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  1. Hello there and welcome to AF hope you have a great time here. Hope to see you around.
  2. Hello and welcome to AF hope you enjoy your time here. Always fun getting back into something new in particular something as awesome as anime. Hope to see you around.
  3. Got caught up with the gaming news, and started watching Pokemon Clover with my wifu.
  4. I wouldn't necessarily disagree with you, or at least those fears are by no means unfounded. Those are my worries too though I am going to at least check it out.
  5. Geano

    Gaming chat

    I must have skimmed right over this when reading this topic earlier. I saw this from a few YouTubers I follow. It is quite honestly amazing. Though I am sure you'll agree with me that its not what we'll be seeing out of the gate when these consoles release this year, or next. Though should be awesome once we do start seeing more developers utilize its features.
  6. Nothing like listening to a good audio book, and making serious progress in it. 

    1. RuthisianCodex


      I'm a fan of audio books as well :) 

    2. Geano


      They really are quite contaminant. 

  7. Geano


    I see yah in my case comfortably with settings isn't an issue either I am aware of what most do, and of courses everyone knows no one is above a mobo manual. The thing for me is I am just fine putting a computer together getting everything configured, and running with it. Doing maintenance when needed as well as regularly like normal. Thanks much though that was quite a bit of incite. I agree as well that AMD has most certainly stepped up their game enough to convince many non believers to rethink myself included. I have historically been a Intel guy my last system before my mobo failed had a Intel i7 9700X series chip. I never once did overclock it I even had a corsair H100i AIO so I could too. At the time I wanted to try it, or at least have the option open to me. In that systems case either the mobo failed as it did once before once shortly after I bought though then it was under return policy so was a easy swap at the time. I know from my background which is in a lot of computing topics among them repair is that mobos don't often fail, or if they do its hard to really tell, and even if you can figure out the exact issue not really worth it sense parts are rarely replaceable. Unless it is a very special case which very few consumer mobos meet that circumstance. I have since done a lot of research on air vs water cooling in particular air vs AIO water cooling as I am nnot at all interested in setting up a custom loop in my system for myself. The other thing that likely failed on that system was the pump for the AIO. Air coolers fail far less often, and far less hard on other parts. So for the foreseeable future I am a member of the air cooler camp aftermarket of coerce not running one of those coasters they include.
  8. Geano


    I see yes thats what I have read to regarding what you've mentioned here. I often watch a lot of videos on YouTube about overclocking for gaming, or content creation performance improvements. Though based on that, and what your saying it seems to be quite a hobbyist type things. I love building computers, and working with hardware. I do hhowever enjoy coding as well as software modding quite a bit as well as web programming. Though I have always enjoyed the logical side of computing.
  9. Geano

    Username Updates

    Only to glad to help. You can do it in the shop. Thats how I did. Though in my case its not something I intend to do often if again. I guess time will tell.
  10. Geano


    See I have known how to assemble, and troubleshoot computer hardware among other things for many years though I have to say you seem to know much about twerking which is something I really have a bit less experience with. I just never had a issue running my CPU, or GPU at stock speeds as I am not a hardcore gamer, and the content creation work I do seems not to suffer with stock speeds. I do trend to buy higher end components though. If I were to try it on like a play build sometime soon where would you say is good place to start. Keep in mind I have adjusted such settings as memory timings, and CPU clock speed on a basic level, and I know how to configure UEFI, or BIOS from a technical sense. Though I guess I am asking what advantages do you really get in real world from overclocking. I have seen the videos with LTT, BitWit, and others in terms of bench marking though says very little about real world application.
  11. I might have misunderstood exactly what you were meaning at first though if its not in the list I looked through the other best place to look would be MAL though might take some digging.
  12. I had gold fish with summer sausage, rains, and a few slices of cheese was very yummy.
  13. Can't go wrong with a quick Google Search. I admit most 80s stuff is a bit before my time though there is quite a bit of it listed here
  14. Hey there Persona welcome back to AF glad to see you here again with us. Hope you are able to stick around longer this time. I'd love to chat sometime.
  15. Geano

    Hi there Kity I have to say I really like your avatar its cute. What series is it from.

    1. Loli


      Seras Victoria (Hellsing) *Blushes for the compliment*

      Thank you Geano.

      *Shares an instrumental with*





    2. Ohayotaku


      Thought so, though at first glance I thought it was Bell Hydra from Blood Lad


    3. Geano


      Even though that anime has way to much fan service I loved it story wise.

  16. Geano

    Gaming chat

    As of late I have been playing a lot of Minecraft as always though besides that finished MML a truly wonderful VN, and hoping to start a few more VNs. Also been playing good amount of Dead by Daylight.
  17. Must be nothing less then a culture shock watching something from 20+ years ago to something released even a few years ago. I personally have followed anime pretty much non stop from age 6 to now with my highest level of interest starting in junior high. So I have been heavily into for 18, or so years. I am glad you are enjoying it, and found some series you yourself can enjoy on your own. If you ever want suggestions this is a great place for them just browse around the forums for five minutes, and you'll see lots of interesting series. We here also love suggesting series to each other so feel free to ask me at any time.
  18. Geano

    Username Updates

    Yah that would be awesome, and I agree it would be way better too. I have been on many a site with such a feature it's normally a plugin that can be added.
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