lot for a so called closed source solution so they figue those who want to take the time to mod the registry will, but most won't so there will be a steady stream of diagnostic data for them to improve Windows, In my opinion if they stopped there I'd be ok with that as most devs do use this to improve their software. Though they push for much more collection, and even more if you sign in via your Microsoft account. Of course all these things can be opted out of or minimized though they don't make it easy for the average non tech user. When it comes to Brave thanks for the heads up on that I am still fairly new to it, but I'll keep my eye on news related to it for things like this. Has Firefox had things like this happen that you know of recently?
  16. Geano


    This was in the news a lot recently yes. Though they have stopped doing so since the story broke like wildfire Though I know your an open source guy. I like open source software too though I am ok with closed source things like Windows. In terms of Brave they switched the default to no longer do this for so they say. Just a good reminder for us all to chick all our configurations, and settings after installing any software. Even a lot of open source software has a default dynastic data collection togged on by default. Though I do see the argument of it being bit shady.
  17. Playing some Minecraft Dungeons loving this game.
  18. For me in most cases there really is no compassion between anime, and manga at least in terms of which is better.They are entirely different forms of media that requite very different distinction to truly enjoy both for what they are. Though if I had to name a few manga series where the manga is the source material and is clearly superior. Yuru Yuri, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yugioh & Yugioh, Detective Conan, Naruto all manga seeries for it. Honestly those are just a few examples. I also personally think that when it comes to the so called mainstream anime series say Naruto, One Piece etc the manga for those in particular neats out the anime every time.
  19. Yes I am very excited for the nether biomes especially.
  20. In the Java edition you can have multiple versions be delectable from the launcher if you go into the settings you'll find a menu to add them as short cuts. It can also be really good if your using mods too.
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