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  1. On an Off-day with priorities taken care of.
  2. Armada


    A lot of Anime is about the feels Anime does the feels so well it's a personal feel thing and I think you made a good revelation about it. I watch Anime to get the emotions I don't see enough of in real life and for some reason, Japanese Anime does it so very well. I think it's healthy to keep in touch with these emotions and feelings as if we were to use them in an everyday setting it would be manipulated and abused this is just the nature of our environments and of course not everywhere just the bad areas.
  3. I find this story fascinating and a humble hopeful bright future for human space travel as a more common leisure in the not too distant future. As of right now, it'll be a purely experimental phase with many things that could and can go wrong. But like with every means of travel in our human timeline, it'll eventually get ironed out and refined till it becomes commonplace which is exciting considering we're getting to a new stage in human advancement. I wonder what the meals will be like or if they even get a meal a Space Meal that's!
  4. I recently watched "The Asterisk War" which is a pretty cool anime if you're into the whole futuristic setting. Also watching anime is about personal preference so just find something you like the look of or are into and see how it goes. I usually like to give an anime 5 or so episodes before I make my decision whether or not to watch all of it. And remember some animes may start out slow and build-up over time so it's really just a matter of dedicating some time to getting to the tasty parts.
  5. Succubuses now they're a whole other story! As for the Kitsune Soul sucking part, yes I believe you're right they don't take souls.
  6. I was very tempted to pick a Cat Girl as a cat in heat... Well, I think we understand but Fox Girls have always had a special place in my heart. I understand the Anime equivalent of Fox Girl is in the form of Kitsunes, creatures who take the form of beautiful young women trying to lure men to bed with them to suck their victim's soul from them by the way of sex. For me it would be hard to resist such temptation, I'm still unsure as to what I'd do in such a situation but I have a strange feeling I'd end up going with the Kitsune!
  7. Nope, I never had a person I could call a friend nor have I found a Friend with a similar interest to me who isn't judging and hard to trust. The life of a weeb is an isolated and lonely one more so nowadays than in the past it's a truly sad pathetic world we live in full of hate and whatnot. Anyway, I hope that answers your question and to answer your friend invitation SURE! But we'll need to see how things go as only time is the real decider with these things.
  8. Eh wouldn't say I have a favourite as there is just so much choice out there nowadays, whatever am feeling in the mood for.
  9. I don't know many Anime Watchers who aren't Gamers also haha.
  10. I've always viewed them as outlaws by boat, today's pirate isn't quite as glamorous or potentially glamorous as a pirate from our imaginations or fairy tales. They're often doing it out of desperation to make a buck to get-by since their home country doesn't provide them with a means to do so or be very good or effective at it. The haul they get if a pirate raid is successful is more than they'll make in their lifetime, which is why so many risks their lives to achieve this. Keep in mind it's an extremely dangerous environment to put yourself in as you might be backstabbed, used as bait, tipped by choppy waters, attacked by a shark, killed by a misfire of a weapon on the boat due to careless handling of deadly weapons. And this is all before the actual attempt at stealing cargo/crew of a cargo vessel, most vessels today have constant contact with Naval Forces from all over the world and are often armed with personal security contractors armed with AR's, Mounted MG's, Radio's to Near-by Naval Vessels with Cannons, Machine Guns, Attack Choppers, Rapid Response Fighter Jets and Automated Flak Throwing Double Barreled Cannons! Not a Risk am willing to take.
  11. Armada


    If it works wells with what they're trying to convey then I have no problem what they do so long as it's good.
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