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  1. 91 Days and Gansta. (the latter one will most likely not continue due the studio going bankrupt - unless another studio picks it up which is pretty unlikely)
  2. Anime Series: Erased, Darker than Black, D. Gray Man, ReLife, Your lie in April, Pandora Hearts and Zetsuen no Tempest. Anime Movies: Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, A Silent Voice and Crystal Sky of Yesterday.
  3. Was this not available before the platform changed? Afaik, there was this option where you could tick a checkbox and get notified whenever followers post or create a thread in any or on a specific forum section. It's possible to narrow down this with more options like "only follow content from anime section" so you don't get over flooded with notifications. I would probably follow the anime section directly if in case i wanted to engage in discussions and would want to stay up to date.
  4. Hey @hollow11, thanks for the follow and welcome to AF.

    Have you seen the third season of Bungou Stray Dogs yet?

  5. Muco

    Summer 2019 Anime

    Vinland Saga. Fire Force, The Kings Avatar 2 (not released but seen trailer) and Cop Craft are the ones I will be looking out for this season. Everything else I've seen so far has not caught my interest yet. I have to re-watch all parts of DanMachi first before watching season 2 but it's on my watchlist.
  6. I would recommend you Angels of Death. (Satsuriku no Tenshi)
  7. It's an unreleased soundtrack, named "Surprise Attack" by the guy who uploaded it on youtube. So you can call it whatever you want but "surprise attack" is fitting for this one.
  8. Muco

    Anime Commercials

    I found this commercial on yt the other day and it's apparently advertising products associated with the company Lotte. (a multinational conglomerate) It's the first anime commercial so far that I know of which isn't published directly from an anime studio. (could've been made by an anime studio)
  9. Thanks for the follow and welcome to AF @kathmeow_

    I like your favorite anime list, did you watch Kimi No na wa yet (My name)?

  10. I prefer both actually. These are the things I look into when choosing male or female character. Obviously this is a very difficult and complicated process I have to go through in order to find the character of my choosing. Male - badass, cool, carefree, smart. Female - badass, cool, carefree, smart, pretty.
  11. What's annoying me right now is the unbearable hot weather. I will have to get a ventilator ASAP.
  12. Muco

    Dororo (2019)

    Ending was decent, story-wise it was okayish and visual-wise it was to my liking, all things considered 9/10 from me.
  13. Who is in your opinion the one who laid down the foundation of anime as it is today? Do you think Hayao Miyazaki and Mikoto Shinkai revolutionized the way how anime is perceived today? There are quite a few questions I would like to ask but who do you consider to be the most valuable contributor to anime? I have named both of the names that I humbly consider to be valuable contributors but listening to anime openings frequently, I came to know another contender known as Hiroyuki Sawano. He was involved in several projects, including AoT, Guilty Crown and Blue Exorcist and more. Aimer as well as Lisa are two vocalists known amongst anime opening enthusiasts.
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