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  1. Honestly I wouldn't care too much, since I'm buisy with life and not interested in people at the moment. Still, your love is all but appreciated. Please leave all gifts by the door on your way out please. Thank you
  2. Xyro


    .... And me! Your most important brother! :3
  3. Xyro


    I have a younger sister and a twin sister. We get along well enough ^w^
  4. welcome to AF ^w^ please ignore AnimeThief. He can't actually see your face. he's just messing with you. (before anyone goes out on a limb I know, I'm joking )
  5. Xyro

    Christmas hat's!

    its dark, but here it is! Beat that!
  6. Abe's oddysee on the PlayStation 1 was what got me into gaming. Those were the good old days
  7. Xyro

    Christmas hat's!

    *note* I will be posting mine tomorrow, since I'm in my pj's ATM and its too dark
  8. I'm pretty sure everyone has a Christmas hat, so now is the time to show it! Simply post a picture with you and your Christmas hat in this thread, and once the new year roles around I will proclame someone the winner. (No prize, but just for fun and laughs ) Well, let's get these rolling!
  9. im a spectrum type of guy. its either anywhere from corpse party, to danganronpa, to amanchu.
  10. Tbh, I just think you learn who you truely love through having a friendship with someone. I mean, come on! Its taken me my whole life to finally realize what I'm like and who I am, so don't think you know someone thoroughly after a year of talking to them (or maybe a month, but I don't see why you would instantly want a relationship with someone) If I had to give advice, I would say just be friends with them ^w^ aproche them in a way you feel comfortable and see if they have common interests. After all, trying to go out with someone who looks at you as if your human trash is obviously not someone you should be going for. Logically speaking, I can't really say much in this matter, since I have been single my whole life (probably something to do with either my looks or weirdness, odk ) BUT trust me, its so much better to build a relationship up with someone from the ground up rather then diving past the foundations and into the furniture. Because at the end of the day, the relationship is bound to get unstable, and collapse. What's better, is that doing this method allows you to pick up on small detailes, like quirks and types of smiles and likes/dislikes, and therefore either fall into a draper love or come to realise you both don't connect in that way. To be honest, I'm a single since birth 17 year old giving love advice. I'm not a super reliable source for this kind of stuff Then again, I was raised to be curious towards both men and women alike, so I know my manners P.s: also, ask A LOT bof questions. Most people love to talk about the things they are passionate about, and it really gibes you insight into how that person thinks and feels.
  11. *is dead, so hits you with nothing..... because is dead from being run over by car* X_X
  12. *tilts hat* thanks toots! I rate yours 10/10, because not only is it cute but it seems fairly christmasy. ^w^
  13. Oh, look at the time! *clock face has, in big bold writing "TIME TO STOP" written on the background of it*
  14. ^ has allot of potential to become a good drawer if they practice hard and keep at it ^w^
  15. ....geez, get a room! seriously, that's so lovey-dovey it's toxic! (
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