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  1. Solo Levelling and Berserk of Gluttony. I am also reading Tales of Gods and Demons from time to time. Out of curiosity, I've read a couple chapters ahead (well maybe more than just a couple chapters ) of Kimetsu no Yaiba and The Rising of the Shield Hero.
  2. Muco

    Dessert Connoisseurs

    I can relate to this haha. It takes a huge toll on your teethes if you eat to many at once since they are quite sugary. And yeah it's a sweet you better enjoy with a drink like tea or coffee, depending what you prefer. Luckily, I don't had to pay a visit to the dentist for anything to serious.
  3. Muco

    Dessert Connoisseurs

    Oh we have got a couple of people with a sweet tooth. For me it's Lokum (turkish delight), a turkish sweet I fell in love with. There are many variations of it, so here an example how it looks like.
  4. It's actually a mix of seinen elements and shounen. (the chimera arc for instance) Well, this is the conclusion I came to after watching through the whole series. Regardless of whether it's published in a shounen magazine or not. Oregairu is a masterpiece and I love Hikigaya as well. Especially the way he handle things like in the rooftop scene, if you know what I mean. Straightforward and Honest. As I said above, have fun watching them pal. I have also seen Akame ga Kill, it was a waste of time and wouldn't recommend to anyone.
  5. Hunter x Hunter is a must-watch and you should give it a go if you like adventure alike anime and in times it can become quite dark. Not your average shonen anime if I may say so. I have seen Hyouka as well as Classroom of the Elites, both MC's are smart and come to reasonable conclusions (that's how I would sum up both of them) so if they were both recommended to you then you are either into mysteries or riddles or have an affection to MC's outwitting their opponents with ease. Unlike Classroom of the Elites, Hyouka has no fight scenes so it's more about mysteries and the MC is supposed to solve them accordingly (against his will) but he refuses to waste energy on anything that is bothersome and this goes so on throughout the series. Watch the first 3 episodes and look for yourself whether it's something you would enjoy, it's certainly not for everyone as it may seem boring to some. Classroom of the Elites involves more fighting and MC is cunning as well - I expected it to be just like any other anime with no special story but It's more than meets the eye. I gave it a rating of 9 out of 10 which is pretty rare. It resembles a bit Oregairu the way the MC thinks so it's up to you to decide whether you would enjoy watching it. Actually 1-2 episodes should be plenty to give you an idea of how this anime is build up. Only other anime on ur list ive seen is Violet Evergarden, it's great and you should check the reviews on AF if you want. To sum it up - MC is a girl who was used as a tool to win wars, she met a man she calls Major (her superior) and after the war ended she had nowhere to go. So she became a ghost writer (thats how you would call it now i guess) for a friend of the major using a write machine. It takes place around the 20th century most likely. Basically she goes around and visits people who are not able to write and therefore need the help of Violet. Each encounter with a "customer" is unique on its own way. Violet Evergarden has by far the best visuals from what you could expect of an anime, along with Kino no Tabi (remake). Have fun watching and I would recommend you Oregairu if you like Classroom of the Elites.
  6. Muco

    Anime Commercials

    I have only heard about one case where a man in the USA sued Redbull for "not giving him wings" as it's stated in their slogan (or a commercial, don't really remember). It sounds ridiculous at first, but apparently he was in the right and according to the judgment - Redbull had to pay him a compensation of around 10 Million Dollar. So it might end up being a failure, if anime commercials were to come to USA or EU as the laws are different from country to country. And it feels as if anime studios who do these commercials don't have a huge interest to expand out of Japan. As you mentioned - this would create workplace for non-japanese workers and probably be a good income for anime studios and maybe, just maybe the mangaka's and animators will be able to get a decent salary. I guess anime commercials are capable of adapting to any culture, sure the familiarity of it coming from japan would be completely gone but that is bound to happen anyway if you do commercials for regional companies with no connections to Japan whatsoever. Imagine you are watching an anime commercial where you see two teams (inspired by haikyuu) playing volleyball and after a short scene they rest on the bench and have a drink. (i will leave it to your imagination which drink they advertise ) Depending on the consumers age, it could have a huge impact on how they perceive the commercial. They might even turn into a 24/7 Otaku, who knows that right?
  7. Actually most of my favorite anime are quite popular among the anime community. Although - I had a conversation with a couple fellows from an anime discord server and there was nobody who really had any clue about Tegamibachi. I found it myself while searching for another series with similar aspects to Kino no Tabi. Some funny scenes where I couldn't resist to smirk. (putting them in a spoiler just in case)
  8. I am easily influenced by anime covers which is why I tend to watch anime with good visual/animation first. This one was interesting but it really reminded me to Sirius. Unfortunately, I read the manga a bit ahead, enough for whole 12 episodes. I can tell that this anime could really turn out to be great, just needs to be continued. I wouldn't say silly but rather funny if that's how to word it properly. Both of his fellows (blond haired one as well as the guy with the boar mask) will make it endurable to watch.
  9. Muco

    Anime Commercials

    Been lately watching a few anime commercials whom my friend showed me - apparently there seems to be more commercials from Kyoto Animation i've not seen yet. This one in particular caught my eye, it's really fitting for the current season with all the flowers starting to bloom over again.
  10. I plan to watch it soon. Natsume's Book of Friends (highly recommend to any slice of life lover)
  11. Let's liven up this thread, once again. 8/10 Sounds quite well, liked the singers voice. Kingdom Opening 2
  12. Muco

    Favorite Anime EDs

    Would have been better if these posts were wrapped in a spoiler tag to avoid long scrolling as well as having a good overview on the thread, anyway here are two of my favorite endings.
  13. Oregairu is the only anime that pops up in my mind.
  14. It's pretty unlikely. Hyouka ended with no source material to continue. I have also read the Light Novel and the ending was the same. I will just tag along with @efaardvark and say that I would rather see a movie. Maybe one where all of them are grown ups. I'm kinda curious to see adult Houtarou.
  15. It's definitely an issue and I can relate to. I normally type it down on my threads if spoiler tags are necessary. Also spoilers tags are same across forums. Actually there are several other issues such as thread duplication, even though you get a list of possible threads that might be similar or the same to what you intended to make. I know that this is a common problem but these things can be solved by addressing them explicitly.
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