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    Selfie Thread

    I live on filters but welp. (Kinda) hipster me
  2. I also do cosplay and I really enjoy doing male and female characters. By now I only have 2 cosplays done (even though with none I have full shots bc I'm kinda insecure with my body and shit) which are Nico Yazawa from Love Live - School Idol Festival (these two photos are 5 months apart), and Ash Lynx from Banana Fish.  This second photo was when I first used my Nico Yazawa Cosplay. By this time I was kinda costesting the serious version of him. This was from the day I first took him to a con (by this time I was pregnant and I couldn't even bind my boobs properly bc they hurt a fricking lot.
  3. I still have my old drawings and I was much of a freestyle person, and I admit I still had a lot to learn in perspectives and porportions, but I really loved my sketches. Even though tbvh I was more of drawing in classes, but 10 years have passed since I graduated so
  4. even though is a desguised canon, my ultimate couple in anime universe, even before knowing about LGBT+ and those thingies, is nothing more nor less than Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. (And lets be honest, if even Bandai-Namco - who did this card collection back then does this, how not to ship xD)
  5. I can't avoid reading UK and thinking from what UK country people are Welcome ^^ Hope to see you around
  6. when I used to draw, I had some drawings that were "good" to me back then. Now I look at my drawings and I regret myself of not have invested more on those, because I could have become a good design artist, and by now I can't draw nothing more than some sticks and circles again The last thing I've ever draw was this picture when Yesung from Super Junior released his solo album. Then never more XD
  7. I'm reading: * Given * Demon Slayer * Moriarty the Patriot (Yuukoku no Moriarty) * One Piece * BNHA - Vigilantes * BNHA * Eden's Zero * 07-Ghost I'm also reading Noblesse, a korean webtoon, because vampires. I need also to restart reading Vampire Knight even though I already know the end and that makes me utterly sad tbvh...
  8. I've been in this universe for too long and since 2010 I started to learn how to edit in Photoshop, mostly because I was part of a Portuguese forum called "Sailor Moon Portugal". There, we had edition contests from wallpapers to signature banners and stuff alike, and it was a way to learn a lot of stuff, even though I lost most part of my works because the said forum closed because forum usage fell a lot in Portugal. (Actually, as far as I know, there is only a few of them). I used even to do forum layouts (which is that I miss the most tbvh). I'll try to show you some stuff I've done and some I'll be doing in the future. This I don't recall how long has passed since I've done it. Maybe some 3-4 years I guess. This was when I started to do some "real life people" edits, and when I was into kpop forums. This was once I was bored asf and I decided to do a Nico signature for MAL foruns. This was done looong before I dropped photoedition and forums alltogether, because I started working, so less time to do this thingies. This ones have been from last year. Ash Lynx one was when I started back to edits, and Jirou was afterwards. This one is the current set I am using here: (The nickname used is different bc I am in a Portuguese forum , and I have a different user handle there). I have some older works from 2010-2012 onwards but there are few of them, A lot of my stuff were hosted on tinypic, imageshack and imagefra.me, but unfortunately, I lost the access to the accounts meantime, and now those servers are down, so I lost everything I had somewhere in between and afterwards as well. I also make gif aesthetics with templates: If you like something from the edits I do, I can arrange to do some
  9. Ended up filling the "About Me" field, because I hadn't done that when I entered. It's my MAL intro, and it fits somewhat here as well
  10. at this point I'm amidst catching up with Haikyuu and rewatching Kimetsu no Yaiba. As soon as possible I want to start as well some new anime. I'm also watching BNHA new season bc best arc being animated now
  11. my MAL here : https://myanimelist.net/profile/whatthehaek
  12. I'm really looking forward for the new Madoka Magika sequel and also Haikyuu! (even though I haven't watched all seasons). Darwin's Game seems interesting as well, as so for the Ahiru no Sora one. I'll probabily binge-watch some of the animes from this season.
  13. Indeed :'D afther my bday this year I'll be 3 years away from 30's so we gettin' old XD I see there are plenty of Given fans here, and indeed how not to love Mafuyu baby Thank you all for the warm welcome, for real and I hope to get along with everyone
  14. Hello there! My name is Diana, and I'm 26yo. I'm from Portugal, and I've been in anime comunity for a long time now. I found this forum for a mere coincidence, since I was searching for online comunities, so I hope to enjoy your company! My favorite genre of anime is shonen, mostly animes between adventure and mystery, but I bingewatch yaoi anime and some shoujo. My favorite animes atm are Given, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Banana Fish and Haikyuu. Hopes that we get along well!

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