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  1. Yet in one of the new biomes they spawn which is sorta odd to me right now, but I'm sure I'll adjust.
  2. Geano


    Damn that kinda crazy when you put in that perspective. I guess its a matter of time like everything else we'll get there when we get there like everything else. and if we don't its probably a company like Microsoft slowing down the industry with their capitalism like you mention prior.
  3. Geano


    I see that makes sense. This is stuff I have been studying pretty heavily as I am studying computer science. So any info certainly helps me. Makes sense as well that there is no true tangible gains for the expense even in the enterprise data center type environments where clustered computing works just as well if not better for the price based on what your saying. So asuming the cost wasn't a gactor what possible gains could wee see from 128-bit hardware if say the spec was worked out?
  4. Welcome to AF, and I'd say you've stumbled into the right community plenty of anime here. Its nice to see such passion for anime as I too have an intense life long passion for anime among other things as well. Hope to see you around, and if you feel like chatting shoot a message I am not to shy.
  5. So I got the Nether Update today a day late lol. I did a bit of exploring, and I have to say its quite an improvement to the game. Far more so then probably the last two big updates have been. There is actually a reason to go to the nether now.
  6. I love, and I watched Scoob a couple weeks ago just had to see it. Because it is Scooby Doo, and that was one of my favs as a kid it gets points. I'd give it 7/10 at best. Wasn't anywhere near the classics though it was good for what it was for sure. At the end of the day was at tthe very least a good time.
  7. Today just been watching some retro game longplays in particular at the moment Star Fox Assault. Oh it hurts my heart the fate of such an awesome series much like most of Nintendo's story driven franchises.
  8. I wonder what a virtual con would be like given the times we're in right now. A few tech cons I know of are doing a virtual experience. With that said they are industry run cons so it is slightly easier then a fan run event where its uncertain who the guests, or panelists will be each year. Though what do you guys think it would be like, and given the current climante would to attend?
  9. Geano


    Yes I did do some reading between replies so to speak, and I do see it your point here. At the end of the day though the industry really will go with whatt is best. Who's to say a successor to x86 with a more complex ISA won't come along soon. Say speaking along the same limes I want to know your thoughts why have we not gone to 128-bit computing like when we jumped from 32 to 64 bit way back when?
  10. Geano


    Even so it will certainly be a longer transition then a few years, and RISC CPUs compared side by side with CISC are technically not as capable at least for the time being. But in either case we'll just have to go where the industry leads us.
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    Gaming chat

    Can't deny there a nice home build PC is the way to go. I have always preferred PCs over consoles. Though I am a collector of many things geek so consoles are on that list. So I'll get it eventually. Sony is defiantly not the nicest label when it comes to their entertainment sector either. They have effected the anime, and anime games industry quite a bit in ways I won't get into here. Though for me at least censorship is not ok in art.
  12. No Game No Life is amazing hands down one off my favs from the era. I used to think that it should have gotten another season though now it is honestly to late for that. It would be tough to put one together with the same quality, and representation as the original was. Fact is when any series takes this long to suddenly produce another season unless its a big name series its likely to fail, or at least not have the same reception as it once had. No Game No Life is incredible, and at this point I personally just want to enjoy it for what it is form time to time rather then seeing some studio thats never touched it ruin it with a season 2.
  13. Geano

    Gaming chat

    I'm personally not a fan of the chassis of this console I know its just first version release, and there will be others soon. Though this color just bugs me. Though under the hood it is fairly impressive from what I have read.
  14. Had yogurt again this time vanilla flavored was very yummy.
  15. Geano


    I would not say its that cut, and dry with ARM CPUs sweeping the market. It is true that for Mac, and certain distroes for Linux this may very be a good option for reduced power consumption among other things. Though for main stream computing the x86 IS has a long road ahead of it. Apple can get away with using ARM which is a RISK caricature becuse they are a closed ecosystem. Linux, and especially Windows is a every open ecosystem. Windows desktop OSs, and even their server OSs can technically run on basically any hardware including x86 based Mac hardware. I see this more of a typical Apple muscle flex move to further enclose their ecosystem tighter. With that said it is true a big reason Apple jump on the RISK bandwagon in particular with ARM is due to the steady system of exploits with Intel, and even AMD CPUs. Techinally Windows already supports ARM CPUs in the form of some tablet computers though I do nnot see them going to it exclusively.
  16. Yah it defiantly can be rough on lower end ones. I have always had a machine that can keep up with it for the most part though. Though the other issue us not only was it not written to well it was based in Java which in it of itself is a issue. Though the community for the Java Edition is so large would not be wise to discontinue the Java Edition they'd have a literal fallout on their hands.
  17. I have to say I am learning the more I play with mod sets, and modpacks that resources can quickly get eaten through faster then even most games of a higher standard. Minecraft is one demanding game.
  18. Gotta say I love the Nintendo 64. Just an amzing game console with a hella dope game lineup. 

  19. Yes 2018 was not a good year for PC gaming what with bitcoin at a all time high. Though every article I have read since then seems to suggest that bitcoin at least is highly unlikely to reach that exchange rate again considering how much better hardware for mining is even in just two, and a half years. I have a GTX 1070 it works great its now been in two systems my old one which failed likely the pump for my aio. So I just put it in my new system, and worked great. Though someday wpuld like a RTX card even more so now that the 30 series seems to be making some progress on even the 20 Super series.
  20. I love this stuff nnot cheap, but so damn ggood, and somewhat healthy.
  21. Yah I would agree there. What GTX card you running with it? Yah I love playing with texture packs in MC especially themed ones.
  22. Yes, and thats literally almost here. Itts sure to have a bug, or two especially for Java edition, but they'll sort it out. Its hella awesome nonetheless.
  23. Ok that is awesome especially the second pic.
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