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  1. I read a lot of manga and have watched a lot of anime. So much so that I have an issue finding new content a lot of the time. I go to Barnes and Noble to find new manga because they're always adding new stuff ans the selection is pretty huge! I just take pics of the manga that I think I will enjoy and look up the series later on Tachiyomi.
  2. I started reading the glepnir manga long ago and it wasn't finished. I just recently looked and it was completed so I decided to re-read it and man what am amazing manga!! The art at the end is super sick! I love the story too! Not to mention I am a fan of romance so I ship Claire and Shuichi!!!!! You definitely need to read it! Kingdom of ruins is really good too but it's not finished. How is Mieruko-chan?
  3. Tachiyomi and here is a YouTube video on tachiyomi
  4. Magical girl apocalypse. I just finished hell's paradise. I am also reading the classroom of the elite light novel!
  5. Magical girl apocalypse
  6. I just finished Toradora, Horimiya, and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury!! Now I'm watching Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans. It's really good!!!
  7. SPOILER AHEAD!! . . I started watching prison school one day thinking it was just ecchi but it was also freaking hilarious!! I liked it so much that I started reading the manga to continue the story. I was surprised to find that the more I read the more the story became about Hana and Kiyoshi's love story! I fan girls all the way through that manga!!!
  8. I prefer dubs! There are some anime that have to be watched subbed though like OPM! The dubbed version of OPM has boring voice actors! The subbed version of OPM is freaking hilarious!!
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