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    Angel Beats (Haven’t watched it in a while but I liked it)
    Parasyte: The Maxim

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    Slice of Life
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    Byakuya from “Under Night In-Birth”


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    Megaman but I’m thinking about giving some fighting games a try
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    Nintendo Switch but the online service sucks lmao

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  1. I play some SSBU, watch fangame translations, such and such. Right now I'm learning spanish from an app I was suggested. I really enjoy listening to music, I don't really like vocal songs though.
  2. As right as mere mortals will ever get it.
  3. Hm, I wanna say something Megaman X related like Zero or something.
  4. Yeah. Hopefully when I watch it I can learn what all the hype is about.
  5. (If I did the introduction thing wrong please tell me, This stuff is still confusing) It’s been multiple months since this account was made, so I guess an introduction is in order. My username is Parmesan, you can call me really anything though because I opened my third eye and learned what mere mortals can’t learn so I’m woke as heck and don’t care. I recently caught up in some manga but I’m not caught up with 2019 spring anime really. I was recommended that shield hero thing but I haven’t watched it yet lmao
  6. Lock them in a cage and feed them prune juice and old bread.
  7. My favorite drawing app I can use on my mobile device (My laptop could run Gimp but I locked myself out of it by accident) is probably Ibis Paint X. Though when I see the popular drawings they display I get pretty discouraged for not being as good as them, but that’s more just my self-confidence issues than anything.
  8. Honestly, for me I find digital easier. My traditional art just comes out a lot worse and I’m not as confident in it really.
  9. I really liked “Parasyte: The Maxim” but horror anime might not be your thing. I also watched “Charlotte”, “One Punch Man”, “Black Clover”, and “FMA: Brotherhood” just to name a few. OPM being the first anime I ever watched. Though I’m not an expert on the objectively best anime because I don’t watch as many anymore.
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